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president election The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward reported that during negotiations on the stimulus, President Obama called the leaders of the Democratic Party: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid. As he spoke, Speaker Pelosi muted the phone and went on with the meeting. If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?

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  1. 77kRafalcaTaxDeduct says:

    MITT 2005 –
    “ONE …

    MITT 2005 –
    paste after the com of youtube;

  2. 77kRafalcaTaxDeduct says:

    1992 – Bain & Co. – …
    1992 – Bain & Co. – Romney is CEO - Bain & Co. owes $30 Million to the FDIC, among other creditors, but the FDIC finally had to settle for $14 Million. At the same time, Bain & Co’s large amount of cash on hand was used for bonuses to Bain executives who made over $200k/yr. Then, with a low cash balance, the rest of the creditors Bain & Co owed money to could not get back their money. This was only discovered AFTER a Freedom of Information Act request.
    Bain/Romney profits = creditor’s losses.

  3. 77kRafalcaTaxDeduct says:

    Jan. ’09 = Lost …
    Jan. ’09 = Lost 800,000 jobs that month+ Major banks failing+ economy in free-fall+ lending frozen+ stocks plunged+ 401(k)’s lost all value+ waves of major companies collapse+ 7 months later unemployment is 10% – before conservatives would say Obama’s policies affected unemployment.
    This has NOT happened since Obama’s policies took effect. We didn’t “bottom out” in ’09, we were headed to a *D*epression but were saved at a *R*ecession.
    TARP – all paid back WITH interest.

  4. 77kRafalcaTaxDeduct says:

    paste after the com of youtube:

  5. Konrad Pierre says:

    Get the out …
    Get the out of the white house. Romney 2012 for president

  6. stephaniejane81 says:

    do you understand …
    do you understand how capitalism works? Bain Capital has an 80% success rate with their investments–that means that a lot of companies are successful and a lot of people are working b/c Bain decided to invest in new companies and attempted to turn around failing ones. did they all work out? of course not. but you’ll never focus on Mitt’s successes in helping people. you do realize that the bailout of GM Obama is so proud of ended up closing down a lot of plants in order to save the company?

  7. stephaniejane81 says:

    wow, I hadn’t heard …
    wow, I hadn’t heard that one yet–it proves that he believes what we conservatives really believe–it’s not about “tax breaks for the rich” for the sake of favoring “rich people.” we believe that conservative ideals are what help lift people out of poverty by giving them opportunities to pursue their dreams and having a chance at sucess, regardless of their circumstances, by having a strong economy and a strong dollar. I’ve had enough of this president spreading the poverty around.

  8. richard olivier says:

    Republicans please …
    Republicans please organize your crying arrangements so as not to flood the Mississippi River and other large rivers. Do it now, water damage is a bad thing to deal with !!

  9. Graeystone says:

    Here’s the irony – …
    Here’s the irony – We know more about Mitt’s taxes than Obama’s collage records, Obama is guilty of crony capitalism(Solyndra/GM/GE), Hillary and Holder are guilty of negligent homicide(Fast and Furious/The Diplomat and Marines that got killed), women in Obama’s White House get paid a lot less than the men, he ate a dog, he smoked tobacco and weed, and does nothing as the race pot gets stirred, and finally Obama’s qualifications are that of a ‘community organizer’. Liberals Doth Protest Too Much

  10. richard olivier says:

    I know republicans …
    I know republicans will believe that Woodruff wrote that, but it’s verified on that commercial that Romney is the author, I know, you know I’m wrong, as always. Republicans say, I’m tired of liberals crying about every thing, do tell the country what it is you are tired of, specifics. Can’t, I’m shocked, the intelligence party people have nothing to share ? W O W= WITH OUT WORDS OR SPEECHLESS WITHOUT TELLING LIES. !!!

  11. richard olivier says:

    But it will be …
    But it will be over and Mitt can take his left over campaign money and buy another company and lay off more Americans !!

  12. OpenInsanity says:

    I hit the mute …
    I hit the mute button watching this boring ad

  13. grtflmark says:

    This post is the …
    This post is the clearest example ever of the level of intellectual conceptualization that liberal ascribe to.

  14. dantheleo says:

    The government …
    The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

  15. dantheleo says:

    Nobody needs to …
    Nobody needs to make up anything about obama, the truth about his past is scary enough as it is! Pot smoking, cocaine snorting, dog eating and that’s before he reached the age of 18. If you dispute this, like I am sure you will, like a good liberal. It is written In both his books written by his own hand and in audio book, spoken in his own voice!

  16. NoneUNo says:

    If you insurance …
    If you insurance has doubled, drop it! Do you honestly believe the rest of us don’t know any better? My insurance has dropped in price. Not by much, but every $ counts.

  17. NoneUNo says:

    Is that Lord Chuck …
    Is that Lord Chuck or Lord Dave Koch? … Or do you mean Lord Satan? No matter, same difference.

  18. vdarte says:

    BULLSHIT! Mitt is …
    BULLSHIT! Mitt is a lying prick, and I’m glad his campaign has turned to shit.

  19. SwordPetalRose says:

    i understand why no …
    i understand why no one would want to pay extra but as for this Romney would keep it in stuff, I don’t trust him, he changes sides too often. But the economy is picking back up, especially with new jobs in alternative energy, which Romney would get rid of and switch us back to focusing on oil.

  20. FuryOfFirestorm78 says:

    Of course Sarah …
    Of course Sarah doesn’t want to be President – she makes much more starring in crappy reality shows, shilling books and herp-a-derping…I mean, public speaking than being POTUS. Sarah teases her fans with the whole “running for President” thing in order to fool them into throwing more cash at her in hopes that it will convince her to run. Poor suckers are getting played by Caribou Barbie.

  21. Paulibabba1 says:

    Yeah cuz Obamas …
    Yeah cuz Obamas people NEVER make up anything about Mitt, right? So far, Mitt has been accused of being a tax dodging, vulture capitalist, woman hating, dog abusing,cancer causing, murdering, racist. You guys are pitiful. Obama just wasnt ready for the job and you all cant admit you made a mistake. So the country and the world will suffer for your egos and easily manipulated feelings

  22. FuryOfFirestorm78 says:

    But she hit the …
    But she hit the mute button! That means Romney is automatically President and Sarah Palin is Queen of the Universe!

  23. FuryOfFirestorm78 says:

    By the way – each …
    By the way – each and every one of those 200 achievements have citations to back them up.

    But please, feel free to keep up with “FARTBONGO DID NOTHING FOR 4 YEARS HERP DERP!”.

  24. FuryOfFirestorm78 says:

    You want a list of …
    You want a list of Obama’s achievements? Here’s 200 of them. Enjoy!

  25. sunnyside363 says:

    This is so verbose …
    This is so verbose and boring. He really believes he can win the white house with this?

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