the constitution Cam Edwards talks to Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) – For more information, go to: – NRA News – September 14, 2012 –

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5 Responses to “Rep. Paul Gosar Asks for Floor Vote on “No Confidence” in Attorney General Holder”

  1. wildmanjeff42 says:

    I agree
    I agree

  2. BonnieBlue2A says:

    The 512 page IG’s …
    The 512 page IG’s report is available through the DOJ; but, highly redacted. The White House aid could not be compelled to be interviewed by the IG and the White House released no correspondence. If it stinks like a cover-up it probably is a cover-up.

  3. RamoneTalarico says:

    remove …
    remove accountability, and you you can do whatever you want.

  4. hailholyghost says:

    Obama should have …
    Obama should have been impeached when he tried that “Executive Privilege” deal. This is many, many times worse than Watergate but the media isn’t making nearly as big of deal about it as they did in 1972.

  5. wildmanjeff42 says:

    by the time we get …
    by the time we get that report it will have no usable information in it, if we ever get it.
    what is wrong with our government that there are no longer any accountable people anymore!
    this is crazy–

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