The Senate voted against further debate on the DREAM act this afternoon by a final tally of 52-44, less than the 60 votes needed to end debate.VICTORY ONCE AGAIN!

Yeah, I just posted this too. The votes came in 2 hours ago.


15 Responses to “How about this VICTORY ONCE AGAIN! The Senate voted against further debate on the DREAM act?”

  1. ItsJustMe says:

    No Amnesty. Clearly, the people have spoken.
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  2. Revin D says:

    So now it’s against the law to dream. I knew it was coming.
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  3. margrete o says:

    Yeah, I just posted this too. The votes came in 2 hours ago.
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    We must continue to speak up loud and clear. We must stop giving our business to anyone who finances La Raza, and tell them why.

  4. kellie r says:

    yippy doing a happy dance right now
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  5. oh_jo123 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. _ says:

    I can’t believe the nerve of the people who support welfare for illegal immigrants (yes, I’m talking about people such as Mike Huckabee). We need to elect a president who will end birthright citizenship and stop subsidizing illegal immigration and will avoid engaging in anti-Capitalist persecutions against businessmen (it isn’t their fault if they hire illegal immigrants; it is the government’s fault if those illegal immigrant "guest workers" are permitted welfare or citizenship).
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  7. hotpepper says:

    It’s a wonderful thing
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  8. JUSTME says:


    They have paid attention to us.

    Excellent, but we still must remain vigilant.
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  9. imback_missme says:

    Excellent,thanks for the info,Im wondering how come the citizens didnt get to vote on this BS? But at least we have enough citizens that are still American patriots! God bless AMERICA!
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  10. Its_About_soMEone says:

    Hot Diggity! Now let’s keep our eyes open and the pressure strongly on our servants in DC.

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  11. BRYAN says:

    What you SHOULD be asking yourself is:
    if we killed this before… if the American people spoke and told them no before…
    why did they bring it back up?
    who are they to disregard ‘The People’?

    No wonder they have only an 11% approval rating. We need to institute term limits and clean house in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.
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  12. ShadowCat says:

    Maybe Dirty Scary Harry, will go sit in his corner now.
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  13. Rorschach says:

    Well, I’m glad it went down, but the votes were way too close still.
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  14. 45 cal says:

    Like the illegals protesting >The more they try the more We the people will stand against it>
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  15. joeandhisguitar says:

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