senate debate Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons traded shots and personal attacks in a lively 90-minute nationally televised debate in Newark, Del. The two candidates are vying for Joe Biden’s seat in the U.S. Senate. (Oct. 13)

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25 Responses to “O’Donnell, Coons Have Lively Senate Debate”

  1. HIM666dark6light says:

    Why did you cut …
    Why did you cut the part where she made them all a sandwich?

  2. jordanjcm says:

    Shitty, I thought …
    Shitty, I thought this was going to be some white going at it with a coon.

  3. slim5782 says:

    she din’t had a …
    she din’t had a chance

  4. akwinata1 says:

    You man are proud …
    You man are proud to be man but why? You will answer – because of reason and free will. Yes you are right, BUT God gave you reason and free will in order to make it possible to you to believe God. If you don’t believe God, and God is Truth, Jesus is Truth, you reject to use your reason and free will in the most sublime way possible for you. You reject to use your reason and free will in the way which was the main reason you received them from God.You reject to use them for what you received them

  5. phamcd says:

    she won’t let me …
    she won’t let me masturbate!

  6. 203207ab says:

    She is incredibly …
    She is incredibly intelligent and a tough single women who is honest with integrity. I only wish I could live in Delaware to vote for this remarkable young woman. She is my new HERO in life. Please vote for her if you live there.

  7. FOAMER103061 says:

    christine odonnell …
    christine odonnell believes that evolution is a myth – that is all i need to say

  8. tncdel says:

    @kaysandesses, …
    @kaysandesses, what’s the matter, didn’t like the reports by NumersUSA [a non-partisan group]? Go ahead and ignore what counters your false assumptions. That’s why PC kool-aid drinkers like you are so clueless and out-of-touch. Continue on your selective “fact” gathering mission, and be sure to overlook anything that disproves your agenda.

  9. kaysandesses says:

    Typical, that a …
    Typical, that a mindless, basement-dwelling conservabot brings nothing but childish insults to the conversation. boo-fucking-hoo that you can’t deal with the fact that you’re wrong.

  10. tncdel says:

    @kaysandesses, go …
    @kaysandesses, go to the NumbersUSA website. There you can find out the latest reports on the traitor in the White House and other traitors like yourself advocating for foreign nationals here illegally.

  11. tncdel says:

    @kaysandesses, you …
    @kaysandesses, you need to lay off the Lib kool-aid. It’s having a devastating effect on your brain cells. Typical clueless out-of-touch Lib, completely ignores the fact that the traitor in the White House two months ago completely STOPPED deportations by issuing an executive order directing Homeland Security and I.C.E. to stop deportations, and to even release many criminal illegals back onto our streets.

    Why don’t you tell Dorothy to ask the Wizard to give you a brain?

  12. kaysandesses says:

    The real fact here …
    The real fact here you is that the Obama administration has increased deportations by 70% over the Bush Admin.

    So shut your pie-hole, adults are conversing here.

  13. kaysandesses says:

    Notice what you …
    Notice what you blathering moron? The only post you directed towards me was your childish whining, not unlike this one. Now, you can provide a source for your claim that Obama stopped deportations to Mexico.

  14. tncdel says:

    @kaysandesses, no, …
    @kaysandesses, no, YOU are “typical.” A typical kool-aid drinking Lib, so CLUELESS you’re unable to pereceive that you were just slam-dunked with facts. So your likewise typical “Lib self-denial mode” kicked in. Here, let me copy & paste exactly what fact:

    “Obama did a 180 degree turn, by issuing two executive orders, directing Homeland Security and I.C.E. to HALT deportations, and also ordered the release of many illegals.”

    Maybe your reading comprehension was too poor to notice that.

  15. kaysandesses says:

    Typical, you lack …
    Typical, you lack to ability to debate the facts I posted so you instead take the 6th grader route.

  16. tncdel says:

    P.S. If you are …
    P.S. If you are able to snap out of that Lib kool-aid stupor, you’ll wake up to the fact that a couple months ago Obama did a 180 degree turn, by issuing two executive orders, directing Homeland Security and I.C.E. to HALT deportations, and also ordered the release of many illegal; alien criminals on our streets again. What you stated was BEFORE Obama issued those two exec orders. Guess that took the wind out of your sails trying to defend Barrack Hussein. So what now? You should GIVE UP on him.

  17. tncdel says:

    Earth to …
    Earth to kaysandesses, come in please!

    You need to lay off the Lib kool-aid. It’s got you hallucinating that Harry Reid [who a few weeks ago tried slipping amnesty past the voters by piggy-backing it behind a Defense bill, and thereby also sabotaging DADT discussion] is a Republican. Or maybe you were addressing yourself, since you are definitely a “Stupid Fuck” … in which case I apologize for butting into your conversation with yourself. :)~

  18. dushenko says:

    I will say this …
    I will say this about the Delaware witch, she’s just a tad bit smarter than Sarah Palin, but not a whole lot…I would say they’re almost neck and neck. Sarah, however has become an expert at exploiting her mindless base for money and lots of it. Maybe O’Donnell will follow in her footsteps. These 2 ladies are really an embarrassment/insult to this nation’s intelligence.

  19. kaysandesses says:

    “and all TRAITORS …
    “and all TRAITORS in Congress trying to give amnesty, “free” healthcare, etc. to FOREIGN NATIONALS HERE ILLEGALLY”

    Dear Stupid Fuck: amnesty for illegal aliens is a Republican concept, so stop yammering on about Obama, who has done more to strengthen our border with Mexico in 18 months than Bush did in 8 years.

  20. Scrobbio says:

    The art of editing …
    The art of editing and commentary. Listening to this report would make you think that O’Donnell lost this debate. Good job slave masters! Keep the slaves right where you want them.
    In the morning!
    No Agenda Show

  21. opal1920able says:

    Oh no, shes going …
    Oh no, shes going to win senate, then president in 2012, and then it will be the end of the world like the aztecs predicted. lol

  22. schlummieleinchen says:

    If “illegals” were …
    If “illegals” were guaranteed to vote Republican, we wouldn’t have this discussion. National amnesty for “illegals” would be law tomorrow!

    Republicans are hypocritical, self-righteous, unfair and in support of injustice. Their hate for minorities has always been there. Blacks, gays, non-Christians, all equally feel the pain and suffering dished out by right wingers.

    What part of the word equality offends these (white, right wing, evangelical) “Christians” so much?

  23. elitemathlete says:

    She seems less …
    She seems less retarded than Sarah Palin…

    Guess that’s why Palin is more popular with the republican base.

  24. PeacemakerShaun1011 says:

    Dational debt :)
    Dational debt :)

  25. rbheiss says:

    I’d like to know …
    I’d like to know why the announcer called Coons a Democratic candidate and O’Donnell a “Tea Party Backed Candidate” rather than being professional and speaking of her as the Republican candidate? The tea party is a great movement and I support it 100% but I doubt even the late liberal Walter Cronkite would have been as unprofessional as to word a single news story in this manner. At least he had integrity despite his personal beliefs.

    And that’s the way it is. these days

    Rolland B. Heiss

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