5 Responses to “Attack on gun rights useing wildfires as the reason to take them!!6/27/2012”

  1. ungracefulJules says:

    1oftheonez , is …
    1oftheonez , is the best!!

  2. THEredrumrob says:

    cont..).. ownership …
    cont..).. ownership laws while the crime rate in the town next to them skyrocketed. After all, why would a thief, given a choice between identical homes & value of contents but with an almost certain lack of a gun in one or the gaurantee of finding an armed occupant in the other pick the one that was sure to be armed? They’ll keep trying, just like the idiots did with Fast & Furious.

  3. THEredrumrob says:

    cont) One town had …
    cont) One town had a complete ban on ALL Firearms & the town next to them enacted laws that made it MANDITORY for EVERY household to have Firearms, proper shooting & cleaning class. The fearmongers started shouting from the rooftops that the town with MANDITORY gun ownership was going to turn the town into a scene frm Townbstone & the OK Coral. What ACTUALLY happened was just what anyone with 2 functioning brain cells would have predicted. Cime PLUMMETED in the town with the manditory ..cont..)

  4. THEredrumrob says:

    The idiots …
    The idiots Criminals in power will do anything & everything in their power to get what they want & one of the main things is a scared & gun free populace. What these idiots don’t acknowlege, at least not out in the open, is that these BS, UNCONSTITIONAL “laws” they speak of ‘needing to put in place to protect people’ will ONLY effect the law ABIDING gun owners. Have you looked into the Experiment that was tried a few years back with two towns in the South? cont.)

  5. PeaceOverPride says:

    this is 2 crazy …
    this is 2 crazy brother, I’m a new subscriber… love the channel! If your interested in some other cool stuff check out 1oftheonez… I found you through theknowledgevaults channel… I hope she is ok, have you any word from her?

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