Obama & Gun Rights – Time to get Mad!

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Big Rock – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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25 Responses to “Obama & Gun Rights – Time to get Mad!”

  1. amakrida says:

    Also Bush issued …
    Also Bush issued 291 executive orders during his 8 years, Obamas at 152. Was Bush also a dictator? All Presidents make these orders, calm down. As someone else stated the constant over reaction to every little thing with declarations of anger/rebellion is what causes people to distrust gun owners. Calm down.

  2. TexasSurplusPro says:

    Excellent video. 
    Excellent video. 

  3. One4TheCause88 says:

    I hope that this …
    I hope that this clarification amply addresses your question.


    Timothy J. McVeigh

  4. One4TheCause88 says:

    BASED ON …
    BASED ON OBSERVATIONS OF THE POLICIES OF MY OWN GOVERNMENT, I VIEW THIS ACTION AS AN ACCEPTABLE OPTION. From this perspective, what occurred in Oklahoma City WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN WHAT AMERICANS REIGN ON THE HEADS OF OTHERS ALL THE TIME, and subsequently, my mindset was and is one of clinical detachment.

  5. One4TheCause88 says:

    Additionally, …
    Additionally, borrowing a page from U.S. foreign policy, I decided to send a message to a government that was becoming increasingly hostile, by bombing a government building and the government employees within that building who represent that government. Bombing the Murrah Federal Building was morally and strategically equivalent to the U.S. hitting a government building in Serbia, Iraq, or other nations.

  6. One4TheCause88 says:

     “Therefore, this …
     “Therefore, this bombing was also meant as a pre-emptive (or pro-active) strike against these forces and their command and control centers within the federal building. When an aggressor force continually launches attacks from a particular base of operation, IT IS SOUND MILITARY STRATEGY TO TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY.”

  7. One4TheCause88 says:

    Knowledge of these …
    Knowledge of these multiple and ever-more aggressive raids across the country constituted an identifiable pattern of conduct within and by the federal government and amongst its various agencies. (see enclosed) For all intents and purposes, federal agents had become “soldiers” (using military training, tactics, techniques, equipment, language, dress, organization, and mindset) and they were escalating their behavior.

  8. One4TheCause88 says:

    ” From the …
    ” From the formation of such units as the FBI’s “Hostage Rescue” and other assault teams amongst federal agencies during the ’80′s; culminating in the Waco incident, federal actions grew increasingly militaristic and violent, to the point where at Waco, our government — like the Chinese — was deploying tanks against its own citizens.”

  9. One4TheCause88 says:

    “I chose to bomb a …
    “I chose to bomb a federal building because such an action served more purposes than other options. Foremost, the bombing was a retaliatory strike; a counter attack, for the cumulative raids (and subsequent violence and damage) that federal agents had participated in over the preceding years (including, but not limited to, Waco.)…”

  10. One4TheCause88 says:

    “I’m just anti …
    “I’m just anti revolting against the U.S. for no good reason.” If you can’t come up with any good reasons, you’re just not paying attention. We went to war over TEA FOR GOD’S SAKE! AGAIN, RUBY RIDGE, VICKI & SAMMY WEAVER, WACO TEXAS, BOSTON, Department of HOMELAND Security ordering billions of rounds of hollow point ammo, APCs, & paper targets of American gun owners (children, old men, pregnant women, etc.) Read Tim Mc Veighs manifesto & see if it doesn’t sound like the Amurrica you live in.

  11. Remi Rem says:

    Good question but …
    Good question but just realized an executive order/action should never be used to restrict our constitutional rights. They are not meant to be used in this way. Mr. Obama did a dictatorship move. Unilaterally decided to make 2 of his own laws. Real shame.

  12. Eric K says:

    Let me ask this ,.. …
    Let me ask this ,..Can the next president UNDO these actions?… anyone know.?

  13. monstarmarkum says:

    at first i was all. …
    at first i was all. yay obama. but then i was all well bush messed it up first cut the guy some slack . but then i was all … bor wtf are you doing. now i am all -_- your worse than bush. cant wate for this guys to be done in office screwing up this countery

  14. aceflyer32 says:

    Keep up the fight! …
    Keep up the fight! Good video brother.

  15. 90foxfreak says:

    NeverEnuffAmmo is …
    NeverEnuffAmmo is exactly right on this one guys! It doesn’t matter if Obummer is trying to sneak in the back door or the sky light on this, cause it IS INFRINGEMENT!! You should be irate with these motherfuckers! I sure as am! Please, write/call your reps and put that pressure on these scum bags!!

  16. Kinetic Fury says:

    Personally I’d MUCH …
    Personally I’d MUCH rather have the 700 than either a Garand or 1903. And I understand that some people love historical firearms, some people still buy 1911s, and I think they should have every right to own any inferior old gun they want. LOL I kid, I kid!

    But seriously, firearms have evolved for a reason.

  17. jumpmaster15k says:

    You got that right. …
    You got that right. I’ve been for a while now, but this boils my blood. I’ve been writing my Congressmen, but the RINOs need to go. We need people like Joe Carr to replace the RINOs like Lamar Alexander.

  18. neanderthor66 says:

    We need an American …
    We need an American Bastille Day.

  19. ak47worldusa says:

    they have not got …
    they have not got the message yet, so we need to be louder and move visible.

  20. rVLnFOURchannel says:

    i hear you and i …
    i hear you and i agree!

  21. AdvRider says:

    He explained it …
    He explained it pretty well. Went over the 2 executive actions Obama took, and the reason he was making the video. To not let these small steps go uncontested.

  22. TnGunNut94 says:

    Are you retarded? …
    Are you retarded? Can you not read? Nothing I have said is anti gun. I’m just anti revolting against the U.S. for no good reason. If im going to revolt against my own country I can guarantee you that things have gotten a lot worse. You revolution nuts are the reason people don’t trust gun owners.

  23. Jeff Wilde says:

    million guns made …
    million guns made is usa but its attack your politicians make america great again fix it

  24. Jeff Wilde says:

    its fear mongering 
    its fear mongering 

  25. Jeff Wilde says:

    you dont send …
    you dont send missiles to terrorists but denie americans the right to self defence against tyrannt dhs and gistopo politicians we are never giving up guns

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