the constitution Are there any sane people left in this world? While the majority is intent on taking away YOUR natural rights (and theirs), there are those who dare to go against the grain, say what needs to be said and do the things that need to be done.

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24 Responses to “Gun Rights Guys Crash Anti-Gun Rally”

  1. AegonTheProdigal says:

    Well OneTruth4Life …
    Well OneTruth4Life is obviously extremely biased.

  2. KaskadeHD says:

    Its your opinion …
    Its your opinion that im an idiot, so it takes an idiot to call another person an idiot with a difference of opinion you idiot

  3. Aurthor Merlin says:

    I’m just waiting …
    I’m just waiting for the news reports of all the dads that are contributing guns to minors. Yeah when the kid gets dads gun and kills a bully.

  4. Aurthor Merlin says:

    Do you like to lie …
    Do you like to lie or is that just your most outstanding feature?

  5. Aurthor Merlin says:


  6. Aurthor Merlin says:

    Just like Hitler …
    Just like Hitler religion has killed millions.

  7. Aurthor Merlin says:

    Hitler must be …
    Hitler must be smiling down on you.

  8. Aurthor Merlin says:

    wow it takes a real …
    wow it takes a real IDIOT to call another person an IDIOT for a difference of opinion.

  9. Aurthor Merlin says:

    I don’t like guns …
    I don’t like guns that kill people that is all they are good for and there is nothing good that comes from killing innocent people.

  10. Aurthor Merlin says:

    Wonder what the gun …
    Wonder what the gun rights activists would say if the police force was shot to death in a town. Would they feel so safe?

  11. 11BravoCibVet says:

    North Korea …
    North Korea threatened to nuke Austin. Crafty commie devils trying to get the rest of Texas to side with them! ;-) Austin is surrounded. Let them bitch, speech is protected after all. But if they think they will force the issue? Then they will be crushed as rightly they should be! Austin? F*ck Austin.

  12. KaskadeHD says:

    You’re a …
    You’re a dipshit. Get a life you nerdy fuck. blocked.

  13. PacificCircle1 says:

    When the gun lovers …
    When the gun lovers show up, be careful – the gun Nazi’s will open fire one of these days!

  14. PacificCircle1 says:

    I’m anti-gun? Says …
    I’m anti-gun? Says who? You have no evidence of that fool. Regulation is not a ban.Seems your the one with insufficient brain power. You must be Euro-decendent invader trash.

  15. KaskadeHD says:

    You’re an IDIOT if …
    You’re an IDIOT if you’re actually anti-gun… what makes you anti-gun?

  16. PacificCircle1 says:

    What a great …
    What a great argument! You should have gone into debate -NOT!
    (Any fool can toss an insult!)

  17. KaskadeHD says:

    You’re pathetic.
    You’re pathetic.

  18. James Hamradio says:

    Thank God i carry, …
    Thank God i carry, 2 guys were giving me a problem and because i showed my gun they went AWAY. what might have happened if i didnt have it scares me and it should scare YOU. In the UK the first thing they did was REGISTRATION Now ask them how they feel there guns are GONE and crime is UP

  19. badbilly204 says:

    I still haven’t …
    I still haven’t gotten an answers as to what safe guards all your other rights when the 2nd is taken away. Anybody?

  20. PacificCircle1 says:

    Your the ones …
    Your the ones calling for violence, insurrection, secession, plus you got guns out the wazzoo.

  21. PacificCircle1 says:

    SCREW GUN RIGHTS, people come first.

  22. TheAmericanTruths says:

    That would be …
    That would be because these very words and speeches were given in Nazi Germany and after the guns were Banned Hitler rounded up everyone who opposed him and his rule. Only the ignorant and uneducated would even push “Gun Control”. Only those willing to look at history and see that in every case Guns were banned it ended up killing more than it saved. But then again some people are too busy being on a soap box to take the time to learn or even scarier they already know the outcome.

  23. Jay Stimson says:

    People working …
    People working together to defend liberty.

  24. Kirk Tingblad says:

    Well Joe, if Obama …
    Well Joe, if Obama takes your guns, what are you gonna use for your civil war?

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