house committee After President Obama’s re-election, top Republicans have professed a need to broaden the party’s demographic appeal—but if the latest GOP House leadership roster is any indication, that may take some time to sink in.

Republican leaders in the 113th Congress have recommended an all-white-male group of committee chairmen so far, including 12 returning congressmen.

Many top committees like Financial Services shifted power between top GOP players, but Rep. Paul Ryan was granted a waiver to surpass the customary six-year term limit on his powerful chairmanship. The former vice presidential candidate will remain leader of the Budget Committee.

Republicans noted that the leaders of the Ethics and House Administration committees have yet to be filled, so Speaker John Boehner still has a chance to back a woman for one of those slots. And women did post some gains: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, for one, will now be the No. 4 House Republican leader.

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6 Responses to “Republicans’ All White, All Male House Committee Leadership”

  1. SinAviid says:

    The NAACP and the …
    The NAACP and the GOP are two different political ballparks.
    The NAACP does not discriminate against white people, as you likely believe, judging by your ignorant assertion. The NAACP provides scholarships to poor whites. White people receive ‘negro scholarships’ all the time and the NAACP also fights for whites who were discriminated against. Do you think that if there were powerful civil rights organization for white people, they would treat non-whites equally? I highly doubt so.

  2. KnowHowTo101 says:

    I personally don’t …
    I personally don’t care if it is a man or a woman I just care if they are good

  3. eleminatus says:

    Except there’s …
    Except there’s plenty!

  4. Reyrocksall says:

    And? NAACP anyone?
    And? NAACP anyone?

  5. daquidi says:

    if there aren’t any …
    if there aren’t any able republican women in congress, you shouldn’t nominate them…

  6. mintvagoo says:

    GOP religious Cult …
    GOP religious Cult to diversity: Drop dead.

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