president election In Venezuela’s capital Caracas police have fired tear gas to disperse crowds protesting the official results of the presidential election. It came after Venezuela’s electoral body rejected calls for a recount of Sunday’s vote – that saw Hugo Chavez’s hand-picked successor win by a razor-thin majority.


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24 Responses to “Venezuela declares Maduro president-elect amid violent protests”

  1. Mohamed Atta says:

    that’s there …
    that’s there relief plunder leftist states

  2. Mohamed Atta says:

    no US is going …
    no US is going down in flames

  3. richvianbonett says:

    Venezuela is going …
    Venezuela is going down 

  4. ghostKurt says:

    Maybe Spain the US …
    Maybe Spain the US should be more concerned with their dying economies and huge unemployment before they meddle in the affairs of others.

  5. hoa gu says:

    US@ is going any …
    US@ is going any where soon but down and down till collapse any day now like a building due to it has accumulating so much junks, trashes, skeletons, scams, frauds, crime against humanity, atrocities around the world to enrich itself at the cost of others. Martin L. King already had said that US@ is too arrogant, bad, bully, bigotry and bias against all others, none whites. Of course US@ has done some good for world but it has done tons bad actions against all mankind, lot more than good..

  6. snoo333 says:

    I hope the global …
    I hope the global powers do not turn this country into another Syria. also i just hope its people are smarter than Libya and Egypt. the change they got is worse than where they were before.

    who the is spain to not accept the elections. those fools need to take care of their crumbling economy.

  7. rvdrvd1000 says:

    In what instance …
    In what instance did Carter fight against socialism?

  8. rvdrvd1000 says:

    No thanks, I prefer …
    No thanks, I prefer to live in the real world.

  9. rvdrvd1000 says:

    If I were to …
    If I were to believe the things that I see, the story would go something like this; Hugo Chavez was the beloved leader and saved his country from imperialism. His hand- picked successor was to continue his wonderful legacy into the future in order to fulfill it. Half of the country in screaming bloody murder. Why?

  10. Екатерина Савостикова says:

    His name kinda …
    His name kinda gives away his troll nature.

  11. Екатерина Савостикова says:

    This turned into …
    This turned into an anti-Semitic vent forum real quickly. Идиоты!

  12. BoltaVS says:

    Try to resist …
    Try to resist antisemitism,read Mein Kampf to understand how antisemitism develops in your sick brain,idiot…

  13. AR1STONE says:

    All this talk about …
    All this talk about how evil zionists want oil. Tell me, who are they supplying with all that oil? You sheeple. So either change your non-economic way of living or stfu

  14. Jean-Pierre Delorraine says:


  15. marxing forward says:

    If you havent …
    If you havent noticed Wikipedia the first thing they mention about X person is wether they re jewish or not. They don’t put a lot of effort when X person is muslim or catholic, most of the time they don’t even mention it.

    After all “jews” own or run Wikipedia…… and google and Facebook and yahoo etc etc etc

  16. bibi Ouk says:

    By any chance …
    By any chance zionist are here when it smells oil. They will kill everybody like in Iraq, Libya, Syria with MOSSAD death squads, if they seize power.

  17. bibi Ouk says:

    Of course she’s …
    Of course she’s good, she belongs to the people who received the money, the majority of people of Venezuela wasn’t like her.

    We don’t care about her, all we see is that oil benefits Venezuela 10 times more with Chavez than before, with the zionists crooks.

  18. rvdrvd1000 says:

    So true communism …
    So true communism has never existed and therefore never had a leader and never failed. Is that about right? May I ask, what is true communism?

  19. dfsdgfdfhergf says:

    Venezuela and latin …
    Venezuela and latin America don’t pick a Jewish American puppet they want your resources they don’t give a about anyone but their Jewish people. 

  20. Sergeyspb2009 says:

    Opposition leader …
    Opposition leader tries to apply the methods of islams extremists to organize the Syrian variant of chaos in Venezuela. Capriles demonstrate puppetness of own policy because only a marionette can so hate a own motherland.

  21. InfiniteEIC says:

    cheatin ass? 100 …
    cheatin ass? 100 international overseeing organizations have said he won the elections fair and square including the ex US president jimmy carter organization that really tells you something when a organization run by a guy who fought against communism and socialism says a socialist won the elections fair…

  22. InfiniteEIC says:


  23. InfiniteEIC says:

    idiot there has …
    idiot there has never been a real communist country because in communism there is no leader go learn about communism before talking…all the countries who have said were communist were actually socialist and dictatorships thats why they communism only sounds good in paper because human greed comes into the equation but it’s really a goo idea.

  24. Redmailnet says:

    America want’s …
    America want’s Venezuela so bad! (and when I say America I mean your BOSSES’ AMERICA, not you bunch of idiots).

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