president election Romney? Obama? An analysis of the Electoral College map as it stands three months out from election day.

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25 Responses to “Who Will Win the 2012 Presidential Election?”

  1. CricketChirp77 says:

    OH! OH! OH! I …
    OH! OH! OH! I KNOOOOW I KNOOOOW!!! Obama will win!!

  2. CharmGirl1432 says:

    I’m only 12. What …
    I’m only 12. What do you expect me to say?

  3. danny mathey says:

    Oh..!..Something …
    Oh..!..Something like….Hey! Im only 12….and maybe I shouldnt ask someone if they are a Homo” like you did.”…….But other than that! Do what you want!.hey! its you-tube…….BYE !…I dont really DO NOT need to talk to minors!..good day!

  4. danny mathey says:

    No….are you ?… …
    No….are you ?…whats that got to do with Political things?…Oh ! I get it you …Republicans really took a good skrewing!..I get it !

  5. CharmGirl1432 says:

    I’m a mirror? Well, …
    I’m a mirror? Well, I am a metal head. XD Buh bye.

  6. danny mathey says:

    no .I said minor.. …
    no .I said minor…like under aged….OH!… your head is metal !…wow, no wonder you are having a hard time understanding!….Stay away from magnets !…But feel free to bang …..Your head….Heavy metal is never dead !…..

  7. CharmGirl1432 says:

    You’re not …
    You’re not bothering me. Laugh all you want, but I’m a bigger person because I’m not laughing at you. You’re just laughing at yourself. I may be a metal head sometimes, but aren’t we all. We shouldn’t fight, Christmas is com- oh wait… You probably don’t give a crap about that. I’m leaving now.

  8. danny mathey says:

    Thats fine Bye.!… …
    Thats fine Bye.!….here is some music from the Band Queen….” Nothing really matters…..anyone can see…..Nothing really matters……to meeeeeeeee!.. Bye!

  9. Unklebillybob says:

    Cutting through all …
    Cutting through all the Bull ,,, We have a man who has run-up the National Debt by $ 5.6 Trillion in less than 4 years. His Unemployment Statistics are averaging over 9% and he’s responsible for Down-grading our credit rating — TWICE. Unless the House stops him, we will see our Ntl Debt go-to $33 Trillion. Our Unemployment rise to 15% and we’ll be guaranteed, at least one more Credit Down-grade.

  10. CharmGirl1432 says:

    No wonder you’re …
    No wonder you’re not cool.

  11. kvnd7331 says:

    at first i was like …
    at first i was like, where the have i seen this guy before?

    then i was like, oh yeah, he taught me how to solve rubix cubes five years ago

  12. deetjay1 says:

    Not bad pogo…Of …
    Not bad pogo…Of course it was Nate Silver who nailed it…The GOP freaked out and ran their own polls, and got very different results, of course…Lost in America…Dad’s NON Republican Party…

  13. Laurie Carlisle says:

    I predict Obama.
    I predict Obama.

  14. Ry Cullen says:

    reps hate mormons 
    reps hate mormons 

  15. Lala Jones says:

    I’m sorry let me …
    I’m sorry let me correct my self. Obama wasn’t the best choice for president. He is stealing money from rich people who work very hard unlike a lot of poor people. Teka I understand that you may not have a lot of money but please stop taking from us. Thank you !

  16. Satchel334 says:

    Seems like you …
    Seems like you were right about the election, daddy-o.

  17. isaac aguirre says:

    bitch please.
    bitch please.

  18. whatareyoulookingat8 says:

    Look at what kind …
    Look at what kind of crap he had to deal with that president Bush left him after eight years of his stupidity. You can’t just change all that in 4 years.

  19. Unklebillybob says:

    WRONG! This is …
    WRONG! This is what our National Debt looked like under GW

    1) Bush & Rep Congress:
    Ntl Debt; 2001 – $280 Billion, 2002 – $470 Billion, 2003 – $590 Billion, 2004 – $600 Billion, 2005 – $570 Billion, 2006 – $510 Billion.
    For a six year total of $3.02 Trillion
    2) 2007(Democrats Take Total Control of Congress) – $550 Billion, 2008 – $1.4 Trillion,
    3) 2009 (Dems take control of WH & Congress), – $1.61 Trillion, 2010 – $1.72 Trillion
    4) 2011 Rep take control of the House

  20. Samaan Faridjoo says:

    please…don’t …
    please…don’t hesitate.

  21. Unklebillybob says:

    5) 2011, …

    5) 2011, Republicans slow democrat spending to $1.1 Trillion
    6) 20012 – 1.23 Trillion
    Therefore, since the democrats took over control of congress through Dec 2012(6 Years), the dems have managed to spend over $7.6 Trillion. That would be more than twice of the 6 years of the Bush & the Rep controlled Congress. And as of this post, we still don’t have a Federal Budget.

  22. Barack Obama says:

    I WON!!!!
    I WON!!!!

  23. TheEzekiel300 says:

    In 1980, our debt …
    In 1980, our debt was $900 billion, $73 billion deficit
    In 1989, debt $2.9 trillion, $152 billion deficit.
    In 1992, debt-$4T, $290 billion deficit
    In 2000, debt-$5.7T, $238 billion surplus
    In 2009, debt-$12.9T, $1.4T deficit.
    Republicans run up the debt in good times while running the country into the ground. Spending has gone up by only $300B under Obama, which is not much compared to under W.

  24. Unklebillybob says:

    You’re almost right …
    You’re almost right. Under GW Bush’s 6 years, with control of the congress, he increased the National Debt:
    1) 2001-2006 from $5.66 Trillion to $ $8.68m Trillion. Or an increase of $3.02 Trillion in those 6 years. For an average of $5.0333 Billion per year.
    2) Democrats take-over control of Congress in Jan of 2007. They increase the National Debt by the following: 2007 +$550 Billion, 2008 + $1.41 Trillion, 2009 + $1.61 Trillion, 2010 + $1.72 Trillion

  25. Unklebillybob says:

    (Rep take …

    (Rep take Control of House, Jan 2011) 2011 + $1.10 Trillion, & in 2012(so far) + $1.27 Trillion. Or an increase of $7.66 Trillion in those 6 years. for an average of $1.28 Trillion per year. If you didn’t want to give credit to the democrats & mr obama & just give obama credit for his 4 years, then here it is. Obama, Jan 2009 – Dec 2012 Debt, $10.7 Trillion To $16.4 Trillion = $5.7 Trillion or an annual average of $1.43 Trillion not $300 Billion. You’re only off by $1.13 Trillion

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