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August 27 2012
Video footage of Houston actions by the Caravan for Peace, including clips of the purchase of an AK-47 by Houston based supporters of the Caravan, the dismantling of the semiautomatic weapon by poet and Caravan leader, Javier Sicilia and testimony by Caravan member, Margarita Lopez, whose 19 year old daughter was disappeared and murdered by men bearing assault weapons. Most of the guns that killed the more than 60,000 victims of the drug war in Mexico were killed with weapons sold by gun dealers like those in Houston, home to one of the highest concentrations of guns dealerships selling guns to Mexico.

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2 Responses to “Caravan for Peace Destroys Guns in Houston Texas”

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Wanna stop Romney. …
    Wanna stop Romney. GoTo YouTube: “The Most Important Issue – US Election 2012″ Simply view, like, subscribe & share :-)

  2. americathinks1 says:

    las armas son para …
    las armas son para protegerse, para eso es la segunda enmienda , seria mejor que cada uno de los mexicanos tuvieramos derecho a eso a portar un arma en defensa de nuestros derechos libertades , porque el rechazo a las armas no asegurara a nadie ni justicia ni proteccion ni paz, el que piense asi debe despertar , o no es asi ?
    Que lastima que Don Alejo no esta con nosotros ahora mismo para que nos dijera que opina de la posesion de armas cuando la mafia lo amenazo

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