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24 Responses to “Senator Ted Cruz not only Swept the floor on the Gun Control Hearings..he took out the trash”

  1. HATERED0001 says:

    sweet!…i m,ay …
    sweet!…i m,ay get my ak-47 afterall!….:D

  2. MightyNerdKing says:

    Really folks??? …
    Really folks??? Negative votes for saying he was being disingenuous. Way to have a dialogue. I’m not even the opposition.

    This is why we’ll never get any real solutions, because anyone that isn’t in TOTAL agreement gets immediately put down.

  3. aceofspades0313 says:

    If you’re a law …
    If you’re a law abiding citizen why should you have to be treated like a criminal? I’m fairly certain if I show someone my CCW or my MC Reserve ID then I am pretty well legal. What you are suggesting is like running a background check to see if you have a history of DUIs in order to buy alcohol. We all know teenagers get fake IDs every day, so obviously the ID system is not working there… I am also a former Combat Marksmanship Coach, surely you have more common sense.

  4. Javis586 says:

    Murderous criminals …
    Murderous criminals always commit murder, hence the adjective “murderous”. You fucking moron.

  5. Boone Simpson says:

    He goes on to …
    He goes on to state that out of that 1.8% of guns bought at gun shows STILL have a background check on them because it was an FFL sale and not a private sale.

  6. Javis586 says:

    Oh, sorry Senator …
    Oh, sorry Senator Cruz – I forgot that you’ve been to Outer Space. Oh wait…

  7. shoxroxice says:

    It is a felony …
    It is a felony with imprisonment or possibly even a death sentence to murder someone. I don’t know of any more severe punishment, yet murderous criminals still, albeit rarely, commit those crimes.

  8. MightyNerdKing says:

    “Mag size is …
    “Mag size is laughable”

    Look up the Long Island Rail Road shooting by Colin Ferguson. Several people, including a friend of mine, are alive today because Colin had to reload. As soon as he expelled the clip, they jumped him.

    Every additional round that his clip could have carried would have equaled another dead or injured person.

    Again, I’m NOT advocating for this legislation. I DON’T believe it would have prevented Sandy Hook.

  9. barrgg says:

    Actually, he just …
    Actually, he just schooled everyone, including you. Probably why you’re so upset.

  10. fishon421 says:

    Some at least jas …
    Some at least jas the gumption to speak facts based on facts. This debate is subjective vs objective. God bless the 2A

  11. MightyNerdKing says:

    “I think your …
    “I think your attention is misplaced”

    My comment was based on the fact that they were comparing the Remington with the AR-15 and focusing on the pistol grip instead of the more important differences.

    I wasn’t disagreeing with them. I said they were being disingenuous. meaning not being candid.

  12. SplitChi1911 says:

    like if you think …
    like if you think feinstein should commit suicide 

  13. barrgg says:

    Exactly. That was …
    Exactly. That was emphasis on prevention of and penalties for the crime of drunk driving, not for the legal action of buying, owning, and using alcohol. We should emphasize the prevention of and penalties for the crime of assaulting people with firearms, not for the legal action of buying, owning, and using firearms safely (hunting or at the range).

  14. anthmichcara1 says:

    Yep, if you don’t …
    Yep, if you don’t like the stance that someone has and you cannot make a factual counter argument, result to insults. That is a great way to win a debate.

  15. Kingsley Gee says:

    Awesome speech
    Awesome speech

  16. Kingsley Gee says:

    Asesome speech that …
    Asesome speech that he gave to educate some of this dum Americans

  17. RobertMoua says:

    In another word: …
    In another word: What difference in a ban on guns make if your intentions is already to kill someone or people.

  18. aceofspades0313 says:

    Might I add to your …
    Might I add to your point? So the point is to supposedly stop 2% of sales, and Americans wonder why we have such an issue with our financial and economical system. You all wonder why we have budget control issues, it’s because those people want to spend billions of dollars in YOUR tax money to curb 2% of a problem? To also take away your CHOICE? How about we cut the red tape America, if we would shrink govt to it’s intended size we would be much better off. An armed society is a polite society.

  19. Rien1782 says:

    because you know, …
    because you know, all of the added restrictions and consequences to hinder drunken driving haven’t reduced the number of drunk driving incidents by 2/3′s in the last 3 decades or anything.

  20. Caleb Duff says:

    actually 5 years of …
    actually 5 years of handloading match ammunition for my national match rifle says otherwise. the bullet is bigger so that the copper jacket is squeezed into the rifling. if it was the same size as the bore it would either act like a smoothbore musket and just slide out or it wouldnt build up enough pressure and basicall fall out of the barrel.

  21. Rien1782 says:

    what are you …
    what are you responding to? because that comment in response to what i said doesn’t make sense.

  22. adva501 says:

    This guy us an …
    This guy us an idiot !!!! I can smell corruption for ted , fu***cker !

  23. CoderjoeIsTaken says:

    There is one point …
    There is one point of difficulty missing from the discussion, however. Since no fully automatic firearm made since May 19, 1986 can be owned by a civilian, the facts of supply and demand push the prices up into fairly prohibitive levels. Someone is extremely unlikely to go through all of the (financial) troubles of legally obtaining a fully automatic firearm to then go on a killing spree. And the owner of such is likely to keep it well protected.

  24. Willhelm McProblem says:

    love your comment = …
    love your comment =) also this is awesome that some people still are trying to stand up for our freedoms….

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