senate debate Republican candidates for U.S. Senate Debate at the Waukesha Expo Center. Candidates include Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, hedge fund manager Eric Hovde, former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann and physical therapist Kip Smith.

Duration : 1:52:12

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3 Responses to “Wisconsin Reporter/Waukesha County Republican Party U.S. Senate Debate”

  1. KJamesB says:

    Dear Mark – the …
    Dear Mark – the Republicans are the cause, not the cure. What has changed in the GOP since 2008? Since 2000? Since 1980? Always wrong – and I’m tired of paying off YOUR GOP Debts! You’re allowing banks too big to fail, allowing propaganda and indoctrination of our country’s less educated and blind faith to be mislead on a massive scale via Hate AM Talk Radio and Faux Newz, to allowing 2 unfounded wars (Bush Doctrine) based on oil interests not WMDs or the “war on terror” etc. What changed?

  2. drtishles says:

    MARK NEUMANN 2012! …
    MARK NEUMANN 2012! The true conservative!

  3. Blendeavor says:

    Go Neumann!
    Go Neumann!

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