senate debate Angry exchanges and complaints of insults punctuated the senate candidates debate between democrats Edward Markey and Stephen Lynch in Springfield Tuesday night.

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2 Responses to “Markey, Lynch trade verbal jabs in Springfield Senate debate”

  1. TheNefariousMaster says:

    You need to be …
    You need to be realistic and understand you need to be left of center to get elected and stay elected in this uneven state. Where the JFK dems someone still think this democratic party represents them. Well JFK ain’t walking through that door and unless you are someone who depends or wants to depend on getting gifts from the govt you have the wrong party. Lynch knows what it is to work for a living and is moderate for a dem but Ed Markey is all that’s wrong with politics…

  2. paul mcgrath says:

    Red Markey should …
    Red Markey should close his book on Karl Marx communist manifesto. Appealing to liberals with his pro-pot position, & Stop saying bad things about me pity-pot. What’s his take on the 19 year pot smoking punk from his district who just killed an eight year old Dorchester kid last week. Read him is Miranda or let him go ? Start voting on behalf of the victims & quit vilifying vets with your creepy Cambridge crap. The Globe is Karl Roves Weekly Reader. Nice endorsement, sell-out.

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