house committee Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun is a PHYSICIAN who sits on the House SCIENCE, Space and Technology Committee. And Rep. Broun would like you to know that evolution, along with embryology and the Big Bang theory, are lies “straight from the pit of hell”…

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25 Responses to ““Evolution…Lies Straight From the Pit of Hell!” says GOP Rep. on House SCIENCE Committee”

  1. cake1834 says:

    “any real legal …
    “any real legal recourse come form?”

    Except they aren’t protected from any ‘real’ (subjective) legal recourse. (See: Walmart class action law suits.)

  2. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    And where do the …
    And where do the non-liability laws which protect the corporate persons form any real legal recourse come form?

  3. cake1834 says:

    “because …
    “because corporations derive their power from the state.”

    No, in our current time, corporations are international, and in many ways simply exist outside the government. (Ex. Don’t like employee laws here, go over to another country, etc.)

    Because of this the corporations have little to no concern about the state (See: Corporations violating laws, corporations moving to avoid regulation/taxation, corporations finding loopholes in laws, etc.) in many cases, these corporations work AGAINST them.

  4. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    The point is(if you …
    The point is(if you give a about a crazy person rambling) that there is no difference between corporate power, and the state, because corporations derive their power from the state. So anything a corporation does is because the state gave them the power too do so. Like destroy language and promote violence with violent sports.

  5. cake1834 says:

    I’m just going to …
    I’m just going to back away slowly now…

  6. corduroy99 says:

    What’s even scarier …
    What’s even scarier is the people that you can hear in the background agreeing, and the others that elected him. Only in the USA (and perhaps other theocracies)

  7. Joriahbling78 says:

    Do not be conformed …
    Do not be conformed by this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

  8. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    If they control the …
    If they control the language they control the medium in which we think. If they control the medium in which we think they control our thoughts. If they control our thoughts they control our ideas. if they can control our ideas they can control you. Tell me, what did you watch on tv today?

  9. xadam2dudex says:

    the organizations …
    the organizations may be but the ideas can’t be controlled

  10. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    They’re both being …
    They’re both being controlled by the special interests! They both have the same non-sense Keynesian economic policies. The rich tax cuts are just another way that the Government interferes with the budget too stimulate the economy, just like the liberal spending. they’re on the same side of the coin. The corporatocracy is in the pockets of them both, the two party system will be dead by the 2020s if not the whole federation! Tell me about how liberals are different from republicans again.

  11. xadam2dudex says:

    when one group …
    when one group accepts and believes in unamerican ideology and the other side is right on the issues there is no left / right mind set.. it is truth and reality against brainwashed bigoted hypocrites being used by the elite to occupy any opposition so their henchmen can push their agenda like they did to get the Federal Reserve Act passed

  12. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    Yet you are blaming …
    Yet you are blaming it all on religion. Hypocrite, reciting left wing talking points and manipulated low informed moron. It’s the “right” vs. “left” mentality that’s the country, they want us to be divided so our corporate overlords can continue to get all of our money!

  13. xadam2dudex says:

    u r kidding.. u …
    u r kidding.. u think because the federal government gives money to schools that is the reason why student performance has dropped ?? what kind of simple minded logic is that ?? it is obvious that people who harbor this opinion know nothing about education.. they just repeat the talking points of right wing vested interest who offer a simple explanation to a complext problem to manipulate low information people.. it’s a national shame there r so many low info people

  14. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    Right and football …
    Right and football isn’t the state trying to make you complacent. OK!

  15. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    A)The state doesn’t …
    A)The state doesn’t run the internet, yet. Give it time they will.
    B) The state does control language it’s called public school.
    C)”One guy” who is the candidate of the 2nd largest political party, I think that tells us something.
    D)It’s only a conspiracy theory because the Cointel pro wants you to think that.
    Usa uber alles!

  16. cake1834 says:

    Just because a …
    Just because a politician said something stupid, does not mean that the state is trying to destroy english.

  17. cake1834 says:

    “What’s happening …
    “What’s happening is Netspeak is taking the place of oldspeak.”

    So what? Do I convey any different message by saying “i went to teh mall” and “I went to the mall”? No. So, what are you complaining about, besides the fact that it’s different?

    “hat’s happening is that the state is deliberately destroying the language”

    A) The state doesn’t own the internet

    B) The state does not control language

    C) That’s ONE guy.

    D) This is awfully close to a conspiracy theory.

  18. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    The Public school …
    The Public school system is a military operation to keep manufacturing loyalty to the state. Where I’m from they make you prey(literally) and pledge your allegiance to the flag, no democracy, which I find problematic. Sure there is good Tv but that doesn’t negate the fact that a whole generation of people have been raised on the MTV reality that is nothing more than blathering non-sensical gibber jabber. I have no problem with the internet, until the state intervenes, which it is trying too do.

  19. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    Since the Federal …
    Since the Federal Government has started subsidizing the public school system we’ve gone from first in education too 16th in science and 25th in math(I might have those backwards). Please, reading the bible isn’t the worst thing in the world, it should be taught as literature, just like they teach Greek Mythology in schools today, but not science.

  20. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    It’s not that I …
    It’s not that I follow passages it’s that it’s a mythological story about a sun god that is meant to help teach people morals. It’s literally not based on fact. They’ve actually found the proof that Jesus never existed, doesn’t mean it can’t teach you something, like any good work of fiction. ;)

  21. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    Oh and I am …
    Oh and I am agnostic I’m just sick of people hating others just because they have a different opinion.

  22. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    (2)in an America …
    (2)in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” What the does that even mean? What’s happening is that the state is deliberately destroying the language too destroy our ability too reason.

  23. 1Mathanmaroon says:

    (1)It doesn’t have …
    (1)It doesn’t have to be universal, it just has to be the majority. I’m all for change but what text messages and twitter are doing is limiting the capabilities of creative linguistic descriptions of reality. Look at all the politicians who rely 100% on propaganda (I.E. Sarah Palin) use it. What’s happening is Netspeak is taking the place of oldspeak. Take this quote from Romney,”"I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe……

  24. songforamericans says:

    The Scientist who …
    The Scientist who Tell Us As FACT how the Earth-Sun Galaxy formed…
    Cant Even Figure Out (or agree) Exactly How “Pyramids or Puma Punku” Were Built…yet…they can be touched and studied up close. And the same Scientist Dont Know Why the Sun’s Poles flip or even the Earths Poles….
    so in essence MainStream Science tells us How The “Car” was Built…but…Dont Know How The “Sun Roof” Works???….i’m not buying it….are you???
    Its Time For A New Theory…”Math” Has Imploded The Old One…

  25. er99119 says:

    No, Mister.
    The …

    No, Mister.
    The Theory of Evolution is not a fact.
    A FACT is a fact.
    A theory is a THEORY ! As its name states.
    Any respectable scientist probably knows this, and does his best not to forget it.
    People who forget this kind of important “details”, deliberately or not, are religious fanatics, or just don’t care really about finding the truth;
    A theory is a theory, not a fact, unless you want to BELIEVE otherwise.
    And yes : Science has become a religion for many.
    Sad, but probably a fact.

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