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25 Responses to “ELIZABETH WARREN vs SCOTT BROWN Massachusetts Senate Debate”

  1. keegan1728 says:

    Wow I never knew …
    Wow I never knew that you worked at the Heritage Foundation. How else could you know what their “sole” purpose is.The people of Hong Kong cannot own land because HK is still ruled by China & is under a SAR ! Come on man, know your facts. Also HK, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand have some of the highest life expectancies in the world & the Economist Intel Unit ranks them all in the top 20 in the Quality of Life Index. So where’s the horrific violence & poverty in these countries ?

  2. 1957welder says:

    It look like to me …
    It look like to me that Brown wanted to spend the whole hour to debate if Warren is ab Native American

  3. Everett345 says:

    this was the …
    this was the dumbest first 6 minutes of debate ie ever seen … they both come off as douchebags to even condone that chekcing a box is relevant to anything

  4. TheNavigateur says:

    I’m very well aware …
    I’m very well aware of the Heritage Foundation, whose motivation you should understand. They’re one of many foundations set up by some very wealthy people who simply want to pay lower taxes, not a representative cross-section of economists, and whose sole purpose is brainwashing people into believing that less gov. causes more wealth, when the OPPOSITE factually happens (e.g. Congo vs Netherlands). All they do is make lame excuses for why ALL small-gov countries have horrific violence & poverty.

  5. keegan1728 says:

    Once again you are …
    Once again you are WRONG ! What I was referring to was health care, education and national insurance. You’re really funny my friend. There’s site called heritage dot org that measures economic freedom. I think you should check it out if you feel I don’t know what i’m talking about or worse yet…lying. The facts speak for themselves. Do yourself a favour and get properly educated.

  6. theundeadbatman says:

    Furthermore, …
    Furthermore, genealogists have proven that not only does she not have any Cherokee ancestry… her White ancestors actually rounded up the Cherokee people for the Trail of Tears.

    In comparison, that is like a White politician claiming Black ancestry only to find out that there is no Black ancestry at all… and the White ancestors were actually slaveholders.

    This would explain why Elizabeth Warren has refused to meet with the 150+ Cherokee representatives who have demanded an explanation.

  7. theundeadbatman says:

    She lied about …
    She lied about having Cherokee ancestry to foster a Native American persona. She went so far as to list herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory and allowed the Harvard Women’s Law Journal to list her as a “woman of color.” Interestingly enough, AFTER she was awarded a position at Harvard… she quietly removed her “minority status” from the AALS directory.

    She has gone so far as to plagiarize Cherokee recipes for a published cookbook. She is a fraud.

  8. NuncNuncNuncNunc says:

    “He’s distorting …
    “He’s distorting her role,” said McMorris [an attorney whose law firm represents asbestos victims]. “Clearly, he’s doing it on purpose. He’s a lawyer…He’s either a very lazy or inept lawyer, or he’s lying.”

    ..Travelers hired Warren to represent the insurance company in its fight to gain permanent immunity from asbestos-related lawsuits; in exchange for that immunity, the insurance company said it would establish a $500 million trust for current and future victims of asbestos poisoning.

  9. TheNavigateur says:

    WRONG. You defined …
    WRONG. You defined economic freedom as “Forcing someone to pay for a good cause is tyranny”. So only low-to-0-tax countries fit that.
    Hong Kong govt. owns ALL the land there. The rest became rich by being tax shelters, not by their OWN productivity. The most INTERNALLY productive nations are Netherlands, Germany, Denmark etc. which have HIGH taxes to pay for holding their people MORE ACCOUNTABLE TO PROVABLE STANDARDS (e.g. no violence, no cartels, no fraud, no hazard, equal opportunity etc.).

  10. Joukah says:

    It’s a common …
    It’s a common anxious tick. Not to mention that Warren is quite intensely serious, which can make attempting a positive and fair approach to a debate turn in honest, and almost laughable, surprise. Smiling/laughing can, additionally, be a way to pick apart the argument/point of another by suggesting that the “another” is taking things much too seriously.

