“It’s The People’s Seat.”

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senate debate Scott Brown at the Massachusetts Senate Debate. “With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

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  1. michaelgscotts tot says:

    Brown = Failed …
    Brown = Failed Senator

  2. OneToTenAmendments says:

    @Nemzebada explain …
    @Nemzebada explain in detail facts behind what you said because really it found like you stateting something you think is fact. But its just your opinion.

  3. A1sausie says:


  4. biguy617 says:

    Since when do the …
    Since when do the republicans stand for the people. NEVER!!!!! To them Corporations are people.

  5. nemzebada says:

    2011 was the first …
    2011 was the first time in U.S. history that white babies born were in the minority. Democrats are for affirmative action against Whites, increasing Hispanics and increasing race mixing. If you vote democrat, you are literally voting to exterminate the white race.

  6. elvisfan22 says:

    0:43 OWNED!
    0:43 OWNED!

  7. WoodPutter says:

    Scott Brown…32 …
    Scott Brown…32 year member and Lieutenant Colonel in the Mass. National Guard….father of two….captain of the basketball team at Tufts…sounds real “feminine” to me. Have you ever met Scott Brown?

    Get over it, this state has been brainwashed, corrupted, and taken for granted by the Democrats for 40+ years and some people STILL BELIEVE the party has the interests of the people at heart…please.

  8. Kim Daniel Thorkildsen says:

    and ill make sure …
    and ill make sure he looses:) ELIZABETH WARREN FOR SENATE!!

  9. QuestionAuthority2 says:

    That one quote …
    That one quote propelled him to victory and simultaneously woke a lot of people up. You can disagree with some of his decisions and some of the bills he may or may not have voted on but I believe he has his constituents’ best interests at heart.

  10. MagicKirin says:

    Sponsored several …
    Sponsored several bills including making sure that our elected reps could not profit by insider trading.

    What did the liberal hyena do?

  11. MagicKirin says:

    More accure Dems …
    More accure Dems want you to pay higher taxes but don’t want to pay themselves. Ted and his famiuly inclduing Rose were major tax cheats.

    Repbulicans believe all our taxes should go down

  12. InteGrayting2 says:

    Lol! That was his …
    Lol! That was his only shining moment really.

  13. InteGrayting2 says:

    Lol! I don’t know …
    Lol! I don’t know anything about the Kennedy family blocking Cape Wind, but it sounds like something the super rich would do. I accept that there can be great wealth without a great crime, but to be clear, it’s just an old saying that is far more correct than incorrect. Lastly, I am not sticking up for Chavez, but I do know for a fact we supported him until he took over his countries oil interests, and booted out US corporations so we couldn’t profit from his nation, for whatever it’s worth.

  14. MagicKirin says:

    An Eco Hypocrite is …
    An Eco Hypocrite is someone who says do what I say not as I do. The Kennedy family have a high carbon footprint and have blocked Cape Wind because it might riun the view.

    Chavez is potrayed as the dictator and terrorist suporter he is.

    No crime behind Steve Job or Bill Gates wealth.

  15. InteGrayting2 says:

    Lol! Do you even …
    Lol! Do you even know why Hugo Chavez is portrayed the way he is in our media? What is an eco hypocrite? You also say Ted’s dad was a bootlegger. True, but behind all great wealth is a great crime. Our nations founders committed treason by going against the crown and actually faced execution. Did you know that those same original families still own everything? Did you know while everyone is peeing themselves over “socialism” they let fascism in the front door? Do you know what fascism is?

  16. MagicKirin says:

    No the Kennedy …
    No the Kennedy family has been a disgrace and an albatross to the State of MA

    Ted was a drunk who never paid his fair share
    Joe has been a stooge for Hugo Chavez and lined his own pockets
    Robert is a eco hypocrite
    Ted’s dad was a nazi supporter and a bootleger

    Brown is already a betterSenator than the Liberal Hyena

  17. Tyler Hale says:

    Look at the recent …
    Look at the recent polls.

  18. brantleyfoster5115 says:

    Great man, hes done …
    Great man, hes done a great job. Sadly, here in Mass he could lose. I’m a lone light putting towards the ocean a light so i can see the ships, therefore i know the sea.

  19. gsizzles says:

    “I’m Scott Brown, …
    “I’m Scott Brown, and I drive a truck.”

  20. ryan473 says:

    with all do respect …
    with all do respect the kennedy family has single handedly done more for the people of the commonwealth of massachusetts than any republican in the history of the united states.

  21. Truth77Absolute says:

    Scott Brown for …
    Scott Brown for senator. I’m in.

  22. john nollette says:

    Yes Sir!! …
    Yes Sir!! Republicans can also better Mass.

  23. CClark501 says:

    Here is what …
    Here is what politics has become: Democrats take your money and give it to the poor; Republicans take your money and give it to the rich.

  24. showthosearches says:

    Ted Kennedy’s …
    Ted Kennedy’s ability to take other people’s money and give it to people who will vote for him has helped to take this country to along with him. Yes it’s true, if you love ted kennedy, you love a shameless thief.

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