the constitution The internet is a powerful tool for communication, but it can sometimes be a double-edged sword. As most of us have seen or experienced, the internet can bring out the worst behavior in people, highlighting some of the cruelest and most hurtful aspects of humanity. Issues such as bullying online and trolling have garnered a lot of attention recently, prompting questions about who does, and should, regulate the internet, and what free speech means online.

Alice Marwick, Professor at Fordham University
Whitney Phillips, Lecturer at New York University
Andy Sellars, Berkman Center For Internet & Society, Harvard University

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25 Responses to “Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling & Free Speech | Off Book | PBS”

  1. christinabrown2323 says:

    I like trolls as …
    I like trolls as long as they leave it to social commentary and not personal attacks. I love when like “Bald for Beiber” happens.

  2. UnableToGiveADam says:

    i you took …
    i you took everything anyone said on the internet seriously. everything would be gay and retarded.

  3. TheR3dline says:

    I don’t care about …
    I don’t care about any bullying. man up. Oh wait, its more popular just to get in touch with your feminine side these days. At any rate, trolling is getting pretty annoying, we should all just nut up and shut up. problem solved.

  4. jordantiste says:

    Oh no internet is …
    Oh no internet is mean to me :(

  5. jbc5099 says:

    Some people say …
    Some people say some pretty awful things online sometimes leading to terrible events but what ever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt them? A person who would end their own life because of WORDS is misguided but what do you expect in a society where “a person can rise on a word and fall on a syllable?” Both the trolls and the ignorant that feed them can not be faulted only the society that allows a persons worth to be determined by a few lines of text.

  6. L337Z3k3 says:

    I Caught the train …
    I Caught the train to heaven. That almost made me laugh off my rails.

  7. L337Z3k3 says:

    Sounds like Lulz …
    Sounds like Lulz to me.

  8. Team2Fortress says:

    One of the more …
    One of the more idiotic videos I’ve seen.

  9. blayzecom says:

    This is a powerful …
    This is a powerful video.. check out Blayze to see how we can help your messages be heard by more people, and make a bigger difference. Email us at

  10. ChaosFlavor says:

    i agree online …
    i agree online bullying can be a problem. but teach the kids about the block button. the delete button. the remove comment button. its pretty easy to avoid getting trolled online. you dont want negative comments on your video? disable comments, or dont put the up in the first place.

  11. Joshua Hunt says:

    Yes, I am not …
    Yes, I am not religious, so for me all people are on equal ground. UNLESS their beliefs cause violence and/or psychological trauma and damage. A few examples would be: male or female circumcision, burkas with nothing but a slit to see and breath through, stoning a woman to death for being raped, psychological damage to children from superstitious beliefs about damnation and evil spirits and genies, extreme sexism and misogyny, tribalism, nationalism, bigotry, discrimination, fanaticism, etc…

  12. John Greany says:

    See the Internet …
    See the Internet does destroy people’s lives…

  13. EpouvantailMasque says:

    You do realize you …
    You do realize you are playing right into the common Internet Troll’s hands, right? Inciting a deep emotional disturbance is what they live for. This video is adding fuel to the fire.
    They tried to frame the Zangief Kid as a bully, when he was the victim. Check out 1:23
    2:55 See first Paragraph.
    This video isn’t meant for the targets. It is clearly for the parents of the victims of your a fore mentioned trolls that attacked the Facebook and Twitter pages. I am actually offended by this video.

  14. max4ever23 says:


  15. pele17 says:

    We live in a …
    We live in a society heavily influenced by fear and ignorance. The media doesn’t help at all too. Unfortunately most people these days get their education from movies and music videos which help continue ignorant sterotypes

  16. KendellRevive says:

    Also to add that …
    Also to add that most teens care about what people say or think. I’m hope that the parents would sit down and talk about the use of the internet before its get worse down the road.

  17. KendellRevive says:

    First Amendment is …
    First Amendment is being abused way too much. You can voice your opinion but there’s a limit to it. Without being ignorant,bias and threatening one’s life. That’s why the FBI is impacting on popular websites.

  18. ModPrimate says:

    Carefully- …
    Carefully-considered historical frameworks often feel dated when compared to sloppily thrown-together exposés on whatever the latest scandal is.

  19. James Britt says:

    “But then there’s …
    “But then there’s the “trolling” that’s aimed at individual people, or inciting anger/hatred in a certain group of people – THAT, is pathetic and disgusting.”

    And when did this type of blatant abusive behavior start getting mislabeled as “trolling”?

  20. Aymen Shinoda says:

    The innocence of …
    The innocence of muslims video only shows the facts that every time muslims got bullied!! yes i’m a muslim,i want to ask every one in here specially the Christians have u ever saw a muslim talk badly or draw or muck of jesus!! of course not because we consider him one of many prophets that we believe in! so please if u don’t even share the same point with us just leave us in peace so we can leave in harmony together and falls in the scheme that “some” people make it to raise HATE!!

  21. fundumpster says:


  22. ClAmPsYChICkEnDuDe says:

    What a gay …
    What a gay video… Nek minit this comment is on the next video or newspapaer hahahahahaha :,)

  23. MoiLeMaudit says:

    posting a picture …
    posting a picture of a dead girl saying she’s a whore… man that’s SO bad. I don’t understand why a normal person would do that

  24. Bryan Barraza says:

    The innocence of …
    The innocence of muslims video did indeed incite violence, but the video itself was not the problem. The problem is a certain % of muslims believe violence is justified when someone makes a cartoon of their prophet. It’s completely absurd that people see these sorts of acts on the news and say “wow people really need to respect the religions of others”. That’s just like calling a stranger an obscenity and out of retaliation he shoots you. “wow people really need to stop calling others names”

  25. Neofire60 says:

    I could care less …
    I could care less about what people say online.

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