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At a grassroots event on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines yesterday, President Obama spoke to volunteers and supporters about why he’s running for re-election. Thousands of Iowans lined up in the rain to get a spot inside. The President was fired up to be back in Iowa again, and he laid out the stark contrast between Mitt Romney’s experience as a corporate buyout specialist and his own experience as President of the United States.

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17 Responses to “Des Moines, Iowa: A grassroots event with President Obama – full speech”

  1. Hancockst1 says:

    No doubt the best …
    No doubt the best person to represent us. Obama 2012

  2. Pellicius says:

    School just got out …
    School just got out and there’s an Obama speech waiting for me when I get home. This is a good day.

  3. Jay Slim says:

    I really wanted to …
    I really wanted to go see him but i had to work :(
    Anyway, ILY Obama!

  4. QuickTyson2 says:

    OBAMA 2012!!
    OBAMA 2012!!

  5. CostlyChris says:

    I love that like …
    I love that like most politician Obama has to do the devil’s dance to fund raise money but unlike most politicians he’s willing to attack the same industries that try to buy him off with campaign donations. Obama is the only choice. Mitt Romney would treat us like a corporation and corporations like people. I don’t wan’t that to be my America! OBAMA 2012

  6. nakira2ca says:

    I want President …
    I want President Obama to come be Prime Minster of Canada!

    I hope you Americans give him 4 more years to continue fixing the damage the Republicans have caused. I want my family and friends living in the US to be prosperous once again and that can only happen if Americans live up to their name and become United once again. The US should not be run by the upper class but by every class and that happens when you vote for change.

    4 more years of moving FORWARD!

  7. jahman209 says:

    Its the first time …
    Its the first time I will vote for a president, and im glad its going to be OBAMA!

  8. dbaby2659 says:


  9. shalchia says:

    4 more years!

    4 more years!

  10. ashhleey124 says:

    hahahaha nice voice …
    hahahaha nice voice crack at the beginning. i love this man. ♥

  11. JesusPuppet says:

    This man is a real …
    This man is a real Prince. We’ve already WON 2012.

  12. AgentHugHoe says:

    Where do you go to …
    Where do you go to find out where he does these rallies? I looked all over his website and can’t find any schedule that has it on there. =[

  13. joseph smith says:


  14. john blue says:

    4 more years! 4 …
    4 more years! 4 more years!! 4 more years!!!,i am john blue and i APPROVE this message.

  15. TomFordPercussion says:

    Mr. President, you …
    Mr. President, you have my vote. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!!!!!

  16. kittycaMAL says:

    GO OBAMA!!! Nov …
    GO OBAMA!!! Nov 2012 here we come!

  17. mindoermatta says:

    There’s something …
    There’s something awesome about Iowa…

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