the constitution News 12 report on Pamela Geller’s speech at Chabad Great Neck and the subsequent free speech rally calling for the resignation of Habeeb Ahmed of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission, April 14, 2013.

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6 Responses to “News 12 Exposes Habeeb Ahmed’s Attempt to Crush Free Speech of Pamela Geller”

  1. gitel13 says:

    Finally, someone …
    Finally, someone with balls. And it’s a WOMAN!!!

  2. 50thejoe says:

    These muslims are …
    These muslims are as cancerous as the communists masquerading as liberals. They need to be excised out of this once great nation. Only then can we get back on the road to greatness.

  3. John K says:

    Good job, Pammy!
    Good job, Pammy!

  4. Lipsnx4u says:

    They would not …
    They would not allow an extreme Muslim to speak at a mosque? What a lie. Oh, wait a lie is not really a lie but an honorary virtue allowed under the banner of the greater good in jihad against the infidel. Great job, Pamela Geller.

  5. Leon612 says:

    Liberals love …
    Liberals love crushing freedom of speech.

  6. rvdrvd1000 says:

    And she has no …
    And she has no issue with Islam, therefore she needn’t be an expert on Islam.

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