the constitution Guido Fawkes blogger Harry Cole accuses US Pres. Obama of being a coward on the issue of the Falkland Islands.

This is a requested clip by: @MrHarryCole on Twitter.

Recorded from BBC Three, “Free Speech”, 27 March 2013.

Duration : 0:1:13


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  1. ewefweff says:

    i watched the full …
    i watched the full show. how predictable that the two black women on the panel and the two black guys in the audience couldn’t give a about this country when it comes to defending it, and would rather change or lie about the question (durr it’s about oil! durrrrr the british did some nasty things before probably!) or side with aggressive demagogues.

    i mean the black woman on the right, her argument was pretty much “don’t defend yourself if someone declares war on you”. the fuck?

  2. BoathouseShark says:

    What an insightful …
    What an insightful contribution

  3. radicalatheist says:

    Wow, Harry Cole is …
    Wow, Harry Cole is a waste of skin. Why is this fatuous bellend on the television in the first place?

  4. MessiArgg says:

    well your countrie …
    well your countrie its not so good either… you shloud watch your before critizising others

  5. MessiArgg says:

    I agree, but the …
    I agree, but the british too

  6. mrconcept says:

    As does OBAMA!
    As does OBAMA!

  7. German Arroyo says:

    ‘the illiterate use …
    ‘the illiterate use of the word ‘colonial’ which is inappropriate’.. Are you calling the UN illiterate? Nice!

  8. leolion7876 says:

    yeah cos they know …
    yeah cos they know whos really running things.and their parents tell them if the y want a chance they better respect that flag. its not what you think trust me.

  9. BoathouseShark says:

    Funny, given I …
    Funny, given I currently work in South-East Asia and every day I see hundreds of kids wearing Union Jack t-shirts. I have yet to see an Argentinian shirt.

  10. BoathouseShark says:

    BP does not stand …
    BP does not stand for ‘British Petroleum’. Sorry, you’ll have to try harder than that.

  11. BoathouseShark says:

    Oh sweet mother of …
    Oh sweet mother of God, so many historical errors to correct and so little time. My personal favourite is the illiterate use of the word ‘colonial’ which is inappropriate in connection with the Falklands, which of course had no indigenous population. Oh actually, I liked the part about ‘Americans’ killing British troops, even though the concept of an ‘American’ was one that was in the process of forming at the time. The founding fathers saw themselves as being more British than the British.

  12. leolion7876 says:

    FOUNDED!! YOU FOOL!! I think the native American would use a different word.

  13. leolion7876 says:

    FOUNDED!! YOU FOOL!! I think the native American would use a different word.

  14. German Arroyo says:

    and many in the …
    and many in the audience look like extras bored to death…

  15. German Arroyo says:

    Argentina will not …
    Argentina will not go to war. Argentina has found vast reserves of oil in Patagonia and it’s also doing offshore drilling on the Patagonian Sea, although it’s almost impossible to extract commercially viable oil in those remote South Atlantic waters. So no, they don’t want your oil, well actually it’s not yours but also it’s very uncertain whether it’s commercially viable or not. Somehow England is desperate to find oil at all costs, since the North Sea reserves will become Scottish next year…

  16. blackvapour says:

    And how do you …
    And how do you think america was founded?

    THINK please moron.

  17. blackvapour says:

    Argentina is …
    Argentina is BANKRUPT, it has a currency crisis, an inflation crisis, it is a country on the edge. Of course they want the oil you moron. They steal assets from foreign corporations, that is how desperate they are right now. I feel more sorry for argentines, not Falklanders. The Falklanders have all the protection they need and they are happy. Argentines are stuck in their 3rd world awful bankrupt country and if they go to war again with Britain, they will be left ruined.

  18. German Arroyo says:

    Do you think …
    Do you think argies care about the presumption that there might be comercially viable oil near the islands? No, Argentina has a vast extension of sea.

    Offshore drilling is a potential threat to the enviromental, but sadly no one cares, the sheep already forgot about British Petroleum and the Gulf of Mexico.

    So repeat after me:

    self determination self determination self determination self determination self determination self determination self determination self determination


  19. German Arroyo says:

    Mr Obese,

    1) Your …
    Mr Obese,

    1) Your claims might be older than Argentina but ILLEGAL.

    2) How many argies are living in the islands? 2?

    3) The principle of self determination was never created to be used by minorities of colonial origin to break the territorial integrity of another nation just because they wish to be administered by the colonial power from where they migrated.

    4) Americans had to kill British troops in order to become free and ‘self determinate’ LOL

    Obama knows you are all being misguided.

  20. leolion7876 says:

    Britain needs to …
    Britain needs to stop nicking land that doesnt belong to them. Does not look good. why do you think Obama is not supporting this bullshit. Antiquated and old colonial images are cunjured up when ever this topic is debated. no matter what the facts are the world does not romanticize British history like you lot do. remember POWERSHIFT. We are not as powerfull as we were.Its the end of the world is as we know it. not a good image.

  21. German Arroyo says:


  22. yippitydodah says:

    They are all US …
    They are all US brainwashed, getting to school each morning, standing proud, signing the stars and stripes in front of a pretty fag. Bit like North Korea really.

  23. yippitydodah says:

    Where – give me a …
    Where – give me a sign post simple.

  24. MultiUbernator says:

    Could someone …
    Could someone watch my video please?

  25. DaKingPotato says:

    Obama is no …
    Obama is no different than Bush.

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