senate debate In the campaign for U.S. Senate, incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and state Sen. Joe Kyrillos will participate in the debate on Oct. 4, at Montclair State University and broadcast on NJTV.

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  1. tokm908 says:

    Menendez is …
    Menendez is anything but ‘middle class’. He gets paid $172k/year to release statements to the press about how evil the wealthy are. He also wants amnesty and pretty much govt controlled everything. Statists like Menendez are the reason we have a GIANT federal govt & the debt to prove it.

  2. realityhammer says:

    You tell ‘im, Bob!
    You tell ‘im, Bob!

  3. modmikeie says:

    Very informative …
    Very informative and well done; Thank you.

  4. Sila661 says:

    Excelente debate, …
    Excelente debate, muy centrado, con un buen moderador, buenos panelitas, con una audiencia respetuosa, y evidentemente se agradece los debates así. Mi opinión es a favor del Señor Menéndez, es una persona que ha surgido de una familia trabajadora inmigrante, conoce muy de cerca los problemas de las minorías, los problemas de la clase media, es una persona preparadísima y no es más de lo mismo todo lo contrario, en estos tiempos se necesitan gente preparada , y con soluciones.

  5. saveyoursound says:

    The debt to prove …
    The debt to prove it. Well said.

  6. Sila661 says:

    This Wednesday, …
    This Wednesday, October 10, Senator Menendez will articulate his vision of fighting back for New Jersey’s middle class in another debate. Tune your radio to New Jersey 101.5 FM or your television to Verizon FiOS 1 at 7:00 p.m.

  7. Sila661 says:

    El señor Menéndez …
    El señor Menéndez ha demostrado con hechos una trayectoria impecable y algo que es para mi de gran importancia es su roll a favor de la mujer trabajadoras, a favor de la mujer latina, americana, a favor de las mujeres que sufren violencia, algo que es tan díficil encontrar en esta era, a favor de la igualdad asalarial, ha sido enérgico y hay una coherencia en su discurso.

  8. saveyoursound says:

    If politics were …
    If politics were meant to solve any of our real problems we wouldnt be having these so-called “debates.” Lets hear and see these the candidates try and work together for a change instead of wasting all this campaign money and time trying to “defeat” each other. Its silly really. The whole system (duopoly) needs to be examined.

  9. saveyoursound says:

    All promises made …
    All promises made during the debates should be legally binding in order for any of this to be taken seriously. What do WE THE PEOPLE expect when we keep on hiring these people without any guarantee of a job well done. No intelligent business person would hire and agree to pay a company or a person who does not agree to contractually bind themselves to their claims.

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