the constitution Barack Obama stated US won’t block anti-Islam film for reasons of free speech. RT discussed Obama’s speech in UN with journalist and anti-war activist Don DeBar.


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25 Responses to “‘Free speech? Let Obama talk to Bradley Manning about it’”

  1. MrAnymeansnecessary says:

    These are truths we …
    These are truths we try to avoid but they’re there.

  2. dondebar says:

    No, just genocide …
    No, just genocide and slavery. That is the economicbasis of the acquisition and development of the US economy. Look it up.

  3. StinkFingerr says:

    Manning is a …
    Manning is a Spy.IDC about his supposed motives.

  4. ChernovFan100 says:

    The elite of the …
    The elite of the U.S. Govt are evil. They have murdered or ruined the lives of millions of people throughout the years since WW2. This is how the U.S. Government works okay?

    1. The elites want to expand their control over the world or want oil, money etc.
    2. They stage a false flag attack to blame it on their “enemies” (9/11 as an example).
    3. They use the attack they engineered to start completely false wars abroad.
    4. They spend years raping the foreign countries.
    5. Millions are dead.

  5. Akemi Mokoto says:

    Maybe we don’t want …
    Maybe we don’t want war or more problems than we already have due to a website that pretends to be doing good?

  6. caravaggio31 says:

    Maybe he’s showing …
    Maybe he’s showing that international friendship is a cynical lie?

  7. Akemi Mokoto says:

    Your facts are …
    Your facts are wrong. Bradley Manning is an American citizen(which is who I am talking about). If you mean Assange, he is a pathetic excuse for a human. His crap site(which I can’t trust anymore since they have admitted to making hoax documents) will cause more harm than good. I hope he get kicked out the embassy and extradited. That scumbag and his site has been causing international friendships to fall apart since day one.

  8. caravaggio31 says:

    Sorry, I was …
    Sorry, I was confused with other post, this is not on Assange but Manning. So, lets correct it.

    hat’s no “treason’ to a government only to a country.

    Manning is a good patriot and a good and must admired human being showing to the world the worldwide crimes of the United States the “land of freedom”.


  9. caravaggio31 says:

    That’s no “treason’ …
    That’s no “treason’ to a government only to a country. By the way, he’s not a traitor of his country, which in fact is Australia not US.

    Assange is a good patriot and a good and must admired human being showing to the world the worldwide crimes of the United States the “land of freedom”.


  10. Akemi Mokoto says:

    yes it is, and odds …
    yes it is, and odds are, he will be executed under federal law. Rightfully so. Scumbags like him needs to be turn into an example. This is coming from ME! A strong critic of America that borders on treason.

  11. Akemi Mokoto says:

    Bradley Manning is …
    Bradley Manning is a criminal who violated many laws. Only an idiot would defend that and only an ignorant idiot would call what he did “free speech”.

  12. caravaggio31 says:

    US now have its …
    US now have its political prisoner, Bradley Manning .

  13. caravaggio31 says:

    Exposing USA’s war …
    Exposing USA’s war crimes is not ‘espionage’. (2)

  14. 1rebelblood says:

    The fall of the …
    The fall of the Babylonian system that’s in power and control over all u sheeple will be soon, so don’t get ur panties all tied up in a wad. Organized Religion and Politricks both ARE a plague on this earth, because nothing is more delusional, degrading, racist, controling, brainwashing, destructive, and just down right stupid. They WILL be the end of us all, unless we do something.

  15. karl john says:

    Yeah! It’s Bibi …
    Yeah! It’s Bibi Netanyahu now!

  16. UltimateOwnz says:

    RussiaToday is …
    RussiaToday is another version of Fox News.

  17. BeardedCIam says:

    Manning’s actions …
    Manning’s actions are the very definition of espionage! Jeesh!

  18. F. Astha Ekadiyanto says:

    Obama didn’t even …
    Obama didn’t even know who hits him. These waves of waves of foreign policy devastation is an attempt to attack him on his re-election campaign. Everybody knows how democrats stand for on human rights. This is an instrument to obfuscate Obama’s strategy. At the end, if the world find him incapable of participating in peace keeping, then how would he be capable in keeping his fellow Americans safe? It’s a hard play, but that is what politics have.

  19. fonzarelli44 says:

    everyone needs to …
    everyone needs to see this video

  20. TheJewRegulator says:

    The “holocaust” …
    The “holocaust” is a lie Watch this film,
    “The Innocence of Germans”

  21. DeliverTheNation says:

  22. LAIBAK187 says:


  23. christpunchers says:

    Unfortunately most …
    Unfortunately most American viewers don’t really question what comes of the president’s mouth. No matter how historically untrue, as long as the speech sounds patriotic, it’s good enough for most viewers.

  24. TheOuroboros666 says:

    The pattern of …
    The pattern of conditioned reaction you display is typical of cult psychology.

    Believe as you wish until the truth becomes more painful than the occult buzz you love is gone.

    koolaide? You look thirsty.

  25. HeavensMeat says:

    What’s it like to …
    What’s it like to be that dumb?  It’s not very recent for one (he had a stroke 6 years ago he can barely speak), and furthermore, that quote was debunked YEARS ago. Please educate yourself, child.

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