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24 Responses to “Dear Gun Rights Advocates: Do Better”

  1. S4M4R1T4N says:

    Why do you need a …
    Why do you need a vehicle that can go faster than 65 miles per hour? Why do you need air conditioning, or heating? Why do you need lemon pepper seasoning salt? The constitution guarantees your right to keep and carry a weapon without any infringement. Because ultimately your life is more valuable than a criminals, and the citizens power is more important than the government’s power.

  2. integralmath says:

    Why do you need the …
    Why do you need the right to speak in public?

  3. IvanAndreevich says:

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand your comment. Could you clarify what you mean?

  4. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    First of all …
    First of all determine what’s better. Then argue for that, it should be sibple, easy and undefeatable. I think four bullets are good. Then you can figure I agree that they should say how they want it before they start “attacking”. It only opens for impotent debates.

  5. Froward4Life says:

    My question is why …
    My question is why do you even need one bullet? Go ahead undercut me. :)

  6. AnEntropyFan says:

    Both are freedom of …
    Both are freedom of speech, only that certain forms of speech are demonstrably likely to cause harm. The 2nd Amendment needn’t be repealed at all – as there are reasonable regulations on speech, there should be on firearms. Not only that there should be – there already ARE – an American civilian can own arms that are not WMDs (when I say WMDs I do not mean nukes and nerve gas, I am referring to weapons built to strike multiple targets in a single deployment- as high caliber shells and bombs).

  7. mikeymike4g63 says:

    Liked AND …
    Liked AND favorited AND shared.

  8. theomegawerty says:

    ..because …
    ..because goverments have never taken the guns away from its citizens spontaneously… hmmm.

  9. oknod7363 says:

    but then they’ll …
    but then they’ll outlaw starting fluid and potatos.

  10. oknod7363 says:

    would that be …
    would that be recruited by community organizers?

  11. oknod7363 says:

    actually, you’re …
    actually, you’re taking an ignorant person with you. he’ll be wearing your shoes. i don’t wave my guns. i’m not right wing. i don’t believe in the magic sky man. i’m a 50 year old man. generalization is dangerous. i’ve met a large number of wonderful people in europe. a few idiots too. it’s kind of like here actually. my complaint with this whole deal is if you want to change it, you must do it properly. what’s been going on here smells rotten to me. are you moving to denmark?

  12. oknod7363 says:

    working on it. the …
    working on it. the original estimate i had seen was 250,000. an estimate because many aren’t reported. i was given the hundred thousand one by a gun grabber type. i didn’t question his source, although he gave it. i don’t remember it. it’s probably back 6 months or so in my comments section. i figured if he’d concede that, it must be close. either way, it makes the murder rate seem small. just saying. gun crime is where the guns usually aren’t with the law abiding.

  13. Simon Primer says:

    I don’t expect …
    I don’t expect them to be called death squads. Just police enforcing “hate speech” crimes. At least at first.

    If you think this is an outlandish scenario, you should consider that people have actually been dragged away by police and jailed for being “racist” in many formerly civilized western countries already.

    In Chicago, gang members are openly recruited for political campaigns. This in a city with a virtual gun ban, and the worst gun violence in the nation.

  14. Blastadonn says:

    Not to dispute you, …
    Not to dispute you, but I would simply request a source on that statistic please.

  15. Blastadonn says:

    Negligible, at best …
    Negligible, at best. 

  16. Blastadonn says:

    I’ve been trying to …
    I’ve been trying to figure out what you’re saying for 20 minutes. Still reads like gibberish. Sorry.

  17. oknod7363 says:

    no. gun bans are …
    no. gun bans are never beneficial. chicago, d.c., nyc. enough said.

  18. oknod7363 says:

    “Doesn’t appear to …
    “Doesn’t appear to be any real deterrent”? over 100 thousand crimes were prevented last year by lawful gun owners. that dwarfs the murder rate, which include suicides and righteous shootings.

  19. morphonthefly says:

    My boy oknod just …
    My boy oknod just got here, ,,, dude, this party is old news.

    Just like me. good bye !

  20. morphonthefly says:

    Goddamn boy, you …
    boy, you certainly have a lot to say don’t ya, yet after reading everyone of your comments, you’ve still said nothing.

    It’s only the ignorant people of America I’m leaving, it seems that where I’m going in Europe just has so many less gun waiving ignorant right wing tards, and virtually no religion.

    They seem to be so much more sophisticated yet genuinely nice and appreciative of little things. They don’t talk about killing each other like Americans do either.
    No religion too, WOW.

  21. oknod7363 says:

    some of the the …
    some of the the ones who had firearms made up the RESISTANCE. while the resistance couldn’t have defeated the reich, they certainly hobbled them at times. resources have to be diverted to deal with such troubles. succumb or resist. only two choices really.

  22. ckb313235 says:

    Do ya need da …
    Do ya need da permission to be a moral person? No? Arm yourself accordingly.

  23. oknod7363 says:

    people die in much …
    people die in much greater numbers when the guns are taken away. over 100 million in the 20th century. well over 100 million. you lose that argument.

  24. ckb313235 says:

    These tyrants …
    These tyrants haven’t to be deposed, just ignored. There are their minions you have to worry about. Stay armed and kick if there is a reason.

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