senate debate Republican challenger Connie Mack IV and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson met Wednesday night at Nova Southeastern University in Davie for their only debate.

Duration : 1:24:56


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  1. afterapplepicking says:

    And the results …
    And the results weren’t even close. Mack got crushed.

    Sorry ’boutchya, Republicans.

  2. Bret Hines says:

    All Medicare …
    All Medicare advantage does is put more money into the hand of insurance companies. The insurance companies then limit provider access, picking winners and losers. To the insurance company the little guy is always the loser. END MEDICARE ADVANTAGE.

  3. MrNorf4 says:

    After watching the …
    After watching the entire debate, I was not only impressed with Congressman Mack’s answers and rebuttals, but noticed just how defensive Nelson is on everything from the lack of votes he casted in his latest term, to how much he supports Obama on everything from Obamacare to cuts in Medicare and the Military. And to think he is 70 years old! After he voted for Medicare cuts, its obvious he cares about seniors as much as Obama cares about his brother George in Kenya!

  4. MrNorf4 says:

    OMG! Nelson …
    OMG! Nelson actually lied about passing a budget and thinks we are stupid enough to believe it! What an absolutely despicable little man!

  5. gbtrat says:

    I am flabbergasted …
    I am flabbergasted that the moderator asked Sen. Nelson why $2.5 trillion isn’t enough money? I can’t believe it! I am happy because it gets right to the heart of what Republicans need to argue, that we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. But I am stunned he asked the question!

  6. 311heyhey says:

    One look at Connie …
    One look at Connie Mack and you can tell he is dangerous. But not as dangerous as Bill Nelson. Connie Mack 2012!!

  7. jojlg32 says:

    Nelson must go, …
    Nelson must go, when i wrote him about Health Care bill he told me that i could not understand written legislation because that is what he is hired to do. He is a LIAR and very Deceitful just like the rest of the Liberal ProgressiveMarxist Dems are. He is destroying our country for his personal gain, he sold his soul out decades ago. Dangerous man.

  8. elgrandecaudillo says:

    it’s McGillicuddy, …
    it’s McGillicuddy, not Mack

  9. msvicki50 says:

    Nelson is an …
    Nelson is an elitist fool

  10. Romney2012FL says:

    Democrats say the …
    Democrats say the republican always lie, when they do it the majority of the time. Nelson is old as his liberal ideas.  He twists the truth and isn’t very honest with us. Everyone knows there hasn’t been a budget submitted for a vote. That would show the world what the extreme elements of the democratic party want to do to the USA. Stop socialism, stop Nelson.

  11. ultimatedarktriforce says:

    BILL NELSON 2012
    BILL NELSON 2012

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