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24 Responses to “NAVY SEAL vs PIERS MORGAN On Gun Control”

  1. pennjd1 says:

    No you can’t. Your …
    No you can’t. Your 1st amendment right is limited to anything that does not trample on someone else’s rights. Shall I wake you up to the last clause of the 2nd Amendment – SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Infringed means to be encroached upon. By telling me that I do not need an RPG or a 240B, you are encroaching on my 2nd Amendment rights. This means that your 1st Amendment rights are null and void on this issue. You have a lot to learn about the Constitution little girl!

  2. jasonlbutler says:

    Still looking for …
    Still looking for attention huh? LOL! Hahahah! Okay kiddo, I see you. I’m acknowledging you. Do you feel better? I hope so. Now, go have a good weekend, and get out of the house, in front of the computer.

  3. jasonlbutler says:

    I answered your “4 …
    I answered your “4 star question” for a 4th time and I see you totally ignored it. Guess thats what happens when you’ve been owned. I never said that MY wants or needs trumps someone’s rights, I made a point that the average person doesn’t need a RPG. If you can’t understand that, then you’re just being difficult for the sake. Hey quick question…. why didn’t you serve your country? Just wondering?

  4. pennjd1 says:

    Simple answer to a …
    Simple answer to a complex situation: YES
    But that is over simplifying. Do I need an RPG or 240B to defend my home from a burglar? No, a shotgun is more than enough. Do I need an RPG or 240B to defend my home from a gov’t that is using tanks? Yes. That is what the 2nd Amendment is about, defending our homes and ourselves from an oppressive government should it become one. Disarming the people leads to gov’t oppression!

  5. jasonlbutler says:

    Answer that….. …
    Answer that….. Can I say whatever I want, when I want since I have the 1st amendment RIGHT!?? Yes/No. You’re already arguing for the sake, but lets see if you’re just being blatently idiotic.

  6. jasonlbutler says:

    As soon as you said …
    As soon as you said you NEED a RPG, you proved you’re just arguing for the sake. If a tyrannical government wanted to eliminate you, there is no weapon that would save you, so you’ve proved you’re just full of shit. And you also show that your’e one of those delusional idiots that really think that a person who expresses that the average citizen doesn’t need a AT4 is somehow against the 2nd amendment. So, according to you, I can say whatever I want, when I want. Right? 1st amendment.

  7. pennjd1 says:

    Again, you show …
    Again, you show your stupidity. There is a ROE for all military forces world-wide. From that they develop a ROE for an entire theater of operations. They then use that to develop the ROE for a specific region. They then use that to develop the ROE for a particular AO. You apparently have no clue or you would know this. I proved your point wrong. The ROE that established the no return fire policy is theater level, encompassing Iraq AND Afghanistan, but you have proven too stupid to understand it!

  8. saucyman666 says:

    I mean, outlawing …
    I mean, outlawing guns all together is a terrible idea, it strips away somebody’s right to defend their life properly.

    Tell me this, ( I don’t mean this in argumental tone, I want to be more educated on the subject. ) As far as self defense goes, why would anybody need an AR15 for self defense when it has relatively low reliability and overpenetration problems? A pump action shotgun avoids these problems and has far greater firepower at close range.

  9. Samuel Clemens says:

    This is a free …
    This is a free country, not that socialist sewer that you frogs swim in. The government has no means to compel any such action.

  10. pennjd1 says:

    #1 you are using a …
    #1 you are using a gun control advocate’s argument of over simplifying the situation.
    #2 do I need an RPG? YES, I do, my shotgun will not defend against a tank when the gov’t decides to become tyrannical!
    #3 both points 1 and 2 prove that you are not pro-gun as you claim, but instead are anti 2nd Amendment!

  11. Samuel Clemens says:

    Your wants and …
    Your wants and desires don’t have precedence over the rights of others, wannabe.