  11. killjoy1001001 says:

    Great post Chia.
    Great post Chia.

  12. koolhanddavey says:

    ch-ch-ch-chia! :D
    ch-ch-ch-chia! :D

  13. Chia Law says:

    Democrats in states …
    Democrats in states like Mass and California have a simple recipe for maintaining power.
    Welcome Illegals with open arms. Give them, housing, food stamps, ebt cards, a drivers licence most importantly, a voter registration which arrives IN THE SAME ENVELOPE AS THEIR WELFARE CHECK!

    So yes Liz…let’s REALLY be clear.

    Shaking down, and selling out Americans to fund your personal voting block is your game.

    We know who and what you are.

    You can all go strait to hell.

    Brown wins in a land slide

  14. killjoy1001001 says:

    Legal minorities …
    Legal minorities don’t have photo ID’s or working papers to show at the polling place?

    Tell me…what color is the sky in your up liberal world?

  15. DaShonuff says:

    Its a debate, not a …
    Its a debate, not a trial by court. Most Moderators have the facts in front of them. The one who wins the debate is the ones who can rebutal well againts false aligations or even truthful aligations. They would win becaust it destroys the credibility of the accuser and makes them look like an incompetent moron and bully.

  16. bvmnbvnm says:

    both are the same …
    both are the same shit, republican or democrat the united states isn’t going to be changed by neither one

  17. DaShonuff says:

    Thats the thing it …
    Thats the thing it does’nt have anything to do with the economy. It has to do with your civil rights. people died for the right to vote, thats more important than anything you have as a US citizen.

    Its obvious the Rep’s are salty over Obamas significant victory in 08 with so many minority votes over whites, its blantently obvious they are trying to suppress the vote by making it harder for Minorities to vote.

    We can argue about Obamas policies but lets play by the rules and not change them.

  18. keegan1728 says:

    It’s about …
    It’s about integrity.

  19. keegan1728 says:

    “economic freedom …
    “economic freedom leads to localized violence & abuse.” Are you serious ? The most economically free countries are NON of those you listed. HA! in fact, they are all close to the very bottom. So you couldn’t be any more wrong. The freest countries are Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Sir, you have much research to do. but I do agree that we need the gov’t to do one major thing. That is to protect individual rights, through the military, police and legal system.

  20. veronicayromero says:

    The is wrong …
    The is wrong with Senator Brown. He is constantly laughing while he’s talking. How more disingenuous can he be?

  21. HappyHawaiinSauce says:

    Scott brown won …
    Scott brown won this debate right here: 45:35 – 48:12. She had no way to respond, it shows that she is a major hypocrite.

  22. veronicayromero says:

    Is his only beef …
    Is his only beef with her is that she’s Native American or not? Why does that even matter?

  23. Xanthelei says:

    What does photo id …
    What does photo id at the polls have to do with how economy works? And before you ask, so long as you make the ENTIRE process of getting said photo id free, I don’t care one way or the other. If the entire process of getting the paperwork from the government so they can issue you a photo id isn’t free, then it’s simply a poll tax. Also don’t change requirements two months before the elections ffs. There should be a required wait period for such changes to take effect… A year would work imo.

  24. Xanthelei says:

    Cite your sources, …
    Cite your sources, please. I’d love to see how you made the jump from (I’m assuming) Soviet Russia to Warren. And if not Soviet Russia then what you’re thinking of.

  25. Xanthelei says:

    1) Don’t bring …
    1) Don’t bring personal attacks or swearing into debates of ideas. You lose automatically. 2) I have nothing against you personally so I’m not sure why you’re attacking me. 3) Your comment has nothing to do with what I posted about. I’m not saying if she’s right or wrong, I’m just saying it’s getting very old, the back and forth war on “release this personal info, release that pesonal info.” It’s *personal* not public. And yes that includes Mitt’s taxes, even given the precedent his father set.

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