Jim Carrey’s gun control debacle

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the constitution This is a light-hearted, satirical look at the Jim Carrey, gun-control debacle. I do not advocate violence toward Carrey (or cows). I do advocate respect for law-abiding citizens and dead actors who played Moses & Ben Hur. Carrey’s new song “Cold Dead Hand” mocks Charlton Heston and the gun-control debate.

In fairness to Carrey, he specifically targeted assault (aka tactical) rifles not general gun control. Also, he suggested that we find non-lethal forms of self defense. This is all fine and well but mocking someone (Charlton Heston) who died in 2008 is hitting a little below the belt (or ground, in this case). Also, Carrey claims to want to discuss and find common ground but calling gun-rights advocates one of the most offensive, if not the most offensive, pejoratives does not foster a friendly atmosphere for discussion. Also, saying, “Any1 who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting,” seems to incite violence toward a group rather than foster John Lennon’s “peace.”

Hilarious parody slams Jim Carrey for hypocritical gun rants


Jim Carrey releases ‘Cold Dead Hand’ music video mocking gun rights advocates like Charlton Heston


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24 Responses to “Jim Carrey’s gun control debacle”

  1. howell1488 says:

    and my question was …
    and my question was aimed at the maker of the video as it made no sense, know what jim carrey did.

  2. howell1488 says:

    So you cannot say …
    So you cannot say something about someone because they have passed away regardless of how stupid you think there views where? MJ is dead plenty of jokes have been made at his expense but he didn’t support the right to bare arms so you couldn’t give a could you?

  3. SaddleVamp says:

    NO we are not, he …
    NO we are not, he did his video in a very shallow and distasteful way. Surely one such as your self can even see that, or is your mind unable to process and understand such actions.

  4. Bajtjr says:

    To the creator of …
    To the creator of this youtube video.. You do know that when a gun gets used for other purposes than gun practice in real life people actually get hurt unlike the people in these movies ->well, leave the cow out of this :). It might cause traumas in the “best case” when people have a gun pointed at them or in the worst case people die.. I am sure you dont give a f*** how many other people die because of guns as long as it is not your loved one.. Oh right, that can’t really happen to you can it?

  5. SgtDad1 says:

    Search Remy: Jim …
    Search Remy: Jim Carrey’s Cold Dead Hand – A Rebuttal – on youtube.
    Now THERE’S funny! Please don’t forget to Twitter it and share it on Facebook!

  6. Mike Nurse says:

    Not to mention the …
    Not to mention the roles he’s played as an actor has nothing to do with his personal views and opinions.. Wonder if this video was made by an american..

  7. SaddleVamp says:

    Think of what a man …
    Think of what a man truly is. Charlton Heston was one of the greats , handsome and talented actor , he possessed character rarely found today especially in Hollywood. I am not at all surprised the carrion feeders of the world would smear him now that he cannot respond. Nothing like attacking a deceased elderly man in his grave. Poor taste Jim, very poor taste.

  8. Samuel Roberts says:

    Jim Carry, …
    Jim Carry, Stupidity should be painful. Your a idiot. Law abiding citizens should be left alone. You have joined the ranks of Hollywood I won’t spend a penny on.

  9. libertyforamericanow says:

    jim carry wants to …
    jim carry wants to mock honest gun owners of america?but he wont mock a mass shooter?
    we didnt do it jimmy.go yourself!

  10. libertyforamericanow says:

    all your money wont …
    all your money wont another minute buy jim.your gonna die oneday.this is what you left us.wow

    charleton got you beat by a mile.enjoy trying to impress people with your lambo,gets boring doesnt it.need some attention?googoo gaagaa

  11. libertyforamericanow says:

    i regret sticking …
    i regret sticking up for people like you in school against bullies.you all dsereved it!

  12. magynorr says:

    This video is an …
    This video is an example of rhetorical spin.

  13. why760nitro says:

    liberals are …
    liberals are stupid gun owners see their Stalinist gun grab plans The Brady Bill’s only effect will be to desensitize the public to regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation. — Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, April 5, 1996

  14. why760nitro says:

    libs love the 1st …
    libs love the 1st if there is even a tiny hint of infringement they screech like banshee and they have no respect for the 2nd adam lanza didn’t pass a background check like all the up democrats are pushing .he killed his mom and took HER guns

  15. why760nitro says:

    The Brady Bill’s …
    The Brady Bill’s only effect will be to desensitize the public to regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation. — Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, April 5, 1996

    The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion. — Edmund Burke (1784).

  16. howell1488 says:

    So you’re saying …
    So you’re saying jim carrey can’t speak out against guns because he acts with them?

  17. Condor Alexander says:

    Were you born a …
    Were you born a worthless piece of shit?

  18. Condor Alexander says:

    Suck my dick, …
    Suck my dick, respect that :)

  19. relkins21 says:

    Jim carry is an …
    Jim carry is an awesome actor. Can’t wait for kick two!!! You should respect the first amendment, freedom of speech. It’s my favorite one.

  20. Tom Scharf says:

    your comment …
    your comment proves the opposite

  21. jack hammer says:

    Wow gun nuts are …
    Wow gun nuts are fucking stupid

  22. tomaf says:

    That’s besides the …
    That’s besides the point. My point was that the conservative establishment worships Reagan like a god, and Heston like the son of god, despite the fact that if Reagan ran for president today (assuming if he were still alive and well, and was not known from before) he wouldn’t get even close to winning the primary. and jesus would be 100% rejected by the repugnant party for talking about helping the poor etc. They’d call him a socialist hippy and tell him to go back to wherever he came from.

  23. ryan8878 says:

    An interesting …
    An interesting side note to this comment. Reagan supported an AWB.

  24. Isaac Karjala says:

    abe lincoln once …
    abe lincoln once said (paraphrased), ‘if there is a cause for which any sacrifice is deemed acceptable, then every tyranny imaginable will be commited in it’s name’… in this modren era it would seem that both ‘protecting children’ and stopping ‘terrorism’ are such causes.

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