senate debate Elizabeth Warren Closing Remarks at U.S. Senate Debate at UMass Lowell on October 4, 2011.

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20 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren Closing Remarks at U.S. Senate Debate at UMass Lowell”

  1. Seasass says:

    @paulism1984 Let’s …
    @paulism1984 Let’s just focus on the Senate race for now :)

  2. mkrulic517439 says:

    @BrianHencheyShow …
    @BrianHencheyShow the people who developed that argument knew its flaw and also knew that the vast majority of americans are ignorant of psychology to the point that they would buy into it.
    google: bystander apathy experiment, 1968

  3. lukeandally says:

    @flagstaffhardbop …
    @flagstaffhardbop I’m a Christian…can I still be a progressive?? Please?

    Feel free not to repsond. You could’ve left out your point A.) and not been so stereotypically “godless” & not offended a bunch of your fellow liberals & not sacrificed any substance from your argument.

    Or, if you’re such an historian/ sociologist/ economic humanitarian, you could’ve bothered to know that Jesus paid his taxes (which also happens to be in the Bible at Matthew 22 & Romans 13).

    But hey, stay classy.

  4. VirginiaTagz says:

    Every man should …
    Every man should want his daughter to grow up and be Elizabeth Warren.

  5. TrevRockOne says:

    I love her; I love …
    I love her; I love her so much.

  6. marilynr46 says:

    Elizabeth Warren is …
    Elizabeth Warren is coming to town!! Scott Brown is being heckled at his own campaign appearances by EW supporters!! He voted against the jobs bill. He trades votes for cash (contributions). He doesn’t have the knowledge, expertise, or experience that EW has to fix our corrupt “Crony-Capitalist/Fascist” economy.. VOTE ELIZABETH WARREN 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. forwardmover says:

    Respond to this …
    Respond to this video… Not all psychopaths are in prison.  Most are very good liars. Barack Hussein (aka Barry) Obama is a great example.

  8. forwardmover says:

    Respond to this …
    Respond to this video… Why not take those tax subsidies and give them back to the people you took the money from? The other options sounds like state capitalism (formerly known as Communism, USSR style). Warren is another Stalinistic elitist type. THAT is why Obama hired her.

  9. forwardmover says:

    @ChrisRulez0000 …
    @ChrisRulez0000 Beware of wolves in sheep clothings.

  10. paulism1984 says:

    Why should she be …
    Why should she be president if women don’t have tosign up for selective service? should she be allowed to send men to die in war when she in fact doesn’t have to? 

  11. forwardmover says:




    Stay in school.

    At least get your GED.

  12. ChrisRulez0000 says:

    @forwardmover Were …
    @forwardmover Were you listening to the beginning? Do you not think that was real life? Can you explain to me what “real world” means?

  13. flagstaffhardbop says:


    B) your religion should not influence your political leanings so much
    C)Take a look at income disparity in the U.S. in historical context
    D)Look at taxation rates in historical context
    E)Giving a share of our income is the foundation of our society. If you don’t know this, you don’t know anything
    Come on man, wise up.

  14. forwardmover says:

    Elizabeth warren is …
    Elizabeth warren is a wonk’s wonk. Has worked almost exclusively in academia and government, but not in the real world. Left wing Utopian ideologue. Exactly what USA does NOT need.

  15. 666sigma says:

    There are no …
    There are no politicians fighting for the middle class. She will fight for the Entitlement Class.

    The government does not invest. It mal-invests like the Housing Bubble. How about Solyndra, which is clearly a back door deal to bail out a bad investment for Obama’s donors. How about Geithner’s bailing out AIG to back door money to Goldman Sachs.

    She is a corrupt BIG GOVERNMENT politician. She should move to Cuba.

  16. vibol03 says:

    lol stupid …
    lol stupid undecided voters below me

  17. BrianHencheyShow says:

    @cloudbuster77 …
    @cloudbuster77 Jesus wanted people to “GIVE”!!!!! “Giving” is not the same as being “FORCED” to give. Your side believes in TAKING; my side believes in GIVING. MY side is the Christian way.

  18. cloudbuster77 says:

    @BrianHencheyShow …
    @BrianHencheyShow Ugh, what a pig. ‘The grabbing hand grabs what it can, all for himself after all’- Depeche Mode. Read your Bible, the new testament is ALL about giving ALL your money to the poor. But how many faux-christians actually follow Christ’s teachings? Zip.

  19. BrianHencheyShow says:

    @cloudbuster77 …
    @cloudbuster77 Class warfare!! Hate anyone who does better than you! Yay!!

  20. cloudbuster77 says:

    testify sista!
    testify sista!

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