the constitution In this national webcast, ACT! for America documents the growing worldwide clamor for suppression of speech perceived as “offensive” to Islam, and what ACT! for America is doing to combat this increasingly serious threat to the First Amendment.

(The audio problem only lasts a minute and a half.)

Air Date: March 11, 2013 7:30pm EDT

Duration : 0:28:22


15 Responses to “Americans United to Defend Free Speech part1”

  1. Luis Sousa says:

    lets stand together …
    lets stand together from canada muhammed is child molester got married with 6 years old girl it is writen quran

  2. Mike Ryan says:

    Speech codes? Well …
    Speech codes? Well, 1984 springs to mind, yet again. New Speak is with us, and it crept in quietly but has seized us in a vise-like grip.

    Muslims, though, can say anything they well please. And they are allowed to rape children.

  3. Mike Ryan says:

    Certainly, in …
    Certainly, in Holland, it would be hate speech. Anything in Holland that does not suck up to Islam is hate speech.

  4. mpw48507 says:

    Crusaders are …
    Crusaders are rising up against Islam

  5. Red444October says:

    Thank you, Act For …
    Thank you, Act For America. From Vancouver BC Canada. PS: Author, Mark Steyn, was also charged by the Canadian Human Rights Commision.

  6. jolow2 says:

    Go Brigitte !
    Go Brigitte !

  7. InternetDisciple says:

    Under these so- …
    Under these so-called ‘hate speech laws’, would it be considered hate speech to point out the fact that Mohammed was a pedophile?

  8. dewerbylhserf says:

    There is only one …
    There is only one King and his Name is YESHUA

  9. dewerbylhserf says:

    @act4america …
    @act4america Thanks so much, We love you. from the U.S.A

  10. MessengerEmmet says:

    Ibn Warraq’s …
    Ibn Warraq’s articulate, brilliant, challenging, and historical book, Why I Am Not A Muslim, will enable one to learn the depths of the true spirit of Islam and Sharia Law.

  11. Haji al Kidya says:

    Islam isn’t even a …
    Islam isn’t even a religion per se. It is a political ideology that is hiding behind the mask of religion. It’s goal is world conquest.

  12. Haji al Kidya says:

    The majority of the …
    The majority of the United Nations voting block is from the 57 OIC countries.

  13. Haji al Kidya says:

    Mohammed and Allah …
    Mohammed and Allah were unleashed from itself as a curse upon humanity. It’s such a sad fact that Leftists go along with it. They do not realize that Leftists will be the first to go. Homosexuals, perverts, cross dressers, and feminists, communists, will all be put to death.

  14. Marianne Dagher says:

    How about speech …
    How about speech against America, can we condemn that? Insults against Jesus ever.? How about genocide against Christians around the world? Not so very nice, blast Mohammed.

  15. StephCI5 says:

    (video, 3 Min) “… …
    (video, 3 Min) “… There is no ‘moderate’ Islam. There is no ‘radical’ Islam.
    There is just Islam and the Quran”

    schnellmann. org/islamic-concepts-misunderstood-by-westerners.html

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