Gun Rights are a MYTH

On November 29, 2012, in The Constitution, by admin

the constitution Americans do NOT own guns because they have a Right to. They only own them because the State (Government) gives them PERMISSION to have them. It (Gov-State) REGULATES who can have them, when they can have them, and what type they can have.
But the State can take them from you at will, at any time, for any reason, and you WILL OBEY & COMPLY. ….Because YOU are a “good lil Citizen” and want to do your “patriotic duty” to OBEY your Big Brother. Only “terrorists” and “criminals” resist Gun Laws, right?

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  1. fieldcommandereyesin says:

    Try to take this …
    Try to take this old marines riles =) ill make a new type of hunting season. both foreign and domestic. America will NEVER be disarned

  2. freebird1ification says:

    it’s a shame …
    it’s a shame how a little bit of power like that fake tin badge gives these folks those huge balls i’ts a wonder they didn’t end up killing all these folks just for kicks i been on the wrong end of the beat down from these baddass cops and ot’s generally always the same story 4 badasses against the elderly or they wait till they have you cuffed and brother all i can say is no matter what they say keep your mouth shut because they just want you to pissem off and then your going to feelit

  3. TheDaytonDevil says:

    This is why I’m a …
    This is why I’m a mostly white separatist farmer! GOD BLESS!

  4. Allen1773 says:

    Yeah it’s true …
    Yeah it’s true people don’t think it happened. No matter how many facts I throw at them they refuse to wake up. All they care about is Football or dancing with the stars they don’t care if our government disarms us and they’d gladly re-elect Obama. Hopefully the day never comes when tyranny knocks on my door.

  5. VoluntaryAntiStatist says:

    Really?? There are …
    Really?? There are people that say it didn’t happen?? Even when the police and Gov officials of that area openly admit -brag- that it happened?? Wow, people really are just deaf, dumb, Sheep made to be slaughtered.

  6. Allen1773 says:

    I remember this vid …
    I remember this vid before and people still say it didn’t happen and won’t ever happen. But I know it can happen again.

  7. VoluntaryAntiStatist says:

    Welcome to reality …
    Welcome to reality brother. This is OLD footage btw. And yet NO “super patriot” (who says “when they come for my guns…blah, blah, blah”) has pointed out that their buddies in the military or “law” enFORCEment happily OBEYED ORDERS to perform these roundups.

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