the constitution Heated Debate on Gun Control after Connecticut Mass Shooting – Piers Morgan
“You’re An Unbelievably STUPID Man Aren’t You!” Piers Morgan To Pro-Gun Guest
“You’re An Unbelievably STUPID Man Aren’t You!” Piers Morgan To Pro-Gun Guest
CNN Piers Morgan continues his fight on gun control

By April MacIntyre Dec 19, 2012, 2:44 GMT
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Piers Morgan – CNN – Berkeley Square Gardens – London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos

Piers Morgan – CNN – Berkeley Square Gardens – London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos

Not backing down from a fight or allowing NRA supporters to reel off their talking points, CNN’s Piers Morgan has adopted the tragedy in Connecticut as a rally cry to push for real change with gun sales in the USA.

In response to the horrific massacre in Newtown, Conn., Morgan has steadily broadcasted his opinion and challenges to pro gun guests.

Last Friday saw him interview Steve Dulan of the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and gun-rights advocate John Lott. Tonight he interviewed Cade Courtley, Dr. Oz and Larry Pratt.

Morgan also had Texan singer songwriter Willie Nelson on his show back in November before the tragedy. Nelson expressed that high-powered assault rifles are an entirely different discussion:

“I don’t know what I would do with a gun that would shoot 100 times,” Nelson tells the “Piers Morgan Tonight” host. “I don’t agree with that. I think it should be more regulated. I think a lot of guns – there’s no need for civilians to own those. Those are for military.”

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25 Responses to “Heated Debate – “You’re An Unbelievably STUPID Man Aren’t You!” Piers Morgan To Pro-Gun Guest”

  1. TheBabyoctopus says:

    The safe door must …
    The safe door must not be able to opened if the hinges were to be removed. The safe is to be bolted to both the floor and wall, and the bolt-heads must be inside the safe. If the floor is on wooden joists, then the safe must span two joists and be bolted through a steel plate which exceeds the floor area of the safe. All windows in the house are to be lockable. The main doors must have deadbolts

  2. TheBabyoctopus says:

    You take the pink …
    You take the pink slip to the local police arms officer who issues a permit to purchase, only then can you pick up the gun, you then take it back to the police who verify the weapon.You are required by law to store pistols in a “secure” strongroom or safe. made from a minimum of 6mm steel. The door must fit flush, and not be able to be pried off. It is lockable by a 5-lever deadbolt, or a hardened lock and hasp. The safe door must not be able to opened if the hinges were to be removed.

  3. Redshield666 says:

    They see what they …
    They see what they want to see.

  4. Redshield666 says:

    “Guest”? You mean …
    “Guest”? You mean flogging post, don’ t you, is what anyone stupid enough to appear on this asshole’s show becomes?

    Get this… Morgan’s opinions are WORTHLESS, as are those that side with him.

    See? I learned how to do pat statements like that watching liberals in action.

  5. TheBabyoctopus says:

    You cannot own or …
    You cannot own or purchase a pistol if you are not a member of a pistol club that is not a member of the New Zealand Pistol Association. The pistol can only be used at a approved pistol club range. You can only transport it (in a locked box) to and from the range a gun dealer or gunsmith. When you purchase a pistol, from a gun dealer (you must show your “B” license), get a receipt, then take the receipt to your gun club and have the “pink slip” made out that documents you are purchasing a gun.

  6. rlcgonzo1975 says:

    of which 7,345 are …
    of which 7,345 are gang on gang gun murders in usa alone. wiki answers.

  7. ornihr says:

    You’re me? …
    You’re me? Pier calls him an idiot and he asks if that’s the custom in Britain.

  8. Redshield666 says:

    This pasty-faced …
    This pasty-faced limey reminds me of a certain little that always went around annoying the bigger kids, years ago, then went bawling to mommy when he got his kicked. Same effeminate pussy-like mannerism with a talent for really getting under your skin. I had a hand in smacking the little around, too, on occasion.

    I’d love a go at this human wood tick. Chalk it up to me exercising my freedom of expression… of revulsion for trouble-making assholes!

  9. TheBabyoctopus says:

    This was your …
    This was your comment, Safest Countries 1. New Zealand you can own pistol & semi-auto rifles …..and this was my reply, as I live in New Zealand….your comments are misleading 2 the point of being decietful. What you failed to mention were the stringent laws put in place for a person who wants to own a handgun or what sort of handgun you are allowed to purchase or where the handgun can be used used.

  10. rlcgonzo1975 says:

    but clearly …
    but clearly americans still consider the second ammendment very valid and that surely is their right to feel that way.if america is really a democracy like their tyranical leaders keep telling them then they could surely have a vote on the second ammendment! but this of course will not happen.and if their guns are taken they will not be able to rise up against their government which is why obama wants to take their guns.before the economy collapses!

