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The upcoming presidential poll gripping the US, many start noticing that the election campaign savours badly of a reality show. To discuss that, RT sits down with Jesse Ventura, a former Governor of Minnesota.
Jesse Ventura, or James George Janos, 61, is an American politician, veteran, author, former professional wrestler and actor. In the Vietnam War era he served at the US Navy and later became a reservist with SEAL Team 1. In 1999, Ventura was elected the Governor of Minnesota after his term as the mayor of Minnesota’s Brooklyn Park.


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25 Responses to “Jesse Ventura: We want to bring democracy to world & don’t have it in US”

  1. llothar68 says:

    Only problem is …
    Only problem is that he is a Libertarian – someone really need to ask him if he believes in this bullshit of free self regulating markets.

  2. llothar68 says:

    Romney 2012 / …
    Romney 2012 / Ventura+Revolution 2016

  3. morgall says:

    then its probably …
    then its probably gonna be 10 more jesses if he dies..gotta think man

  4. JokerEvans507 says:

    I believe Jesse is …
    I believe Jesse is gonna end up dead.

  5. Toonsesalacarte says:

    Jesse Ventura is …
    Jesse Ventura is a modern day Ben Franklin.

  6. somefella891 says:

    That would be part …
    That would be part of the plot of “Idiocracy”. ;)
    Nevertheless, Ventura speaks the truth.

  7. NemoTheBeastGamer says:

    Jesse is Ron Paul …
    Jesse is Ron Paul and Chuck Norris combined. I want this man running the United States.

  8. anvilofcrom says:

    Control of …
    Control of resources and oil supply is the end game. If China and Russia controlled the Persian gulf they’d cut the wests throat by cutting of the flow of oil.

  9. Alexander Iglesias says:

    that wouldnt matter …
    that wouldnt matter we would still be able to defend ourselves without bankrupting ourselves to maintain power Russia and China while formidable combined couldnt produce enough military expendature to threaten the United States at its own home front. Let Russia and China overextend themselves all it would do is increase their opposition and rasie their costs

  10. anvilofcrom says:

    He’s also being …
    He’s also being naive in thinking that pulling out of all overseas bases and entanglments will do anything other than let Russia and China move in and take over strategically important areas…just saying.

  11. borderrobber says:

    if americans dont …
    if americans dont vote jesse for pres theyll get what they deserve and it wont be pretty

  12. anvilofcrom says:

    Ventura has to know …
    Ventura has to know that the current problems in Syria are being instagated by NATO & Israel because Syria has to be taken care of before they can attack Iran yet he doesn’t say it, just that America is trying to be the world policeman when it’s actually just a hammer for zionism…why?

  13. anvilofcrom says:

    Ventura has no …
    Ventura has no chance of becoming president because the game is rigged.

  14. MrDCfan93 says:

    I would like this …
    I would like this video a million times if I could, he just speaks one truth after another.

  15. PatriciaMcAll says:

    Right on Jesse….. …
    Right on Jesse…..Jesse Ventura for President of the U.S. 2016!!!

  16. CescoPisicoli says:


  17. Mike2020able says:

    @mxat100 . HELP …
    @mxat100 . HELP Spreading the truths and knowlegde to the world . Wake Everyone Up frome the lies and deception we have been under .

  18. BrianJayDesign says:

    6:32 “While we’re …
    6:32 “While we’re busy pepper-spraying them & running them off with dogs, we’re heralding the protests over in the Middle East. We’re like cheerleaders over there. While at the same time here we’re squashing down our own protesters. The height of hypocrisy. Elections the same way. We want to bring democracy all over the world, and we don’t even have it here anymore. Because the 2 gangs pick your President.”

  19. blackdreamhunk2 says:

    I would vote for …
    I would vote for Jesse Ventura:

  20. mxat100 says:

    everyone has to …
    everyone has to know israel did 9/11

  21. missadismuke says:

    Write him in. Jesse …
    Write him in. Jesse for Pres. 2012. We made Facebook. We made You Tube. Let’s use it to save ourselves.

  22. nisto95 says:

    I know who I’m …
    I know who I’m voting for!

  23. mattperak says:

    With due respect, …
    With due respect, Gov.Jesse..!! You may have the chances of running for the post or be elected for that matter….but it will be for another life time…may be !!
    The present day scenario you ain’t , fit no-where . The most likely chances you have on present life-time are you either end up cripple or death…!! My guess you already knew that far more better than the rest. They don’t gave a about others outside their circles..!!

  24. sarahroseadams says:

    go jesse!!!!!!!

    go jesse!!!!!!!

  25. fockya says:

    The US doesn’t give …
    The US doesn’t give a flying about bringing democracy to the world, that’s a smoke in mirrors front and a damned lie. They are eliminating all enemies of Israel, so Israel will be the ruling power of the world. Jews believe that when their messiah returns, we will be in a one world governmental system ruled by the Jewish messiah (antichrist) from Jerusalem. America is in Afghanistan to go into Pakistan because they have nukes and are a significant threat to Israel.

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