senate debate The US Senate Debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown at UMass Lowell. Hosted by NBC’s David Gregory, host of Meet The Press. Monday October 1 7:00-8:00 PM.

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  1. TedDob94 says:

    He answered why he …
    He answered why he continues to call her that. It was actually a direct question from the moderator. She is a professor so she should be referred to as such.

  2. EasyRiderUSMC305 says:

    Thank God for liz …
    Thank God for liz warren. With her in the senate, we can focus on the really tough and serious issues like free birth control and abortions… The only “real” issues facing today’s American women. Right, ladies? OH MY GOD!.. granny warren makes me want to vomit in my mouth. She says she’s running to represent the working class. BULLSHIT! Scott’s doing just fine at that. She’s running so the dems will have another far left vote. Don’t fall for it Massachusetts.
    Scott Brown12

  3. Someideasandstuff says:

    A …

    A COMBINATION OF CAPITALISM (being able to start your own business, etc) AND SOCIALISM (universal medical care, affordable upper level education, etc) IS THE BEST OPTION

  4. palaciosphotography1 says:

    I appreciate Brown …
    I appreciate Brown being Bipartisan. Warren will not be . She will hard left….guaranteed.

  5. steelermia says:

    I know your point . …
    I know your point .. I was commenting on the ‘looks white’ snippet

  6. lilmsgs says:

    The magnitude at …
    The magnitude at which you’re missing the point is astounding.

  7. steelermia says:

    lol you say bill …
    lol you say bill john baker ‘looks white to you’ .. that’s because he’s .. get this .. white .. he’s 3 percent indian .. hence he’s 97% white .. that’s like pointing out some black guy ‘looks black to me’ but he’s actually white since he’s 1/32 white .. same thing with this lady .. I looked up her younger pictures .. she looks like a white woman because she is .. she may be partially indian but it’s a very very small percentage

  8. steelermia says:

    say what .. there’s …
    say what .. there’s nothing native american looking about this lady .. even in her younger pictures .. she looks straight up white .. whatever her indian side is very small .. probably like 1%

  9. steelermia says:

    sorry son .. the …
    sorry son .. the alpha conquers .. your whining only furthers your position as an inferior beta

  10. steelermia says:

    the kitchen again . …
    the kitchen again .. I agree

  11. jdmars011 says:

    pocahontas warren …
    pocahontas warren. i prefer granny…

  12. JT8800 says:

    Elizabeth Warren …
    Elizabeth Warren will lose to Scott Brown in the race for the Senate seat in Massachusetts.

    JT8800 in Boston.

  13. Renato D'Amico says:

    It’s time for women …
    It’s time for women to take over.

  14. TheTubePortal says:

    The reason Warren …
    The reason Warren has taken the lead in the polls is because Mass citizens know she stands for the working class, while Brown stands for the upper class. The position we are currently in requires someone who will represent Mass in a way that will improve our economy and give us jobs. The jobs bill is the best way to do that, and closing loopholes for millionaires and corporations, NOT giving them additional cuts when they still move jobs to China and India. Warren’s the best person for the job.

  15. cheekieweekie says:

    He may not be a …
    He may not be a student in her glass, but he sure got schooled by her. Grover Norquist has taken his soul for all to see, leaving Brown twisting in the limelight as a shallow deceiver.

  16. bohemianwriter1 says:

    Being white in …
    Being white in America has been born in a privileged position from the get go.
    And now you whities are whining about how a person with Native American descent is ‘taking’ the spot from perhaps some white trash whom couldn’t spell his own name?

  17. bohemianwriter1 says:

    Doing what the …
    Doing what the white trash did can be equated with neo Nazis doing the same thing to a Jewish candidate.
    Native Americans helped some sorry white through the first winter ay Chesapeake. The thanks for that help? A 300 year ling genocide on the rightful owners of the land. Or the people belonging to it. Now you white Christian descendants of these mass murderers are celebrating ‘Thanksgiving’

  18. TheTubePortal says:

    About as deviant as …
    About as deviant as performing oral sex on a woman? Such hypocrisy! But the reason so many people are angered by Tea Party senators (of which VP candidate Ryan is one) is their absolutely stubbornly blind refusal to compromise and seek bipartisan plans. They want what they want, and refuse to even consider anything else because they think they’re right 100% and compromise is a sign of weakness. Caring for those in need shouldn’t be politicized because it’s a MORAL and Biblical issue.

  19. drewby7777 says:

    You know you should …
    You know you should try actually try thinking things through before you comment. AGAIN, if someone is lobbying to be a granted a powerful position in the U.S. Senate there is an expectation of honesty and transparency in the job applicants past and positions. SHE claimed to be an Indian. SHE approved of beibg described as an Indian in academic journals. SHE accepted a job at Harvard AS a minority hire as a Indian. SHE then unchecked the Indian minority box AFTER she got tenure. Fraud! 

  20. lilmsgs says:

    “She needs to …
    “She needs to prove she IS! I’ll give you proof though” In other words, according to you, she’s obligated to respond to an evidence-free allegation. Holding that position would have you agree that romney should release his taxes to prove reid allegations are false. So please demand romney release his taxes

  21. lilmsgs says:

    hee hee
    hee hee

  22. drewby7777 says:

    I had to look it …
    I had to look it up. How come you know it?

  23. lilmsgs says:

    So you’re saying …
    So you’re saying it’s fine to go around accusing anyone of anything and that creates an automatic obligation of that person to prove the accuser is wrong. Another example of tea bagging broken thinking.

  24. lilmsgs says:

    See, this is what I …
    See, this is what I mean by constant demonstration of ignorance and stupidity. Don’t you have to know the definition of tea bagging to insult me for knowing the definition of tea bagging?

  25. drewby7777 says:

    Thank you and all …
    Thank you and all the rest of the liberal progressives on here for once again showing the world yet another example of how liberals can’t answer facts and are complete pseudo intellectuals. Keep talking and embarrassing yourself.

    Btw, funny how liberals use the term “teabaggers” as an insult for tea party members. Isn’t it apropo that liberals knew the term for a deviant homosexual act?

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