  11. Redshield666 says:

    YOU and YOURS …
    YOU and YOURS started this, Asswipe… REMEMBER? No gun owners went bawling to the media about controlling guns.

    Let’s keep matters straight, okay, idiot?

  12. Redshield666 says:

    Moron, if crime …
    Moron, if crime hasn’t gone up, Fool, why are you bleating about banning guns, Asshole? Yes – BANNING guns! That’s next on the agenda, isn’t it, Douchebag? And, it’s the entitlement generation that you belong to that thinks the rights of others are forfeit for your own demented sense of security.

    So, why don’t you take a lesson from the Pilgrims and leave them to go and do what they want and you STFU?

  13. rlcgonzo1975 says:

    the guy has a …
    the guy has a excellent argument its their country not morgans.the right to bear arms for gods sake! you cant use first ammendment to attack another ammendment it is illegal for which you can be deported! this has happened to thousands of non americans in last 100 years! why do people (non americans) continually ignore this cast iron fact!

  14. Redshield666 says:

    The British are …
    The British are pompous fools still smarting from having their handed to them in 1783.

  15. Billy S Wood says:

    And I quote – “Oh, …
    And I quote – “Oh, and all you europeans can off this is a problem in america, not europe”

    You Yanks think sticking your unwanted fat nose in to other countries affairs is always your business. Well your comment is a fine comment, coming from a Yank!

    And just in case you hadn’t noticed, there are very few places on the planet that like the USA. So settle down and stop getting excited, no other f**ker is.

  16. rlcgonzo1975 says:

    cant use first …
    cant use first ammendment to attack another ammendment its called subversion! thousands have been deported from america in last 100 years for this kind of behaviour! highly innapropriate and illegal! this is a cast iron fact that so many non americans seem to ignore! other countries have the right also to protect their constitution!

  17. Redshield666 says:

    “Stop criminals …
    “Stop criminals having weapons…”

    Lol! Wow, just being incredibly stupid isn’t enough for you, is it?

  18. zed1207 says:

    But when you think …
    But when you think the Second Amendment is being attacked you defend it with vitriol, why don’t you defend Morgan’s First Amendment right with the same vitriol?

    You’re a hypocrite if you support the Second Amendment which defends the right to bear arms, and at the same time attack people who exercise their First Amendment rights.

  19. zed1207 says:

    Don’t let your …
    Don’t let your racist bullshit get in the way of facts…

    Crime in general has gone DOWN since the 90′s.

    And “entitlement generation”? The Pilgrims came here because they weren’t entitled to persecute others in Britain, and their sense of entitlement drove them across an ocean. When they got here they felt entitled to an entire continent, regardless of the millions living there.

    And today the most Republican states take the most federal funding, while whining about “entitlement”!

  20. rlcgonzo1975 says:

    if the gun isnt …
    if the gun isnt loaded it cant go off piers! it only gets loaded if absoloutely necessary! its locked up or if its a hand gun its in a holster! watch michael moore goblin king on alex jones channel lol.

  21. Redshield666 says:

    Yeah, like the …
    Yeah, like the Second Amendment supposedly does for firearm owners… but, we see how important their rights are with some. So… piers and the Welsh pony he rode in on!

  22. zed1207 says:

    This “if they want …
    This “if they want them they’ll get them” argument is bullshit.

    For example: Homosexuals are out there, why do right-wingers not just shrug their shoulders and let homosexuals get married? Any number of crimes happen, why don’t right-wingers just shrug their shoulders and let those crimes happen? If people want to rape and murder they’ll find a way, surely?

    Your argument is an argument of despair. If the law needs to be enforced to stop criminals having weapons, then do that. Like Europe does!

  23. Redshield666 says:

    What problem? …
    What problem? You’re making it easy for these fools. The population is increasing exponentially, especially with all of the immigration enabled by these bleeding-heart morons. Naturally the crime rate goes up with the numbers… especially with today’s entitlement generation being coddled by their liberal handlers, they don’t even have to think for themselves, anymore, some egghead does it for them.

    Booze and driving STILL kills more kids than any psycho with a gun.

  24. zed1207 says:

    Doesn’t the First …
    Doesn’t the First Amendment guarantee freedom of speech for people like Piers Morgan?

  25. Redshield666 says:

    And there’s the …
    And there’s the first clue as to where Morgan intends to take this… “Can you explain to me…” As if that moron deserves any kind of explanation. Oh, and gun sales are going up, eh? Well, that’s so people can buy their favorite firearm before the goddamned paranoid liberal moonbats wrap the entire country in a fog of fascism and fear-mongering.

    Too bad someone wouldn’t knock off that smug limey bastard.

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