the constitution French and US legislation is colliding over a case of online hate-speech. Twitter, an American company, has been ordered by a French Court to reveal personal data of users posting anti-Semitic messages. RT’s Maria Finoshina examines the case to see if the concept of free speech should have different boundaries in different countries.


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21 Responses to “Free Snitch: France demands Twitter reveal IDs over hate speech”

  1. AllSeingEye Jesuit says:

    watch?v=umdyu6hiEwE …

  2. 37rod37 says:

    To them we’re not …
    To them we’re not even human, they screwed up the economy, they own the US you can’t say a word…they’re well organized….maybe somebody else will come along some day and….

  3. 37rod37 says:

    OMG.YOU’RE ALL ANTI-SEMITIC AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NAZI NAZI NAZI!!!! and WTF else they always come up with when you tell them the truth…God in the good old days when you could just kick them out of your country…oh well…

  4. CyberNeonChrist says:

    Frenchies and their …
    Frenchies and their anal pain.

  5. Permafry42 says:

    Racism for its own …
    Racism for its own sake when he was fighting the majority of the world is a pretty huge mistake…

  6. harveybirdmannequin says:

    Why does the …
    Why does the alternative media love Jews so much? Why won’t the Jews let the goyim talk bad about them?
    What good is cattle to the farmer who won’t produce? A cattle that disobeys the farmer is of no use.
    Do the Jews care about the goyim? Yes! In the same way that the farmer cares about his cattle. A sick cattle cannot produce. A sick cattle cannot labour. A disabled cattle is of no use to the farmer.
    The cattle accepts the farmer’s bargain the same way the goyim accept Jewish controlled money.

  7. SurvivorVeteran1 says:

    best unibrow EVER …
    best unibrow EVER at 2:25

  8. rolandolujan says:

    The reason why you …
    The reason why you guys don’t “Rights” seriously in Europe, is because Europe is a continent. The don’t have rights, they have shit. That’s why almost all the eurpean countries are in debt, and can’t get out of it, because they don’t understand the basics of human rights.

  9. uwmbigb says:

    yes they can …
    yes they can because harmony is subjective and not legally defined.

    And if they cant whistleblowers could be silenced which history has shown us is no bueno…

  10. CyberTribalism says:

    A group that …
    A group that associate to each other based on their common ethnicity, accuses other people of racism.. it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

  11. ASMinfise says:

    free speech should …
    free speech should be respected as the american constitution mandates, is better!

  12. TheFallenWon says:

    So do Jewish …
    So do Jewish mothers not tell their kids the old sticks and stones story? Last time I checked names couldn’t hurt me?

  13. LSDNY says:

    These people need …
    These people need to grow up. No one has the right to not be offended. And no government can grant you that right. And by the way Democracy has nothing to do with freedom.

  14. raf747 says:

    Not long ago the …
    Not long ago the French were claiming “Free speech” when they were laughing about Prophet Mohamed.

    Now they talk about hatred and anti-Semitism?

    Double standard?

  15. happilea says:

    Add every last …
    Add every last western democracy to that list.

  16. Michelangelo Papastathopoulos says:

    People are so …
    People are so divided.

  17. VMATT500C says:

    Question, if a word …
    Question, if a word in one language is offensive in another could you be prosecuted ?

  18. Normwicks says:

    if the speech is …
    if the speech is truly going to cause a death of som jewish person i would agree about the id of the persons however if its just someones opinion, about the way that person feels personaly about a race it falls under free speech. if the person threatens murder then its a crime! crimes need to be delt with saying how you feel about certain people is not a crime.we cannot allow another country to dictate to us about our rights. i aplaud france for not wanting to put up with it . it should stop!

  19. ThePinkLei says:

    If Ethiopian Jews …
    If Ethiopian Jews were complaining about antisemtism, the whites would have looked the other way, because, all they would have seen was the color of the Ethiopians skin. However, because these so called Jews are White, then every white person is fighting to protect them no matter what sort of evils they are getting upto or in this case censor others and taking away their freedom of expression. Hypocriy and double standard at its finest.

  20. Normwicks says:

    why is it that …
    why is it that france dosnt want the info on the hate speech against blacks on the internet, or the chinees, or many of the other races that are slamed by hate speech. not just oncebut multiple races hundreds of times! why is it that the jews get this special attention. i do not subscribe to any racial hatred, but im seeing a pattern of special treatment for a race. hundreds of thousands of american indians were masacred and still victims of hatred the same with blacks as slaves beaten.

  21. Silmaryllon says:

    If jews, Moslems, …
    If jews, Moslems, Catholics, Christian evangelists don’t like the Internet they don’t have to use it.
    Free speech is precious in this world of deception and smart moves. This is just another attempt to curtail freedom. Twitter should get rid of people who are bad mannered and offensive. We don’t need laws to tell is what to read, what to say and when to take a dump

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