Debate is a bad thing?

Yes, I don’t know why Repubs are holding this back!
Let’s get it over with, and onto more meaningful things!


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  1. Obama, Pelosi & Reid Oh My! says:

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  2. Mrs. G says:

    Yes, I don’t know why Repubs are holding this back!
    Let’s get it over with, and onto more meaningful things!
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  3. Linda K Texan for Life says:

    NO! Not until The People have read it! This is our lives not theirs.

    We should be the ones voting not Government!
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  4. Tenny5 says:

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  5. Well Now What says:

    And the topic should be
    Should we allow the medical sector place a Lean on a Home that is more than the homes value
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  6. confusion over says:

    Put it on the next ballot!! Then we will see where the people stand!!
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  7. aqualityone says:

    If the vote is passed-then it takes 10 less votes th make it law=So no It should not pass-kill it now.
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  8. Just Plain American says:

    Look, those of us that really see whats going on, knows this bill will pass. It has the stink of CEO all over it.

    This is the typical bill going through congress. Oh, yes, they will make it seem like a big fight. They have already picked sick or retiring republicans to vote for it to get it passed. They only need a couple.

    They will give you all kinds of moral and ethical arguments to support it. It will be the Miracle everyone is waiting for!

    This bill is nothing more than a bailout to the health industry in the purpose of getting working people to pay for the baby boomers health care. Anyone with any sense can see what is going on here. Not only that, but it will substantially increase the money going to their pockets. The reason that medicare cost will be cut is because of the millions of old people that will go to the public option cause they will qualify for it and thus be ineligible for medicare. The increased premiums payed by the middle class worker will more than make up for their cost.

    Remember, the bill states that the health commissioner can adjust premiums based on age and location.

    All the rich will get payed and continue to make their billions each year no matter how much it effects us. After all, what are you going to do about it? They won’t be required to take 10% of their pay out, because they can afford to pay for health care and the fine out of their pocket and still be cheaper than the 10% of the millions they make a year.
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  9. Chris says:

    Yes, but some criteria need to be met beforehand. 1: The bill needs to be read by all politicians (if they can stop reading Playboy for a couple of night, they could find time to do this). 2: America needs to have plenty of jobs for Americans that way we can actually afford this bill. 3: We need to find a better solution, one that involves less government. We have seen time and again that the government can’t even wipe it’s own a$$ without messing it up. What makes us think it can handle a program of this magnitude and this importance to Americans, especially since the government can opt out of the program?
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  10. Jersey Guy says:

    The only thing that they should open regarding the Health Care bill IS: "THE TRASH CAN"


    Open Lid
    Insert Health Care Bill
    close lid
    Send to land fill
    Burn Baby Burn!

    Edit —Gaspode—- The name is enough to read! It says "Socialist/Communism"!

    I guess you can’t be fixed!

    I want Neither in the USA

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  11. Gaspode says:

    What for? The Republicans have been ranting against it for more than a year without knowing what it would be, what makes you think that they will come up with anything besides media-tailored brainless sound-bytes now?

    You can’t fix dumb!
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  12. Mike says:

    whats the point, nobody wants it except bama barrack hussein and nancy peolsi and the hardcore socalist, communist and liberals of our country.
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  13. Poohcat1 says:

    No. They should go back to Conference and this time include some ranking Republicans in the discussion. If the debate is opened, it is highly likely that they will pass it no matter how passionate the debate. They can if they wish lose nine Democrats/Independents and still make their 51 if they choose to do it that way. The only way to prevent this particular bill from passing as is…is to prevent it from coming to the floor at all.
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  14. cadcommando2003 says:

    No. Statistics show that 90% of the time a vote for cloture ends up being a vote for the bill. We have not seen it?!?!?!?!? What happened to the procedural agreement that was passed in Congress that gaurunteed we lowly citizens 72 hours to review a bill before it was voted on? What is the God-awful hurry? We are talking about bills that take over 4 REAMS of paper to print once. Should’nt they slow down and give the Pelosi and Reid bills a thourough, rigorous debate? Should they not ammend the bills and seek to improve them as much as possible? Should not someone up there in the halls of Congress make the liberals aware that over 50% of this country DOES NOT WANT Obamacare, Pelosicare, or Reidcare and that there will be DIRE consequences for anyone that votes for it?
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  15. Scuttle says:

    HAHAAAHAHAHA – this isn’t about debate my friend.
    This is about the government and a political party controlling every aspect of your life my friend.
    And the president is such a dangerous radical anti-constitutionalist that he would sign it.
    He hates the constitution, he hates america.
    And this bill will give them the leverage to finish overthrowing what’s left of our economy and freedom.
    Yes, debate is a very bad thing – this should never have made it this far.
    It sends you to PRISON for not having healthcare and gives the government access to your bank account. Um, anyone else have problems with that?
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