Dallas Voice: Texas GOP Senate debate

On April 21, 2012, in Senate Debate, by admin

senate debate Ted Cruz, Craig James attack Tom Leppert for appearing at gay Pride during GOP Senate Debate

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12 Responses to “Dallas Voice: Texas GOP Senate debate”

  1. Chaaazz2008 says:

    I’m a Texan, but I …
    I’m a Texan, but I believe along the lines of rights don’t come in groups. We as individuals have rights. One person’s beliefs shouldn’t dictate what others do. I personally don’t believe gay marriage is right, especially when pastors get in trouble for not performing them, BUT I don’t think there should be any ban on gay marriage at the federal level because it’s not in the Constitution. It should be left to the states just as marriage has been for the entire course of this country’s life.

  2. KnightxxArrow says:

    If you don’t like …
    If you don’t like it here in Texas, then get the out of my state!

  3. bamatecangel7 says:

    As long as you …
    As long as you have no harm to others in your bedroom, no one really cares. Now when you parade your choice .. be it goat+human, male+male, girl+girl or man+woman, we don’t to see in on parade with skimpy clothing. Civil Union? Ok, Marriage between non-naturals, no.

  4. shivtim says:

    This entire …
    This entire exchange is truly frightening. What a bunch of bigots who use their faith to justify their hatred.

  5. sbotte1 says:

    The people who …
    The people who claims to be religious and claims that homosexuality is a “sin”, are all part of the hate cult group abusing the bible. They are the ones committing the mortal sin of lies and spreading evil. Google the article : “Cryptographer says that Apostle Paul acknowledged that homosexuality does not prevent Christians from going to heaven, biblical scholar agrees with him.”

  6. toltschin says:

    What a pathetically …
    What a pathetically out of touch people in this “debate” – they are not superior to anyone, gay or str8. Thinking they have a special pass of righteousness on our planet based one whatever god it is they’re all claiming – and only they should enjoy a great life – the only life we all know of as fact…. these people are incapable of being honest. The tide is turning in Texas – slowly, but it is turning.

  7. eddy909100 says:

    What do you expect. …
    What do you expect… it’s Texas.

  8. bythefault says:

    Bigotry is a …
    Bigotry is a choice. Ted Cruz and Craig James are bigots by choice hiding behind religion.

  9. 4l3xc0n7 says:

    If being born gay …
    If being born gay is so sinful according to their misinterpretation of the Bible, then how come all mainstream peer-reviewed accredited psychological research show no signs of ailment from being born gay?

  10. smithbc81 says:

    It’s vile that your …
    It’s vile that your record of opposing treating gays with dignity and respect gets you applauds, support and somehow makes you more qualifies for office. “I hate gays more than that guy, my record shows how much I oppose their right to live and be happy.” and that gets you applauds? What the F is wrong with people?!

  11. smithbc81 says:

    What vile human …
    What vile human beings. Using such inflammatory rhetoric and trashing a segment of the population for political gain. It’s incredibly sad that you can talk about gays in such a hateful way, using people’s fair treatment of them to attack your opponents. This guys is trash. Try championing something that helps society instead of something that hurts millions of Americans and their families. These jerks new to get a life, get off their bigoted high horses and not be so proud of their record of ha

  12. Islander255 says:

    Oh my God, …
    Oh my God, whoever’s clapping needs to be deleted from existence. I wish Texas WOULD seceded from the Union; it’d throw all the presidential elections in favor of the Democrats, and maybe then the U.S. could being to REALLY move forward.

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