drones, gun rights and violent revolution

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the constitution http://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/07/29/dhs-prepares-for-civil-unrest-as-obama-poised-to-destroy-2nd-amendment/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

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  1. smartpeeple says:

    Greetings — could …
    Greetings — could you give details on the east coast evacuating….it it happening now? I’m in and out of the major cities weekly and haven’t noticed anything that would hint evacuation…Thanks and Peace

  2. westhmpsn says:

    I beg you to tell …
    I beg you to tell me of this East Coast stuff- I need details westhmpsn1@yahoo.com
    Please be a patriot and tell me what you know and what you’ve heard from those that you believe- I certainly am not an enemy to any Patriot or peaceful American- The Constitution will be it for me, and always has been- ASAP Please


    link me
    link me

  4. westhmpsn says:

    ‘CHEERS’ You always …
    ‘CHEERS’ You always seem to tell it like it is within my mind’s eye-
    A Kremlin /Russian Presidential office Memo stated that 380 dead in Michigan on June 6TH
    Make a note in a separate pad and I will send you more- westhmpsn1@yahoo.com and this is one of my emails- Yes I have a copy of the report article and the reporter seems to be unavailable since he allegedly began his investigation after receiving witness reports- It is stated within debunking videos by the debunkers admissions to many/

  5. butterfly674403 says:

    She needs to back …
    She needs to back to elementry school .she should know where all the places are. If people was smart they would demand ron paul or some others in the race to vote on. This is what our children and grand kids are left with. SAD SAD SAD!

  6. roblwsn420 says:

    foresure! check …
    foresure! check out my choking from a cop at my channel before it gets removed. word getting out in my area that i posted on the web. I might get arrested.


    one nation under …
    one nation under surveillance – with liberty’s and justices gone! Check out my channel!


    maybe we should …
    maybe we should take away airplane rights ;)


    if you take away …
    if you take away gun rights, only criminals and police/military will have them… I will protect myself thank you….

  10. UnitedCorpOfAmerica says:

    One nation under …
    One nation under drones for liberty and “just us” for all.

  11. pammyla66 says:

    i dont have a ak-47 …
    i dont have a ak-47 either but anyone that wants one should have the right to have one

  12. pammyla66 says:

    i got news for them …
    i got news for them crimnals didnt get their guns legally and they sure as wont turn them in and the black market will make a killing with gun sales

  13. Kevin Allan says:

    lied to!
    lied to!

  14. roblwsn420 says:

    im gonna share to …
    im gonna share to FB

  15. Kevin Allan says:

    i say hack the …
    i say hack the drones and use them to really protect us!…if only i could hack…someone can! but they will remain #Anonymous

  16. pammyla66 says:

    the only ones we …
    the only ones we are in danger of is our own goverment so if thats the case then the drones need to spy on them they are the ones we need protection from

  17. roblwsn420 says:

    fuck the U.N, I …
    the U.N, I thought we were one nation under god, by the people for the people?!

  18. Kevin Allan says:

    i will try friend!
    i will try friend!

  19. Kevin Allan says:

    i agree to that …
    i agree to that friend, they recently trained of the east coast last year west coast also. we are in for the double whammy!

  20. Kevin Allan says:

    i agree to that …
    i agree to that friend, they recently trained of the east coast last year west coast also. we are in for the double whammy!

  21. Moose1488 says:

    Keep up the good …
    Keep up the good work Kev in

  22. ARTILECT4U says:

    KEVIN….the east …
    KEVIN….the east coast is being evacuated by the military…relocating in Colorado…so I would look at both coasts….event could be happening on both coasts at the same time!!!
    shalom my friend….blessings to the boys too.

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