Free Speech

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the constitution Headlight flashing faces test as free speech in Florida (USA Today):

Why the Supreme Court Ruled for Westboro (Time):

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25 Responses to “Free Speech”

  1. GreyManny says:

    Hey Dan, as much as …
    Hey Dan, as much as I too would like to see the Westboro Baptist Church spontaneously combust, I feel that calling them mentally handicapped isn’t very accurate and a bit insensitive. These people are deranged, misguided, brainwashed, whatever you like to call them, but I sort of doubt that they suffer from any sever mental handicap, and to say so may be rather insulting to those who do.

  2. scafedachamp says:

    The only thing i …
    The only thing i like about his videos are the endings.

  3. TheGuyInUrCloset says:

    Yet surely, they …
    Yet surely, they should have the right to do so.

  4. TheGuyInUrCloset says:

    As much as I do …
    As much as I do agree with what you’re saying, there are a few flaws. For example, one of the biggest reasons US citizens were given free speech was so that we would be able to speak up and say things about the government that many people could have lost their heads for in other countries. Let’s say for example the president is secretly conspiring with a political leader of a hated foreign country and someone were to speak out against it, could it not be considered negative and public?

  5. maritaria says:

    in holland(where i …
    in holland(where i life) you have free speech as long as you don’t violate someone or group of individuals.

  6. Thecawesomeone says:

    1 word, sopa
    1 word, sopa

  7. TheChineeseChanel says:

    that’show it is in …
    that’show it is in Canada

  8. marioblan says:

    I think that speech …
    I think that speech should be “slightly free” if people as a whole could say what they want about what ever they want BUT not be aloud to say hurtful, negative or bad things about other people publicly or to their face (both single and group) then i think it would be good. but because people can say hurtful stuff and be 100% (or about so) free to say what they want their is lots and lots of problems. like racism, sexism, homophobes and even some civil wars (like bashing leaders/gods and so on)

  9. SmileysAreMagical says:

    i normally try to …
    i normally try to be reasonable but those church members just deserve to be shot it is disgusting and i don’t care what anyone thinks there has to be a limit

  10. insertnamehere001 says:

    what if I go to a …
    what if I go to a musical, jump on stage, take a mic and say ‘The cake is a lie’. Now I would be kicked out wouldn’t I, why couldn’t the dead soldiers father just “kick” the WBC protesters out?

  11. skewb40 says:

    I hate my life. …
    I hate my life. Free speech.

  12. chobitsnegimanaruto says:

    What about “naughty …
    What about “naughty” cartoons with little kids featured in? In other words, hentai with minors? Should that be protected under free speech? Because right now, the courts are prosecuting people who possess that stuff, at least in physical form.

  13. OrgasmandTea says:

    Gotta say, I’m not …
    Gotta say, I’m not feeling the outro. I enjoyed the discussion though =D

  14. G4m3rB0y114 says:

    You have a great …
    You have a great outlook on these sorts of things (in my opinion), Thank you

  15. starlitt35 says:

    Public Schools, We …
    Public Schools, We have no free speech. None at all. Today I sat through an hour long lecture about how if any student curses on Facebook, With no reference to the school or any faculty at all, Its a few days of suspension. If I were to have a bad day get on my Facebook and say “FML” anyone who sees it, Any creeping parent or girl who dislikes me can report me to the school. No questions asked. Thats just not okay.

  16. MrPopularSentiment says:

    Regarding the WBC, …
    Regarding the WBC, I think that there are conflicting rights. There’s freedom of speech, and then there’s the right for families to bury their dead in peace. Yes, they can say it, but no, they should not be allowed to say it then/there. I support rules that require them to maintain a minimum distance from funerals.

  17. deadbob12344 says:

    The problem with …
    The problem with harassment is that people will see calling someone fat or stupid as harassment then try to sue you for bullying or something. It happens all the time at my school and is a very annoying ordeal.

  18. Ace4929 says:

    wait, police are …
    wait, police are doing that? dont they have drug lords to arrest and murderers to track down? i respect the boys in blue and all, but come on! this is what our tax dollars are paying for?

  19. B10ckH34d512 says:

    Flashing headlights …
    Flashing headlights is like obstruction of the law. if these people get off each time, no one will change, resulting in a net increase of average speed on the road.

  20. Abbe235 says:

    We don’t have free …
    We don’t have free speech in sweden, but we try to tell ourselves everyday that we have. We have these stupid laws that (for example) says that you can’t deny the holocaust and it’s actually illegal to directly offend someone. But our teachers in school tells us evryday that we are so much better than other countries because we are free. We are America 2.0

  21. jigglypuff1337 says:

    Politically …
    Politically correctness… Complete fairness… How is this possible for everyone with 6 Billion people on the planet?

  22. justsomegermandude says:

    “I disapprove of …
    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    - Voltaire

  23. viking977 says:

    why are none of …
    why are none of these appearing in my sub box?

  24. Naruto0519 says:

    Thanks Dan! This is …
    Thanks Dan! This is actually something I’ve been talking about in my Government class. I’ve been really starting to get into your videos and I love them :)

  25. MrBlakeXD says:

    But other drivers …
    But other drivers being alerted to speed traps will only cause them to slow down to get out of a ticket, it will not have the lasting effect of a ticket.

    Have you seen anyone ever slow down for a speed trap then stay at that speed?

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