100 Days

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president election Volunteer: http://OFA.BO/vHX563
Donate: http://OFA.BO/vkHygk

There are only 100 days until Election Day. What will you do to make sure we keep moving forward and not back?

Help build this campaign by making a donation: http://OFA.BO/vkHygk
Sign up to volunteer at events in your community: http://OFA.BO/vHX563

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25 Responses to “100 Days”

  1. shadoewilliamson says:

    What song is this? …
    What song is this??? AHHH so good.

    4 MORE.

  2. realk1234 says:

    Obama 2012

    Obama 2012

  3. xxang3lchicxx says:


  4. Nebiros21 says:

    I’ll be honest. If …
    I’ll be honest. If I knew next to nothing about politics, yes this add would get me to support Obama. It is a VERY effective add. But I know better and I don’t care who wins because US politics does not matter anymore.

  5. rssytube says:

    The difference …
    The difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is not jobs.

    It’s the choice of jobs that should be available. And whether a person in one job can feel secure enough to look for a better one.

    President Obama is not just a plain old job creator. Even the colonizers could do that. President Obama is a choice creator. That’s more empowering than a job.

    It’s not the number of jobs available. It’s the choice of jobs. That is progress.

  6. guyglik10 says:

    Looks nice
    Looks nice

  7. DoubleDS9 says:

    I really like this …
    I really like this video. Campaigning can be a hard slog, but can also be fun and very worthwhile. Many of us who’ve had even a little bit to do with any campaign will have had similar moments in this video. Including taking the first step to a journey many of us are still on now.
    PS What is the music they use on this?

  8. foxmenesus says:

    Obama 2012!!!!! …
    Obama 2012!!!!! Keep America moving Forward.

  9. foxmenesus says:

    Obama 2
    Obama 2

  10. masterrobber says:

    Wow, I’m surprised …
    Wow, I’m surprised how well this is done. Thought out until the last detail.

  11. 2009elegance says:

    Let’s go barack!
    Let’s go barack!

  12. crazyjohns1 says:

    The Democratic …
    The Democratic party need to get people (mainly the young) out to vote, this will make sure that Barack Obama is re-elected!

  13. fadedyouthtube says:

    Canada loves …
    Canada loves President Obama. Get out there and vote for him, America. Not only do you need him but the world needs him. Now more than ever!!

  14. jesuped says:


  15. ChazzyMcgeek1067 says:

    I’m an 18 year old …
    I’m an 18 year old and I just registered to vote for the very first time. I am proud to say that I will vote for President Obama this November!
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!! :D

  16. thesehipstars says:

    Awesome video! What …
    Awesome video! What song is this? (:

  17. advancedplacement1 says:

    Imagine if there …
    Imagine if there were elections less often… we could be spending all of this time working together to get stuff done, rather than working together to get someone elected. Just a thought. But anywho, I do support Obama over Romney!

  18. vigorousAtheist says:

    Mittens doesn’t …
    Mittens doesn’t stand a chance.

  19. gnukev says:

    Give Obama 4 more …
    Give Obama 4 more years! If there’s anyone who can turn around the disasterous policies of Bush-Cheney, it’s Obama. It’s not going to be easy, but I get the feeling Obama’s in it because he really wants to make America a better place for everybody, not just the 1%. If everybody could just register and get one other person to vote, we’d be in there.

  20. golfbeast19 says:

    After being a …
    After being a volunteer for 3 months now, this is my life.

  21. 101shellybelly101 says:

    That was such a …
    That was such a cool video!

  22. etniko says:

    So inspiring!!
    I’m …

    So inspiring!!
    I’m doing my part too :)

  23. alecrajeev says:

    Love this video. …
    Love this video. I’m volunteering in Philadelphia and am having a great time. We run these streets

  24. djmclp1 says:

    I love America, and …
    I love America, and I support President Barack Obama in his reelection campaign. Love Compasion Obama Victory!!!

  25. cslove11 says:


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