house committee House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation on March 25th, 2012 to discuss the Path to Prosperity budget and the choice of two futures America faces.

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24 Responses to “Paul Ryan: We Have a Moral & Legal Obligation to Prevent America’s Debt Crisis”

  1. HectorElite says:

    I thought you were …
    I thought you were done with me and you still can’t put your money where your mouth is because you’re still going. Do what you say and you’d be alright. We’re talking about budget because you need a baseline and the CBO provides that baseline (regardless of how you feel about it), the CBO is the department that handles that and unless the current administration can bring forward a balanced budget then all rhetoric falls short of their action. Uh, this is youtube… who cares about grahamer. -LOL

  2. MVPQALWAYS says:

    By common sense …
    By common sense you mean ignorant, especially because common sense is not hyphened. By not having a plan you are referring to me directly? You are right, that isn’t my job. I don’t care about how you can balance your own budget as that isn’t what we are talking about. No is not a sentence. Finally, wanting a budget that works is surely desirable but defining what works is much more difficult. Having special interest destroy Paul Ryan’s budget to benefit themselves is surely not desirable.

  3. HectorElite says:

    Yes please stop …
    Yes please stop because you obviously can’t put your money where your mouth is because you don’t even have a plan to begin or start with. And your right, I have no public policy experience nor do I want to get in it. I’m a common-sense kind of guy who runs his own freelance gig and yes, I can balance my own budget, so do I care about public sector economic experience. No. I want a budget that works and so far the current administration has nothing to show for it, no budget!

  4. MVPQALWAYS says:

    Current law and …
    Current law and proposed law to predict future numbers!?!? I am done responding to you as you obviously have no experience in economics or public policy. Some assumptions? If you make ridiculous assumptions that baseline isn’t even CLOSE TO accurate, which is the case usually with CBO projections. The econometrics models that CBO takes into account are deeply deeply flawed. Learn some public sector economics and some econometrics and get back to me.

  5. HectorElite says:

    It’s still a budget …
    It’s still a budget = a plan. Plans can change but still a plan nonetheless. And if you can’t start off the baseline of the CBO, then I guess we can start with elves and fairies to crunch the numbers. The CBO takes into consideration current law and the proposed law to predict future numbers… so yes, they do have to make some assumptions on growth or decline %, but it’s still a credible baseline to budget and forecast off of. If you never have a baseline, there is never a starting point.

  6. MVPQALWAYS says:

    I disagree, as they …
    I disagree, as they have been proposing different budgets for years and the same thing always happens. Just because you propose a budget does not mean that it is even reasonable, let alone that congress will adopt even PART of it. Lol he isn’t going to inact his budget as is, they are going to tear it apart and add things they want and remove things they don’t want. Also, CBO predictions are full of all sorts of assumptions that aren’t factually accurate and can easily be manipulated.

  7. HectorElite says:

    A budget is a plan.
    A budget is a plan.

  8. HemiHead66 says:

    There’s one idea of …
    There’s one idea of Ryan’s I like, letting people on welfare do some work for their benefits. And maybe helping them get back to work with some kind of training or job placement. But robbing SS & Medicare is out. He goes after these programs cuz that’s where the money is. To date these programs haven’t created any deficits. Medicare will come up a little short in about 10+ years. But Medicare don’t have a funding problem, it has a runaway cost problem.We pay the highest HC costs in the world.

  9. HemiHead66 says:

    No, Ryan doesn’t …
    No, Ryan doesn’t have a plan. Go do some research, even from the Republican side, his so called plan will this country dead. All he’s doing is cutting everything he could give 2 shitz about, Medicare, SS etc. and uses the savings to keep all his friends funded without creating as much debt. At least Obama digs a few pennies outta the Lobbyists so the GOP don’t rake us over the coals. You’d have to be out of your mind to allow this to happen..

  10. HectorElite says:

    So, I’m right in …
    So, I’m right in saying that if politicians put their money where their mouth is, then we would really see who was skinny dipping. The difference between Paul Ryan and the President is that Paul has a plan and he can show it… the President has speeches but we all know talk is cheap. Paul Ryan’s figures come from the CBO predictions based on current law then works to counter the growth of debt with what can be affected. If the President had a budget, I’d like to see it.

  11. HemiHead66 says:

    The deficits go …
    The deficits go down as we come out of this recession. I think I read tha Obama would cut the trillion dollar deficit in half by 2016 or 2018. Look at Ryan’s budget, what did he say here, he balances the budget by 2040? His last budget, page 6 had our debt growing to 23+ trillion over the next decade. And this budget of his doesn’t hold any water at all. He’ll never close those tax-loopholes and lower the corp rate to 25%. Never. The GOP are already calling for a tax cut & keeping loopholes.

  12. HemiHead66 says:

    Do you really call …
    Do you really call close to 1 trillion a year in Defense / bogus war on Terror spending, which has more than doubled over the last 10 years, worrying about a few million or billion? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. And alot of Obama’s deficits over the last 3 years are 1 time events from the recession. Obama lost a trillion in tax revenue from job loss, leaving him borrowing out the to pay the bills. And the GOP also had a stimulus, 600+ billion.

