president election US Presidential Election Results, from George Washington’s unanimous selection in 1789 to Barack Obama’s handy victory over John McCain in 2008.

**Frequently Asked Questions**
1. Where are the Democratic-Republicans?
“Democratic-Republican” is an anachronistic term, used today to differentiate the early “party,” if you can call it that, founded by Jefferson and Madison, from the current Republican Party, founded in the 1850s. In the 1790s and 1800s, the Democratic-Republicans were more commonly called Republicans, and to a lesser extent Democrats. To be accurate, I have chosen to call them Republicans in this video. I have colored them Green, to distinguish from today’s Republican Party, which is colored red.

2. Isn’t Andrew Jackson a Democrat?
Yes! Andrew Jackson is the first Democratic president. He helped create the modern-day Demoratic Party. But this was only when John Quincy Adams became president in 1824-25, despite losing the popular vote. The furor this caused throughout the country, particularly among Jacksonian farmers, was cleverly cultivated for four years until Jackson ran against Adams again in 1828. By then, the Democratic Party had been formed to channel that passion into electing Jackson to the presidency. However, in 1824, during the end of the Era of Good Feelings, everyone was technically a Democratic-Republican, which I have labeled Republican, per the aforementioned point.

3. Where are John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Chester Arthur?
These men were never elected to the presidency. They were only elected as Vice Presidents. This is a video of election results, not presidential succession. Thus, they only appear whenever they’re on a national ballot. I’m not including 1841, 1850, 1865, and 1881, as transition years, since these are about election results.

There are two typos, not mentioned yet. One is the Era of Good Feelings, of which I have carelessly left off the “s” at the end. And also Strom Thurmond is misspelled, again leaving out the “d” at the end. These will be corrected in an updated 2013 version, after the next election is completed.

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    sorry if my example is hard to understand.

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    the reason why i am using this election year as an example is because it actually fully proved that the solid south era was coming to an end. And that the solid south would eventually turn into the southern strategy because of changing time in both time itself and ideologically.

  5. Goofyhawaiian says:

    well nowadays it is …
    well nowadays it is the exact opposite. ever since the 1964 election in which
    Barry Morris Goldwater got most of the states that didn’t even vote republican
    since the Reconstruction era of US history. Also it was the first time in US history that the state of Georgia voted Republican and the state of Vermont voted Democratic.

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    Dayum Franky D!

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    George Washington …
    George Washington was not in a party.

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    Michael Dukakis still alive that dinosaur? He should have committed suicide after the election in 1988

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    Unbelievable number of views

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    You have to be a bit naïve to be a Republican. However you have to be extremely ignorant to be a communist democrat.

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    Why would anyone like this video?

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    Please don’t be the typical American who thinks the US is a free country. Those people are retards who are used to a tyrannical system of government.

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    Do you plan on doing US Congressional elections?

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    You can see all …
    You can see all these candidates in my updated video, which has been posted earlier this month.

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    1968 …

    1968 George Wallace was a member of the American Independent Party.

  23. AAXL20 says:

    1832 William Wirt …
    1832 William Wirt won Vermont under the Anti-Masonic Party, and South Carolina’s legislature awarded John Floyd their state.
    1848 Martin Van Buren ran under the Free Soil Party ticket and received 10% of the popular vote.
    1856 South Carolina did participate, Buchanan won that state. Also Millard Fillmore ran as a Whig and won the state of Maryland.
    1912 Eugene Debs ran as a Socialist and won 6% of the popular vote.
    1960 Harry Byrd won unpledged electoral votes in Mississippi, Alabama,& Oklahoma.

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    I guess you can’t read FAQs.

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