  12. Jordan Jensen says:

    Oh please. I’m not …
    Oh please. I’m not the only one who thinks it is impossible. Even this years “assault weapons ban” doesn’t even affect the weapons that are already in possession. And even those can be legally sold after the ban! And the companies you talk about will just make sure the new weapons they produce won’t have the accessories that make them “assault weapons.” And in the US, I know you will NEVER be able to force most gun owners to give up their weapons in a forced buy back.

  13. Gaviollieo says:

    just stating facts. …
    just stating facts. “kill everyone who disagrees with me” sounds a lot like facism to me. maybe instead of threatening to kill the opposition and take away their freedom of speech, maybe you should argue back with free speech of your own. when you have to kill someone with a dissenting position, it makes your own position look like it can’t hold up to scrutiny. i am against gun control, and you are the rest of us look like bloodthirsty psychos like alex jones. do gun owners a favor and give up.

  14. Samuel Clemens says:

    I see that the …
    I see that the lying little wannabe is still pounding his chest and pretending to be a man.

  15. jasonlbutler says:

    So…. lets put …
    So…. lets put this discussion to a close. DO YOU NEED A 240B or RPG… yes or no. I don’t want any bullshit “Its my right to buy whatever I want”, simply answer the question. Yes or no… do YOU (pennjd1) NEED a RPG? Yes or No.

  16. jasonlbutler says:

    Nobody is “telling” …
    Nobody is “telling” someone what the need and don’t need, its a opinion. LOL! If you feel you need an AT4, then by all means, buy one. But do I think a person needs a 240bravo, RPG or SAW? no. God I hate people like you, who will try and jump on someone for giving an opinion, but turn around and call someone like Obama a dictator who thinks he’s king. Well shit, heaven forbid someone gives an opinion about something sensible. LOL!

  17. jasonlbutler says:

    OMG! I didn’t say a …
    OMG! I didn’t say a person didn’t need a “AR 15, or Glock 19″, I said a RPG!!! A RPG!!! I normal, sensible person would agree that the average American does not need a RPG or 240B. The gun contol people are saying “You don’t need an AR15″. I said… R..P… G! Huge difference! Unless you’re aruging for the sake, you and I both know, you do not NEED! a RPG. So stop with the 2nd amendment has no limits bullshit.

  18. jasonlbutler says:

    LOL! You just …
    LOL! You just proved my point. You said you’ve never stepped foot in Afghanistan. So how would you know the ROE in a location you’ve never been in? LOL! Thanks for proving my point dummy!

  19. kroooassant says:

    I have to stop you …
    I have to stop you right at the beginnning of you statement. It’ far from being impossible to eliminate all the weapons, a lot of countries have done it before. Obvioulsy all the critics will say it’s imppossible but they don’t even consider the question. It is very feasable, in 5 years you can pull above 3/4 from the circulation and stop the selling. People is not the problem; war companies who make money on it are.

  20. Samuel Clemens says:

    Yes, you’re wrong. …
    Yes, you’re wrong. Your own experience has proven it. Compare your OVERALL murder rates immediately before and after your idiotic ban. No change. Killers simply found another means. The only change is that your violent crime rates soared afterwards.

  21. Jordan Jensen says:

    True, if the …
    True, if the government could somehow eliminate the MILLIONS of weapons that already exist in the country. And trust me, that would impossible. And plus, guns are already regulated pretty heavily depending on the state you’re in. Point is that the government isn’t doing a very good job in enforcing the laws that are already in place.

  22. Samuel Clemens says:

    In other words, you …
    In other words, you have NOTHING to back your opinion but your big mouth, wannabe.

  23. Richard Ford says:

    At least we got to …
    At least we got to see Piers show a little respect to his guest here. I’m on board in the belief that evil finds a way. Mankind has been doing terrible things long before guns.

  24. camargo2012 says:

    lets say, china and …
    lets say, china and russia dare to invade the US, the people having weapons would exterminate them right away….

    gun control is a joke.

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