the constitution You can have your gun, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.
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22 Responses to “The Shocking Reason Gun Rights Don’t Matter – MOC #268”

  1. Rose K says:

    What I keep saying
    What I keep saying

  2. QuartuvLarry says:

    Obamacare would …
    Obamacare would only raise premiums, and tax fit people for being healthy in order to supplement the slovenly lifestyles of the slothly. It also means to implement the RFID chip that would bring about the advent of techno-slavery. The GOP and the democraps are working in tandem to subvert our freedoms. Listen to neither one nor the other, but pay attention to both.

  3. QuartuvLarry says:

    None are reasons to …
    None are reasons to become averse or to become against gun ownership, but compelling enough statements made none the less.

  4. James Ogletree says:

    gun rights….not …
    gun rights….not needed till a tyranical government comes a knocking, this video was brought to you by the second amendment, which protects the first, oh and it was civilian ownership of military grade GUNS that gave us freedom……dumbass coolaide drinker

  5. jesterlove17 says:

    Come to Minneapolis …
    Come to Minneapolis PLEASE!! Just a pit stop ill smoke you up

  6. trajan74 says:

    The cell phone and …
    The cell phone and some cable companies took your right to a jury away with binding mandatory arbitration clauses in your contracts. (Also applies to employment contracts.) They choose the time, place, and arbiter. In short, they choose, you lose.

  7. Truvak T says:

    next thing they …
    next thing they will take away the bullets.

  8. RedTrauma says:

    Guns aren’t …
    Guns aren’t everything but they’re a vital part

  9. FurfagJake says:

    As an advocate for …
    As an advocate for gun rights myself (and an unabashed Communist), I constantly get frustrated with other gun rights advocates because they’re fighting the wrong people. They act like the erosion of basic freedom began with Obama’s administration, and they act like the Second Amendment is the sole preserver of liberty.

    It is an important document, however, it is not the beginning of true liberation, and it is not the end either.

  10. electriccerix says:

    “…In the age of …
    “…In the age of investment algorithms” – I like that!

  11. ReaiityCk says:

    I hope this goes …
    I hope this goes viral in red states. Maybe they’ll finally connect the dots, get their priorities straight and realize who their enemies really are.

    Whats the quickest way to steal a lifetime of accumulated $ assets from someone and force them into bankruptcy? First deny them Health insurance then when they inevitably need healthcare overcharge them.

    I was billed $8,000 for a Emergency Room visit but Medicare paid only actual cost $750.

    No wonder GOP fights to end Obama Care and Medicare!

  12. gabriel whatchamacallit says:

    Best rant yet!!!
    Best rant yet!!!

  13. Jo Murphy says:

    I liked the end …
    I liked the end song

  14. mogem says:

    Your best vid—SO …
    Your best vid—SO very correct.

  15. Hooded Violnist says:

    Perfectly said. I …
    Perfectly said. I am so glad I care about other things and I pray to all of those that do only care about stupid things like keeping your guns, these words placed in such an excellent are a real eye opener that make you less of an idiot and change you in some positive way

  16. Rosemary Hanville says:

    Excellent moment of …
    Excellent moment of clarity…lee. Many people are too blind to realize that if the gov’t wants to get you …they will…in one way or another. “Guns are relics of the old west”, that is why they are cool. The gov can zap you from miles away with techno weapons, guns will only be used for us kill each other. I don’t own guns because I believe it is wrong to kill but I am not against gun ownership.

  17. Bernie Druso says:

    I get it now…. …
    I get it now…. they could drone the out of the cities without even having to step one foot in them with soldiers…. I don’t see where Lee is against owning guns, I see him trying to tell people that they should be focused on the ENTIRE BIG PICTURE of how the government/corporations (same thing) over the generations with bs laws and regulations and fines have slowly stolen away our freedoms and security….. it is good to have a gun if you choose to have one, good to have a dozen w/e

  18. Jesus R. Casales says:

    Lee, I can’t …
    Lee, I can’t believe that you’re against gun ownership, you douche. If you want to defend yourself with your that’s your prerogative. Dumb be the person who knowingly signed there own mortgage agreement to an amount that they could not pay on a monthly basis even if the bank said they would be able. Freedom is not lost, at least not yet. I’d rather have an equalizer if and only if mine or someone elses life were to be in eminent danger. I’ll be waiting for my wet willy.

  19. Libertytreeradio says:

    Watch the video ” …
    Watch the video “America in Peril” by Mark Koernke. We told you so and you should have LISTENED, RIGHT?

  20. Libertytreeradio says:

    Thank YOU. So you …
    Thank YOU. So you agree that EVERYTHING that PATRIOT MOVEM<ENT and the MILITIA was and IS talking about was and is real.That the controlled media and the shiesters were generating all of the BS propagada because they were/are scared shitless that everyone would and should be on the same page about getting rid of the shiesters sorry ass.So all of the PARROTS that said that the PATRIOT MOVEMENT was”Paranoid” and crazy about police state,indefinite detention,the ring knockers,etc were fools. RIGHT?

  21. iysisrose says:

    GREAT !
    GREAT !

  22. lazytd says:

    you can find me in …
    you can find me in my igloo of guns…oh how i hate my igloo of guns.

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