This statement fro the westbro baptist church in kansas, in reference to the recent victorian bushfires says "god hates australia, the fag infested land is burning & hundreds of these beasts are going straight to hell" should that sort of thing be allowed as free speech or should that sort of despotic hatred be illegal? frankly, i know where I stand on that.

i would say hate is offending someone.. if it offends majority of people… it is hate


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  1. mewantmoney2004 says:

    hate = offending someone, so the moment you offend someone it become a crime.

    So yeah you can sues the person who say that lol.
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  2. Spikeasaur says:

    Well that statement is ridiculous anyway, but that’s not freedom of speech, it’s just a hateful message. It may be a blunt line between speaking your mind and hating something, but in this case it’s clear.
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  3. xxx000au says:

    In my humble opinion they should be locked up. Forget the offense they cause everyone/anyone, I cant help but fear that the true enemies of the west must look on at us and laugh. Only a lame duck would allow this behaviour to continue.

    In other lands you would be locked up for the smallest of crimes.

    As an example. An Australian author was arrested in Bangkok because In 2005 he wrote a book which makes brief mention of some members of the royal family.

    What fools we are for allowing that church to continue to offend everyone time and time again.
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  4. DavoJo says:

    I don’t think people should be prosecuted for saying offensive things(Why not ignore the tw*ts spouting bull?), but they should be prosecuted for *inciting* hate(as well as any discrimination) publicly.
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  5. Tommy says:

    i would say hate is offending someone.. if it offends majority of people… it is hate
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  6. Hsin says:

    Basically freedom of speech is within the range of not violate other people’s rights. Such as threat, hate crime, abuse. But there is no clear guide line so far. people often don’t know how far can they go either. As I observe about USA. If it is violate the right of Genders and Races is not OK, but if it is attacking the rights of Non-Christian, Gay, and other nations people it is often been ignored.

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