During the President Elections in Jan 2008:
1. His main opponent Okruashvili was prisoned in Berlin.
2. Independent TV channel (Imedi) was closed and the owner of this channel died in London under uncleared circumstances.

His military expenses are reaching now 15.9 % of GDP of Georgia (worlds 2nd largest after N.Korea)

He doesn’t hesitate to use canons and rocket launch systems to destroy a city.

What exactly is so democratic in this man? Just wonder.

he is our SOB.


2 Responses to “Why Saakashvilli is being described as democratic president?”

  1. scrooge says:

    he is our SOB.
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  2. Todd says:

    Because the mainstream media is as much in the pocket of the U.S. Government as Georgia is.

    I don’t think Georgia should be called democratic till it has at least one successful election.
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