As a newly found Christian Conservative. I hold this Amendment to be the source of my world. I love my guns and love how to use them to defend, protect and hunt. To have the Socialist Communist Regime known as the Democratic Party to strip me and many gun-enthusists would be a call to war against the Communist. Who here agrees that gun rights should be protected?

Lib answers are not welcomed.

I support that right, because it is the backbone of the Constitution.

countries where citizens are unarmed are ruled by dictators


13 Responses to “Do you support Gun rights and rights to bear Arms?”

  1. Just Saiyan says:

    Do bears have a right to their own arms?
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  2. Dave says:

    Sure do.
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  3. Romeo says:

    I support that right, because it is the backbone of the Constitution.

    countries where citizens are unarmed are ruled by dictators
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  4. John says:

    yes i do
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  5. Ronald McDonald says:

    So, I’m guessing that you expect new gun legislation to arise in congress?
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    Liberal troll.

  6. WUtangkarate says:

    So all these "CHRISTIAN" conservatives decided it wouldn’t be a least bit hypocritical to vote for a Mormon.
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  7. US Sheep says:

    I say this before and I say again

    when people want to buy a gun
    because they believe a new civil war is imminent
    I feel more comfortable to send those people into a mental institution
    it’s called public safety measure..!!!
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  8. Frank says:

    I like the second amendment, especially the first part:
    A well regulated militia

    You are neither well regulated nor a militia

    Take your phallic fantasies elsewhere
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  9. avgjoe says:

    I do and I for one am glad that the majority of people who want gun control do not live where I do as I live in the mountain west part of the country. As we believe in our right to own guns along with the knowledge of how to use them.

    We are taught here at a young age what a gun can do and the dangers of there use if not used correctly. This being said we have little to no crime as the majority of people own guns.

    We also have what is known as the constitutional carry law which means if you are a citizen of the state and have had some kind of gun awareness/safety course you can carry a concealed gun without a permit.

    One thing that has always baffled me is that I have never told the people who choose to live in the cities how to live why should they try and tell me how to live mine.
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  10. Wanda Bagram says:

    An attack on one part of the Bill of Rights is an attack on the entire Bill of Rights.
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  11. Patrick4024 says:

    Gun rights are fine, but convicted felons and the mentally ill have no business owning them.
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  12. Iaim A. Lyer says:

    Of course! love that avatar!
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    The US Constitution, Baby!

  13. Steve says:

    I do, and if necessary will defend that right with those arms
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    USN (ret)

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