senate debate Americans can’t take weekends off from worrying about health care and the Senate shouldn’t either, Majority Leader Harry Reid said he opened a rare Saturday session to debate President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. (Dec. 5)

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25 Responses to “Rare Saturday Session for Senate Health Care Debate”

  1. RichieEastside says:

    The British …
    The British parliament is so much more fun to watch.

  2. jahoolskate009 says:



  3. shotgunspinach says:

    @OutlawzAKA You …
    @OutlawzAKA You have so many typos in here, what a disgrace. You sound like an absolute moron. 

  4. buddo1999 says:

    Lets see!? Some …
    Lets see!? Some kid working at Mc Donald’s taking care of his sick Grandfather fails to pay an insurance premium and ends up in jail? Duuuuhhh, sounds more like, chains for America to me….

  5. hadenufnow says:

    Wait till …

    Wait till you see all the no saying people that tell em to just go screw when the fools try to collect from them..
    I’ll be watchin those schoolteachers & cops getting whacked by the Irs for lapsing in Hi-Def no doubt…
    I pity the fools…

  6. sommeflame34 says:

    Keep going! I …
    Keep going! I would like to see every no saying republican senator to vote against heath care? I cant wait for the next Election.

  7. stonecastle7 says:

    hadenufnow–I …
    hadenufnow–I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t expect others to pay my way in life, and I’m not paying theirs. 2010 is going to be a very good year for the American people, my friend. These Democrats days are numbered.

  8. stonecastle7 says:

    The good news, is …
    The good news, is that under these current bills, you will either have to buy insurance, or go to jail. Isn’t that wonderful! Hope and change! :)

  9. stonecastle7 says:

    The AP doesn’t …
    The AP doesn’t matter anymore, and neither does MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN, or The New York Times. Everyone knows they lean to the extreme left, which is why Fox is destroying them all.

  10. stonecastle7 says:

    It would have been …
    It would have been really nice if the House and Senate hadn’t done all this behind closed doors–like Obama promised wouldn’t happen during the campaign. Remember that? remember how he said the drafting of these bills would be broadcasted live on C-Span? Remember how he said the American people would be included every step of the way? No wonder his approval numbers are dropping like a stone. My friends who voted for him, can’t even stand to look at him now.

  11. stonecastle7 says:

    So now we know. …
    So now we know. Change=more takes, more welfare, more deficits, and more corruption. thanks a lot Mr. president.

  12. hadenufnow says:

    I did my own survey …
    I did my own survey on Health Insurance..One you can do with your friends & neighbors..
    Ask them what they paid for health care for themselves & families in past ten years-rounded figures by thousands..
    You will typically find that many had some catastrophic event that cost the “”SYSTEM” the TAXPAYER up to or well over $100,000 at least one or more times/event..Compare the IN-GO dollars to OUT-GO & you will see a ratio of usually over 1 :to 100 or 1: to 200 that indicates unsustainability.

  13. hadenufnow says:

    Hey hobo, I …
    Hey hobo, I understand your situation..
    But I disagree with your take on it…The real reason you Have Employment “which I assume is more important than health care’ presently for you, is because YOU DON’T have health care provided by your employer..
    If you now force a small businessman to take on that albatross, since money does not grow on trees, your employer will become your EX-employer..
    People that NEED Insurance TO PAY for their med problems, look for insurance like wolves to raodkill.

  14. hadenufnow says:

    Yeah, but how often …
    Yeah, but how often is the AP wrong? They seem to be some type of standard & I use em as part of but not exclusively for my info gathering..
    One thing you do know is the 3000 page HC BIll is a bill that takes every aspect of your life & taxes & regulates it–at your request….
    There are those that like that idea cuz their lives are that bad,,they look to this as help..
    They’re not going to see this coming.
    The protesters have their own plans that don’t include pelosi, reid or the blamadon.

  15. MeyerG4Indiana says:

    I love how AP …
    I love how AP stories in newspapers frequently have no author listed. They just say AP….like that gives it infinite credibility.
    For all we know it’s written by Michael Moore.
    It would at least be nice to know if the fawning journalist has a history of being politically lopsided as we are reading it.
    Not that we get our news from the AP anymore anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. Nevermind.

  16. MeyerG4Indiana says:

    @hadenufnow Man, …
    @hadenufnow Man, you are So Correct! and thanks for speaking up. No average person believes that the fine print of 2300pgs is ever going to be good for American freedoms. If it is so simple, make it 14pgs. How about …. no bill should be longer than the Constitution.

  17. hadenufnow says:

    Forced users are …
    Forced users are all planning to ramp up doctor visits to glut the doctor offices thoughout the US so Nobody gets any health care…
    It’s one of Many Plans the Boycotters of HC plan have up their sleeves…

  18. hobodanforever says:

    i’m a college …
    i’m a college student all my money goes to that and rent, i work 39hrs a week but my job wont give me the extra hour so they wont have to pay for my insurance

  19. Mikevdog says:

    Can you pay for it?
    Can you pay for it?

  20. Mikevdog says:

    Something done? The …
    Something done? The problem is what they are getting done, not that they are trying to get something done.

  21. hadenufnow says:

    Hey Posense: Where …
    Hey Posense: Where is the option in public option?
    The 2300 pg document READS MANDATE or GO TO JAIL!
    There is no option…
    How bout this option::: How about paying my $500,000 medical bill “”OR”" my neighbors $500,000 bill…How stupid…
    What is wrong is not addressed in the 2300 pagews of Crap!
    Like Tort Reform & Immigration deportation & denial of Hi Value services….Wake up..I will not pay for you no matter what!!
    Get used to it…
    Forced users will delib ramp up doctor visits..

  22. PoliticalSenseMaker says:

    Health Care. This …
    Health Care. This is not a complicated issue. Clearly, first of all, our current system is not working. Second, the proposal from the Obama Administration creates a separate goverment system, to force competitive prices and lower the cost of health care. No, this is not socialism. Health care is the most profitable industry, and forcing them to lower prices will not cause bankruptcy. This program will not take over health care, and it is COMPLETELY optional. I see no reason to be apposed.

  23. Twili6 says:

    Beacause taxes will …
    Beacause taxes will fly up.
    And call me cruel, but why should we have to pay for other people? I mean some people may genuinely need welfare or free healthcare. But you can’t say people aren’t abusing it.

  24. hadenufnow says:

    With Auto Ins, high …
    With Auto Ins, high risk policy holders can be “removed” and have licenses “revoked” ensure your insurance “pool” is devoid of the Tens of Thousands of Dollars your premiums would suffer if it were allowed to keep such un-insurables in the system…
    This “IS” the grandest lie ever perpetrated on the public by a president-community organizer…”"that there is similarity between health care ins & auto ins…That’s a pack of lies….

  25. phoenixtimes2 says:

    They are against it …
    They are against it because they are in the pockets of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. This plan may take a few nickels out of their billion dollar profits. It might mean selling a medication that costs 25 cents to make for $8.00 instead of $10.00. It might mean that they really have to give a about the people they claim to serve. It might mean they can’t kick people out of their insurance plans because they have the nerve to get sick. It might mean decency has a chance.

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