senate debate The First California Senate Debate between democratic incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer and republican challenger Carly Fiorina.
High quality (I hope so).

Write your opinions below, please. For you, who won the debate?

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25 Responses to “HQ California Senate Debate, Fiorina-Boxer, Part1”

  1. sweetbread says:

    All this talk of …
    All this talk of shipping jobs overseas and illegal immigration, but neither candidate attacks NAFTA, the WTO, etc.

  2. moredeepster says:

    Before you decide …
    Before you decide to endorse the native born favorite son Jerry Brown or successful former eBay executive raised in New York Meg Whitman, you should know about the state of California and how it compares with some other states in the United States. Don’t be a fool and take California for granted.

  3. XxRadientStarxX says:

    sooo intense!!! 
    sooo intense!!! 

  4. Wiifan4life says:

    you should look at …
    you should look at the latest polls

  5. jewshmu says:

    Um Carly was never …
    Um Carly was never CEO of Ebay she was CEO of HP. Please get your facts straight before you continue with your nonsensical rantings.

  6. dennistaylork says:

    Carly doesn’ t know …
    Carly doesn’ t know what she is doing. Carly when she was ceo of Ebay it was because of her she lost thousand of jobs from ebay. Boxer has way more experience dealing with the federal government, creating jobs and so on. F*** Carly.

  7. ds9ops says:


  8. studmuffin956 says:

    I love barbara …
    I love barbara boxer shes such a lol!

  9. speckfire01 says:

    Entrepreneurship …
    Entrepreneurship means outsourcing for Carly. Ask all the Hewlett Packard employees who lost their jobs to India and now she wants to help America???

  10. RonocDondra352 says:

    Yes; Whitman was …
    Yes; Whitman was CEO of Ebay

  11. david030491 says:

    And this is why Sen …
    And this is why Sen. Boxer won re-election.

  12. anthonydisimo says:

    i love carly she …
    i love carly she is a real woman

  13. RonocDondra352 says:

    I can’t stand Boxer …
    I can’t stand Boxer; she’s a career politician who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. However, I would say that I endorse Brown; he’s more fiscally conservative than Whitman, and Whitman sounds like a classic Democrat

  14. kingwilly34 says:

    Boxer enacted 1,000 …
    Boxer enacted 1,000 provisions that are helping to destroy California. Fiorina may not be perfect, but she WAS the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. What the has Boxer accomplished in her life besides being an annoying little troll dead-set on destroying the state?

    Hey genius, quit taxing companies to death and maybe they won’t have a reason to leave the state or ship jobs overseas. It’s a difficult concept to understand, I know, but try to bear with me a little.

  15. Harshcore811 says:

    I’m voting for …
    I’m voting for Brown for Governor and Fiorina for Senator….

  16. TheBoonchan says:

    •Boxer wouldn’t be …
    •Boxer wouldn’t be in such a tight race if she wasn’t cause of millions of aerospace jobs leaving the state.
    Change is hard. YES SHE CAN bankrupt and destroy America!!

  17. TheBoonchan says:

    Boxer is more …
    Boxer is more concerned about the Democratic party than our great nation. She is definitely puting all her efforts on a mid-term election. She should be above this by focusing her time/efforts on creating jobs, improving our economy, and healing the rifts between the Republicans and Democrats.
    She’s acting like the chairman of the Democratic party. Can’t wait until the Nov,2 election.
    Here I thought her top priorty was to get people back to work..

  18. DemonAssassin6661 says:

    Justin Beiber …
    Justin Beiber SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. omgicameonyerface says:

    I know you are but …
    I know you are but what am I?

  20. Ulbim01 says:


  21. CaJeffO says:

    Boxer Failed us. …
    Boxer Failed us. Boxer didn’t represent us. —— GOOGLE THESE: To see how seriously Boxer failed us.
    CAJeffO + Election Fraud / CAJeffO + Eugenics / CAJeffO + Terrorist traing camps in the USA / CAJeffO + Corruption / CAJeffO + Health Care / CAJeffO + illegal immigration.

    Boxer – You’re UnAmerican, You even failed to debate me in public for the past 5 years. Don’t let the door hit you in the on the way out. You deserve the pink slip.

  22. omgicameonyerface says:

    you are an idiot
    you are an idiot

  23. omgicameonyerface says:

    you are a fool
    you are a fool

  24. omgicameonyerface says:

    vote boxer!
    vote boxer!

  25. omgicameonyerface says:

    you are a retard
    you are a retard

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