the constitution Gun owners and gun manufacturers invaded the State Capitol Complex on Monday in what was called ‘Gun Lobby Day.’ It came as legislative leaders said they hope to be ready to vote on a package of gun control bills sometime next week.

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  1. mem11977 says:


  2. mem11977 says:

    There was no …
    There was no AR-15 used in the so called shooting. It was stated on MSNBC that the so called shooter did not use that type of rifle. FUCK YOU OBAMA!

  3. mem11977 says:

    MOLON LABE if you …
    MOLON LABE if you dare Obama! You want our guns. Prepare for a lot of blood shed all across this great nation. WE THE PEOPLE will fight. You want a war, you will get one.

  4. Jay Stimson says:

    Damn liberal press. …
    liberal press. The AR-15 was not used at Sandy Hook. It was left in the car.
    I hate the mainstream media. Liars !!! The government’s propaganda machine !

  5. Jay Stimson says:

    The real reason we …
    The real reason we have the 2nd Amendment. Wake up your friends.
    If you don’t believe it could happen here then explain to me the new DHS targets, their 2 billion rounds of ammunition, their 2,700 armored vehicles, and who knows how many drones.

  6. firestorm1burning says:

    “Molon Labe”
    “Molon Labe”

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