house committee Cam Edwards talks to Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) about this article: – NRA News – May 23, 2012 –

Duration : 0:5:45

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5 Responses to “Rep. Blake Farenthold on Homeland Security IG Investigating Fast and Furious”

  1. RamoneTalarico says:

    It does seem to be …
    It does seem to be brewing to something…. something big. and not for a free society.

  2. RamoneTalarico says:

    well said!
    well said!

  3. Excedrine says:

    And the saddest …
    And the saddest thing of all, is that we still insist on electing them.

    Then people still wonder why some keep insisting on term limits. It keeps politicians from making a career of profiteering from the suffering of our citizens.

  4. RamoneTalarico says:

    I dont think its …
    I dont think its going to end. Too many people worried about their paychecks to do the right thing. they will do their best to perpetuate this corruption. They have to feed their kids after all……..while other kids are slain.
    typical ME ME ME FIRST mentality.

  5. Excedrine says:

    Better late than …
    Better late than never.

    But with every new spot light, highlighting more areas of the true scope of this fiasco, the more afraid I become. I, nor anyone else, should not have to feel one iota of fear towards our government. But for years, even going back to the 60′s, it’s done nothing but fight against us; especially lately.

    Not just with Fast & Furious, but treasonous laws within spending and appropriations bills, and even D.C. police force itself.

    It just never ends, does it?

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