Are you guys excited for the next President Elections to see history change… like if we get a women president or a Black president.

hillary won’t bring any real change. obama could make things interesting. if he’s still in the race toward the end and naming possible cabinet members, i could vote for him if i have confidence in his team.


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  1. Jay L'Artiste says:

    Yes! It’s time for a change.. these crusty old white men just aren’t doin’ it anymore.
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  2. Vaughn says:

    I’m definitely excited. The last time we had a *really* big shift was when Kennedy (a *gasp* Catholic!) was elected. It’s time for status quo to change.
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  3. rubber ducky says:

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  4. lady26 says:

    hell yeah. its about time.
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  5. Nate D says:

    I don’t really care what race or gender the next president is, just what their politics will be. Honestly I wish the media felt the same way.
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  6. randal z says:

    NO.Not unless Convie Rice runs, or Alan Keyes.
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  7. Boston Mark says:

    Sexist/Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you spell REPORTED?
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    Shame on you

  8. jboi4life83 says:

    im not prejudice i have blacks in my family. but to answer this :

    a woman : YES
    black : NO

    why ?
    cause where i live the black’s still hold slavery against us
    and think that we owe them something more than to be
    equal. if we get a black president who feels this way,
    he will toture the whites.
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  9. Anubis says:

    who ever is best fit should be president. not money or status.
    if the woman is smart and able ill vote for her.
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  10. CaesarsGhost says:

    hillary won’t bring any real change. obama could make things interesting. if he’s still in the race toward the end and naming possible cabinet members, i could vote for him if i have confidence in his team.
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  11. Mark D says:

    I think it’s time to stop worrying about superficial qualities.
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  12. Insensitively Honest says:

    Nothing much will change except a tax hike , I mean besides the war , democrats pretend to be for gay rights ,and minority rights Right ?? when in fact Bill started the "Democratic Leadership Movement" which Hillary is a member , they are also known as Dixiecrat’s , Remember "Bill" pushed the original ban on the law that gives other states the authority to NOT recognize same sex marriages , they also are against affirmative action , and helping anyone who is not a member of their elite organizations …they are mainly funded by big business for big business , and love to raise taxes for their own gain such as voting themselves pay raises, do not forget all politicians come from the same schools ((Yale and Harvard)) they are a tight group also they are lawyers they only argue with each other when our eyes are on them . They all tell you interesting things to get your vote …kind of like a real estate agent or a car dealer when they try to get your money to make a sale ….not really caring about the buyer at all , politicians are the same they sale you BS to get your vote , and they really do not care about you unless you live in the same gated community as they do ,and make large contributions to their wallet
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  13. cub6265 says:

    IT’s time to cut the crap and get someone who can help lead us out of corruption! I am voting for Hillary at this point.
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  14. Eric M says:

    Definitly, Im plaesed that the major running candidates for Democratic bill are Obama and Clinton. I thikn they are going to have a rough time even though Congress is dominated by the dem’s. The moderate, more conservative democrats might swing the vote to a republican candidate, though. i have a feeling Clinton will win. Maybe these two candidates will pull more of my generation to the polls.
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  15. Adam says:

    It’s about time that we managed to look past topics like race and gender and started to look at the real issues and policies of our candidates. And that’s coming from a 20-something white male!
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  16. Ronnie says:

    There should be no reference to gender, race, religion when it comes to being president. As long as the would be leader works only for the best of his countrymen and the world..he/she should be voted as President.
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  17. GO HILLARY says:

    Yes I do it is an exciting time for America.
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  18. john w says:

    Race and gender do not matter. What does matter is that Hillary is a pathological liar and Obama has no experience.
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  19. Michael S says:

    Why don’t we just worry about someone who is really honest, someone that can say Hillary is a "cute gal" and say "atta boy" in front of Obama and mean nothing by it, someone like Will Rogers, would be great, or better yet Ginger Rogers… anyone that is not on the take in government currently. Just an honest person with the ability to see through all the BS and say "NO MORE!" How about RB Fuller he seemed to have cut through all the crap and pointed out the real reasons for greed to succeed. pick your leader at random and you will be better served. Put the Government on the same budget that a single mom has and let’s see how it goes, wait I think they are already using that one, spend more than you’ll ever make…
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  20. cboni2000 says:

    It’s time for the RIGHT president.

    And it won’t change history. It will MAKE history.
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