  13. HectorElite says:

    So again, what’s …
    So again, what’s your point? Obama’s annual deficit is what… $1.3T per year so far for the last 3 years and you’re worried about millions and/or billions of dollars? Let me put it more in perspective… you’re concerned about pennies in comparison to thousands of dollars? Tell you what, I’ll give you back your nickel if you give me back the thousands of dollars… because that’s the ‘fair’ deal that Obama is giving you right now and in 2013 with ObamaCare.

  14. HemiHead66 says:

    Yes, it is both …
    Yes, it is both parties. But this shill is protecting his interests and taking it outta the publics to pay for it You see those puny cuts to that Pentagon-Pig, that Obama put in the last budget, this shill restores that money. The biggest deficit driver since 2001, that got us to where we are today (Defense / bogus war on terror contracts for their crony friends) isn’t even listed on his cause of deficits chart. Social Security hasn’t contributed one red cent. Not even Medicare.

  15. HectorElite says:

    So what’s your …
    So what’s your point? Trying to misdirect where the responsibility actually should be or just trying to play the typical ‘sleight of hand’ trick that Democrats always play? Rep. Paul Ryan freely admits that this debt crisis is not just Democrats’ fault but the fault of both parties. So if you know that the building is on the verge of collapsing, how then should you react? You either fix it or do nothing and allow it to collapse. Senate Democrats have yet to pass a budget, House Repub’s have.

  16. HemiHead66 says:

    I just love the way …
    I just love the way the GOP on the American people with a straight face. How many people actually think Obama’s going to raise taxes on small businesses to 45%? This is a piece of work. Obama wouldn’t even raise taxes on big business to 45%. Obama isn’t going to raise taxes on anybody to 45% What a shill. Obama would need an Army of Democrats with machine guns to close all tax loopholes and raise the corporate tax rate to 25%. Why isn’t there a Dem here to counter Ryan?

  17. HectorElite says:

    Actually, I think …
    Actually, I think he’s more along the lines of him trying to dodge bullets or the media trying to catch him on a quote. Those questions are totally loaded and he makes it blatantly apparent that he’s not going to play those silly games.

  18. HemiHead66 says:

    Are you kidding me, …
    Are you kidding me, Ryan doesn’t put anything where his mouth is. Not one dime gets cut from anything that serves GOP interests. Do you want to see the write-up about the Tea Cost-cutters that won in 2010? They swore they were going to change Washington. And as soon as they took office they pork-barreled it up behind Conservatives backs. Some of their pork was the same pork they bashed the Dem’s for to get elected. And they cut Defense, only to slip in an amendment to restore the money later.

  19. MVPQALWAYS says:

    3:45 caught. Paul …
    3:45 caught. Paul Ryan doesn’t believe Mitt Romney would enact his budget. See how he gets nervous, looks away and stutters? He got caught. Ron Paul is the only one who will fix the ACTUAL problem and that is that currently we have a central authority that sets IR and the value of our currency. Without removing this the government can continue in perpetuity to overspend and steal the wealth of the citizens until there is 0 demand for government bonds at which point we default. So obvious.

  20. HectorElite says:

    If politics in …
    If politics in America were as easy as “Put your money where your mouth is…” liberals and democrats would be caught naked when the tide goes out.

  21. HemiHead66 says:

    Ryan’s tax fix is …
    Ryan’s tax fix is meant to raise revenue. Without it the debt will soar. Ryan is talking about closing loopholes & lowering the corporate rate to 25%, But that’ll never happen. A 25% tax rate will be an increase in corp taxes. That’s why you’ve got members of the GOP calling for a tax cut & keeping the loopholes. I can show you where Google payed a 2.5% tax rate. And a bunch of other corps use the same Double Irish / Dutch Sandwich tax scheme as Google. His budget is an election year show-piece.

  22. spencersald says:

    I agree that the …
    I agree that the government can finance great projects. We won’t be able to in the future though if our bonds are worth shit. I do believe that we need to raise taxes on the rich in the future, but government spending contributes a lot to our GDP, so Ryan hopes that the tax cuts will offset the unemployment these cuts create in the public sector.

  23. HemiHead66 says:

    I think I hit …
    I think I hit something that made my comment post before I was done. Anyway, Obama has fought tax loopholes since he took office. And Obama’s budget would cut the deficit in half by like 2018. But he does it by making everyone pay, You just saw the GOP go against that in the last budget talks. And now Ryan is sitting here saying he’s got a fair approach? Bull! Just look, cut Medicare, cut SS, cut Medicaid.etc, then restore Defense cuts for his crony friends. He’s a liar.

  24. HemiHead66 says:

    No it not, he’s …
    No it not, he’s lying his off about Obama the same way the whole GOP had lied about Obama since he took office. Just look into what they say and you’ll see. Obama also wants the tax code fixed. And he wants corporate welfare gone. This guy just had the nerver to say that Obama is the one fighting to preserve tax-loopholes for the rioch and he’s fought the

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